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String lights & decorative lighting

Spread a warm and cosy light over your home, garden or patio with elegant fairy lights in stylish designs. Here you will be able to choose from a large assortment of designer string lights by some of Scandinavia’s favourite brands.
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Irislights Graphic Grey - 20 balls - Irislights
Irislights Graphic Grey, 20 balls
On backorder
Partaj light strand - black - Star Trading
Star Trading
Partaj light strand, black
On backorder
Irislights Biscotti - 35 balls - Irislights
Irislights Biscotti, 35 balls
On backorder
Irislights extra lights black - 20 balls - Irislights
Irislights extra lights black, 20 balls
On backorder
Irislights Greige - 35 balls - Irislights
Irislights Greige, 35 balls
On backorder
Irislights Brownie - 20 balls - Irislights
Irislights Brownie, 20 balls
On backorder
Iris lights moonlight - 20 balls - Irislights
Iris lights moonlight, 20 balls
On backorder
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Beautiful string lights for an atmospheric mood

Fairy lights are a popular form of decorative lighting that contribute to a cosy and warm atmosphere in your home. They are just as beautiful to decorate your home in the dark winter months, as they are hanging on the patio on bright summer evenings. Here with us, you will be able to choose from a large assortment of outdoor and indoor string lights in a range of colours and sizes from popular brands such as Star Trading, Watt & Veke and PR Home.

Outdoor fairy lights for beautiful home exteriors

Spread a beautiful light over your patio or garden with elegant outdoor string lights in a stylish design. Here you can find a variety of garden string lights that help to create a cosy atmosphere on any occasion.

Keep in mind that not all string lights are suitable for outdoor use, so be sure to check the product specifications before buying your fairy lights.

Fairy string lights for the children’s room

Create a magical bedroom interior for the children with elegant kids’ fairy lights in beautiful colours and designs. In our assortment, you can choose from a variety of bedroom fairy lights for children to match all types of bedroom styles and themes.

String lights in every colour

Ball fairy lights are a wonderful way to add a touch of colour your interiors, while at the same time spreading a warm and welcoming light. Here you can choose from a range of coloured fairy lights by popular Scandinavian brands. We recommend the Swedish brand Irislights for a large variety of ball fairy lights in beautiful colour combinations from pastel blues, yellows and pinks to neutral shades of beige and cream.

Fairy lights as table decorations

String lights are not only decorative lights when hung on the wall, but can also work excellently as table decorations, whether you are looking for an alternative to candles or as a way to complement them. Let one or more fairy light string elegantly run along the table, or use bottle fairy lights as decorative centrepieces.

Decorating with indoor fairy lights

Your imagination sets the limit when it comes to decorating your interiors with fairy lights. Here are a few ideas to inspire you:

  • Use hanging fairy lights to create a beautiful picture display, by clipping your favourite photographs along the string.
  • Wire fairy lights can be wrapped around your pot plants to add warmth to your greenery.
  • Hang 2 or more strings of ceiling fairy lights over the dinner table to create a cosy atmosphere for dinner parties.
  • A fairy light curtain can make a charming alternative for a headboard in the bedroom.

Here you will be able to find fairy lights in a large variety of designs, so you can choose your favourite!

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