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Alvar Aalto vases from Iittala are on the table as the perfect vases for cut flowers.

How to choose the right vase for your bouquet of flowers – 3 tips from a florist

If you have ever felt that you are missing the perfect vase for your flower bouquets, then we have three great tips for you. We spoke to Malin Brandén from Blombruket - a florists in Sweden founded by Malin with the dream of creating a sustainable business with cut flowers on subscription. She shared her top tips about what kinds of vases you should invest in to achieve the perfect flower arrangement in your home.
Tuesday 22nd March 2022
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Malin Brandén the founder of Blombruket the florist that sells flowers by subscription.

Malin Brandén is the community planner who became a florist and founded Blombruket. The florist offers sustainable cut flowers on subscription, straight to your mailbox.


The most important thing to keep in mind when choosing a vase for cut flowers, is where you want to place the bouquet.<br>

- If you have a very tall bouquet, then, naturally, you need a tall vase. Aesthetically speaking a tall vase looks best on a side table, for example. If, on the other hand, you want your bouquet in the centre of the dining table, it is better to go with a lower, rounder vase, Malin suggests.

Malin Brandén went from community planner to florist. Malin had a desire to work more creatively, with a passion for flowers and flower arranging she kept an eye out for development opportunities in the flower industry. In 2019 Malin started the company Blombruket. Prepacked in stylish boxes and delivered directly to your door - Malin's business concept is based on offering customers more sustainable cut flowers on a subscription basis.

A box from Blombruket with a set of instructions on how to put the bouquet together as well as which vases will work best.

As well as offering beautiful flowers by subscription, Blombruket also offers tips on how to put together the bouquet and which vase works best.

Small vases from Cooee Design and DBKD stands on a bench with cut flowers from Blombruket.

The Collar vase from Cooee Design & The Nib vase from DBKD with flowers from Blombruket.

In addition to a weekly beautiful bouquet, the stylish cardboard box from Blombruket also includes instructions on how to arrange the bouquet as well as the type of vase that will do justice to the flowers themselves.

- I think there is added value in the whole experience and to actually be able to arrange the flowers yourself in a vase, says Malin.

So what kinds of vases should we have at home for our beautiful bouquets of flowers? Here are Malin's three top tips for choosing the right vase for your cut flowers.

A round vase in a shade of green coloured glass. This round vase is from AYTM and holds a bunch of flowers from Blombruket.

The most versatile vase – A simple low round, vase such as the Globe vase from AYTM that works with most cut flowers.

The Balloon vase from Louise Roe Copenhagen is the perfect round vase for a bunch of cut flowers.

The Balloon vase from Louise Roe Copenhagen is a beloved Instagram favourite - here at the home of @arstidensbasta


According to Malin, the narrow cylindrical vases that most of us have at home are difficult to use if you want display your bouquets to their best.

I think you should have a globe vase or larger vase with a wide bottom and narrower opening. It is the most versatile form of vase for several varieties of cut flowers.

- Even if the cut flowers are tied or you arrange them yourself, you want to place stems at an angle in the vase. A round vase makes it easier to get the flowers in place neatly and you get more volume in the bouquet, says Malin.

- So definitely a globe vase or larger vase that is wide at the bottom and narrow at the top. Preferably in the right size because if the vase is too big, it takes quite a lot of flowers to fill it.

Florist's tip: choose a round, globe-shaped vase for cut flowers if you want to arrange directly in the vase or have a tied bouquet.

The Urna vase from Marimekko with a bouquet of flowers from Blombruket.

Urna from Marimekko - the perfect rounded vase with a wide bottom & narrow opening to keep your flower arrangement tightly in place.


The white pillar vase from Cooee Design with dried reeds.

A tall, straight vase is perfect for tall cut flowers and trendy reeds! Here you see the Pillar vase from Cooee Design.

The straight tall Aalto vase from Iittala in a brown coloured glass with a bouquet of flowers from Blombruket.

The Aalto vase from Iittala is a design classic and one of Malin's personal favourites.


- I think you should also have a taller, slightly straighter vase that is suitable for pampas grass, lilies or amaryllis for Christmas. This type of a vase is also perfect for tall branches when you want to build height! There are plenty of tall vases with a straight form, but if Malin gets to choose then she chooses a timeless classic: - The Alvar Aalto vase from Iittala is lovely. If you are only going to invest in a few vases, there is a reason why these design classics are still popular. They fulfil their function and are easy to use, says Malin.

Florist's tip: choose a tall, straight vase for cut flowers with long stems such as reeds, lilies & amaryllis.

A collage with tall vases for flower bouquets with fine stems like lilies and amaryllis.

Tall vases work perfectly for flowers with long stems such as lilies and amaryllis.


Several small vases for individual flowers or small bouquets stand on a window sill.

Florist's tip: small vases are a must have at home so you can take care of every little flower.


I also think it pays to have one or two small vases so you can take advantage of the smallest little flower. Everything from the small twig that falls off the bouquet at home to the snowdrops you pick up on your spring walk.

- You can be creative and make vases out of whatever you have at home. Small vases can be created out of items you have lying around the house! It can be a glass jar, small bottles or even a little candle lantern suggests Malin.

Florist's tip: use several small vases for single flowers - from the bouquet or from the garden.

The Ultima Thule snaps glass with a small yellow flower in a spring table setting.

You can use candle holders, small bottles or glasses for a mini bouquet - here we used the Ultima Thule shot glasses as a vase.


A collection of vases in clear glass with colourful spring flowers stand in a window sill.

Florist's tip: start with the feeling of the bouquet when choosing a vase and think about colour and shape.


  • Think about colour and shape - start with the feeling of the bouquet and think about what you want to emphasize with the vase.
  • Think about where you want to place your flowers and choose a vase that looks right in that area.
  • Dried flowers such as reeds and pampas grass do not do so well in vases made from clear glass because the stems often look dirty or less attractive, so I recommend vases in ceramic or another material for those. Flowers with fine stems, however, work well in glass vases, suggests Malin. <br>
A bouquet of flowers get a fresh cut to allow them to soak up more water.

Once you have the flowers and the vase, the best way take care of your flowers by giving them a fresh cut s- preferably with help from a set of sharp secateurs.

The round balloon vase from Louise Roe Copenhagen.

Need more care tips to make your flowers last longer? A clean vase. Change water often & wash the vase in between water changes to get rid of bacteria.


Once you have the flowers and the vase, you need to know how to make them to last as long as possible. According to Malin, a bad cut is the most common mistake people tend to make with their flowers.

  • It is very important that you give the flowers a new and good cut so that they last longer. Unfortunately, most people use a kitchen knife to cut the stems, which means the stems become clogged and the vessels have difficulty absorbing the water. If you can, using a set of sharp secateurs instead and store them in the kitchen drawer so they are always on hand - then it will be as easy as possible to cut the stems at an angle.
  • Another thing that is also quite common is that you just put the flowers in water and then leave them either until the water is finished or the water is cloudy. Change water regularly and wash the vase at least once a week to get rid of bacteria.
  • Finally try not to place the flowers next to a fruit platter because many fruits secrete a substance that is not good for the flowers and shortens their lifespan, states Malin. <br>

You will find more beautiful vases for a bouquet of flowers in our wide range of vases.

Text: Arijana Kapic Styling: Angeliqa Daldorph, Josefin Beijer, Cooee Design, Broste Copenhagen Photo: Angeliqa Daldorph, Ludvig Gropp, Cooee Design, Broste Copenhagen


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