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Stylish Easter decorations in the form of the Easter bunny from DBKD in dust. Photo: @interiorbyklingh

Stylish Easter decorations - 12 tips to help you decorate your home this Easter

Decorations for Easter do not necessarily have to include strong colours and kitschy details. We have 12 stylish and on trend tips for you that are sure liven up your home this Easter.
Tuesday 8th March 2022
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Swedish rabbit from DBKD

It wouldn’t be Easter without a visit from the Easter bunny and with this cute Swedish Rabbit from DBKD, the Easter atmosphere will be at its best. This lovely figurine looks just as lovely on the windowsill next to a bouquet of spring flowers as it does in the children's room all year round. Create a little Easter scene with a decorative egg and you will find you have Easter decor that feels stylish and simple.

Stylish Easter decorations in the form of the Easter bunny from DBKD, photo from @interiorbyklingh

The cute rabbit from DBKD adds a playful element in your interior, and also works as part of the Easter table setting. Photo: @interiorbyklingh

The stylish easter decorations in the form of the white Easter bunnies from DBKD stand on the windowsill.

Decorate your windowsill for Easter - you can combine the Triplets however you want.

Triplets Easter bunnies 3-pack from DBKD

Another cute Easter decoration from DBKD is Triplets - a set of three Easter bunnies in pared back and stylish colours, that will suit any interior. Allow them to spread a wonderful Easter atmosphere on the windowsill, at the office or on your Easter table setting. You can also mix the different colours if you want more Easter bunnies. These will are sure to be appreciated by both young and old at Easter.

Stylish Easter decorations - Kay Bojesen's rabbit figure in wood is a beautiful tip that will help create a beautiful easter scene on the side board.

Decorate with a classic this Easter - Kay Bojesen's rabbit figure is perfect!

Kay Bojesen's rabbit

Another tip to help you decorate with stylish decorations this Easter is the Kay Bojesen's cute and timeless rabbit figurine in wood. This classic was designed back in 1957 and is perfect to help you create an Easter scene on the sideboard for Easter.


Does it feel empty on the wall at Easter? Hang up the cute Hang Around decoration from DBKD! This stylish novelty is made of ceramic and is a minimalistic and yet playful decoration. Decide if you want it to sit on the sideboard, in the window, or if you want to hang it somewhere in your home. Hang around will hang around with you all Easter!

Stylish Easter decoration from DBKD in concrete in the shape of a cute hen that you can hang.

The Hang Around Easter decoration from DBKD hangs perfectly in your home this Easter!


Here in Sweden it is traditional to fill a vase with twigs and branches and hang colourful easter decorations from them. Why not adopt something from Scandinavia this Easter and fill the branches with the Lene Bjerre's Essilia eggs and Iittala's stylish glass eggs. You can bring out this stylish Easter decoration year after year, and at the same time you allow the wonderful colours of Easter to enter your home in a discreet way.

Stylish Easter decorations from Lene Bjerre hanging in a vase filled with branches.

Are you looking for something different this Easter? Essilia Easter pendant from Lene Bjerre works just as well on a Swedish Easter branch as it does in a bunch of spring flowers!

These timeless Easter eggs from Iittala are stylish Easter decorations that works year after year. Photo: @marinaslgh

Durable favourites - these beautiful Easter eggs from Iittala are an Easter decoration you can pick out year after year. Photo: @marinaslgh


The Rope vase from DBKD

Speaking of the Swedish Easter branch, a stylish vase will do a lot for the overall look of your Easter event. If your style is more modern, we recommend the Rope vase from DBKD. The straight, high opening of the vase is perfect if you do want a minimal branch decoration that does not spread too much.

White and trendy Rope vase from DBKD filled with branches for easter with stylish easter decorations hanging in them.

The trendy Rope vase from DBKD is perfect for those who prefer a simple Easter arrangement with a single twig and minimal hanging decorations for Easter.

The Lowkey vase from Paradisverkstaden

If you prefer a rustic style, the we recommend the Lowkey vase from Paradisverkstaden this Easter. This charming stoneware vase feels just right for the Easter season with its freckled design and muted green colour. Here, too, the straight shape of the vase helps you keep the Easter branches or spring bouquet in place, but since the opening is slightly larger in Lowkey, you will enjoy a wider spread from your flowers.

Stylish Easter decorations do not have to be traditional but can be minimalistic like here with a rustic vase and smaller vases in green filled with spring flowers.

If you prefer a rustic look, the vase Lowkey from Paradisverkstaden with its freckled surface is perfect for your Easter flowers.


Egg Tray from DBKD

Easter sweets and chocolate eggs are given for the Easter celebration, but what should you put them in? The Egg Tray from DBKD has a playful design in cast iron. You can even use the egg holder as part of your Easter table setting, but you can also have it on display throughout the Easter weekend and fill it with chocolate eggs or real eggs for the breakfast setting.

Eating Rabbit bowl from DBKD

Another tip is the Eating Rabbit bowl, also from the ever-so stylish brand DBKD. The charming bowl has the shape of a rabbit where the ears act as a lid so you can hide the candy from small, curious fingers until after Easter dinner. This playful bowl is guaranteed to be a joyful addition to your Easter decorations.

Stylish Easter decorations from DBKD in the form of the eating rabbit bowl in white.

Perfect storage for the Easter treats in the same playful spirit is the Eating Rabbit bowl, also from DBKD.

Stylish Easter decorations from DBKD in the form of the Eating Rabbit bowl filled with chocolate Easter eggs.

A candy hideout - This bowl will delight both young and old at Easter.


The Mini Monsieur Cruchot jug from Serax is another favourite decoration this Easter. If you have a minimalistic table setting at Easter, it can be fun to bring in a single detail that captures the joy of this holiday. The sweet jug resembles a duck and is the perfect milk jug for breakfast or coffee at the Easter table.

Mini Monsieur Cruchot jugs from Serax are on the table looking like little ducks - perfect as stylish Easter decorations.

For Easter coffee - the pitcher Mini Monsieur Cruchot from Serax looks like a small duck and is a quirky but stylish addition this Easter.


Easter decorations do not necessarily have to be obvious Easter decorations, it can be as simple as renewing your home with a pot in one of the colours of spring. The Copenhagen flower pot from Bergs Potter in a delightful shade of Easter yellow will give your home a real Easter feeling - especially if you plant some daffodils in it. When the holiday is over, you can move the pot outside or plant something new in it and allow the yellow colour to spread joy in your home all year round.

Yellow plant pot from Bergs Potter with daffodils in it is not such a traditional Easter decoration but it is stylish and brings joy all year round.

Easter decor does not only have to be traditional Easter decorations - the Copenhagen flowerpot from Bergs Potter in joyful yellow is perfect for Easter but is just as lovely for the rest of the year too.


Easter is the perfect opportunity to have your nearest and dearest over for dinner and what better way to welcome your guests than with a cute decoration on the stairs or outside the front door? DBKD's Heavy Hen Easter decoration in concrete look perfect to together with a collection of flowerpots and spring plants. For a home whose decor says Happy Easter both inside and out!

The Heavy Hen in concrete from DBKD is another quirky but stylish Easter decoration.

Make it a little extra welcoming outside the door this Easter with the cute Heavy Hen decorations in concrete from DBKD.

A little Easter bunny sits next to some quirky but stylish outdoor Easter decoration in the form of the Heavy Hen from DBKD.

At Easter, you might get a visit from the Easter bunny, so don't forget to decorate the patio for a home that says Happy Easter both inside and out.

More tips for stylish Easter decor can be found in our wonderful assortment of Easter decorations.

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Text: Arijana Kapic ¨ Styling: Josefin Beijer, Anna Magnusson, Sophie Ottosson, Ellinor Johansson Photography: Angeliqa Daldorph, Cooee Design


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