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Inspiration & Tips/Tips/How to organise an egg hunt at Easter - 3 ideas
How to organise an egg hunt at Easter - two children enjoy a bowl of easter goodies!

How to organise an egg hunt at Easter - 3 ideas

Surprise the kids this Easter and arrange an exciting egg hunt with clues for them! We have three ideas for you on how to organise a traditional Easter egg hunt - a simple one for younger children, one full of activities and one with tricky clues which lead to the Easter Bunny's hidden treasures. This quintessential Easter activity is sure to be appreciated by the whole family this Easter.
Updated Tuesday 21st February 2023
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How to organise an egg hunt with clues this Easter - The Design Letters sign shows the way to two eggs from Cooee Design filled with Easter goodies.

An egg hunt is a great activity for all the family at Easter! If you have small children who are going to participate, you can help them find all the eggs with a few simple clues like this sign from Design Letters or even a map...

Tips for how to organise an egg hunting with clues this Easter. For children you can use a sign show the way to an egg filled with candy from Cooee Design on the stairs.

...leading the way to an egg from Cooee Design filled with goodies on the stairs.


The easiest and simplest egg hunt idea is to hide eggs around the home or out in the garden, and let the children find them. Use candy eggs, chocolate eggs and real, coloured eggs. This way, there will be lots for the children to collect during the egg hunt! If you have small children, you can use a few different, visual clues to help guide them to the eggs. Here are some simple egg hunting clues you can try:

  • Make a simple map.
  • Make use of signs and cute Easter decorations that show the children where to look.
  • Let the children follow the Easter bunny's paw prints. You could make them with potting soil outside, draw them in chalk or use flour if you are inside. <br>

You could even combine different clues and ways of directing them to make it more exciting for the children to find their way to the eggs this Easter!

Paw prints in soil are used as a clue for children to find eggs for an Easter egg hunt in the garden.

Perhaps the Easter bunny left some paw prints when they were hiding the eggs this year?

How to organise an egg hunt with clues this Easter  - create a checklist that children have to check off before they get their Easter chocolate.

For something a little different give the children a checklist full of clues that they must complete before they get their Easter eggs.

How to organise an egg hunt with clues this Easter  -  hide eggs in different colours and them around the garden before asking children to find them.

Dye real eggs in different colours and ask the children to collect one in each colour.


If you want to organise a slightly more advanced egg hunt at Easter but which is still suitable for small and slightly older children, you can use a checklist filled with clues and activities that the children must complete before they get the Easter egg. Give the children one list that they must complete together or their own list that they can tackle and the Easter egg hunt is on! Set them simple tasks like finding eggs in three different colours or to pick a flower from the garden. Once the children have checked everything off the list - then the Easter bunny's Easter eggs are waiting for them! You might even turn the activities into clues that lead the way to the bunny's hidden stash of eggs.

Download your own Easter egg hunt checklist here!

How to organise an egg hunt with clues this Easter - a blue egg is hidden among decorative eggs on the stairs as part of an egg hunt at Easter.

Maybe hide a real egg among decorative eggs for Easter. Who will find it first? Easter egg hunts are fun for the whole family!

How to organise an egg hunt with clues at Easter - An Easter Scavenger hunt for older members of the family is a great way to get everyone involved.

Do you have older children or maybe some adults who also want to join the egg hunt? Then you can organise a slightly more advanced clues for the egg hunt in the form riddles that lead the players to the hidden prizes.

Organise an Easter egg hunt with clues that lead to hidden treasure. Here you see the Easter bunnies from DBKD hiding in the garden.

Maybe it's the cute Easter bunnies from DBKD who are hiding a little treasure?


If you have older children or perhaps some adults who would like to participate in the egg hunt, then you can invest in arranging a more advanced egg hunt with riddles or clues to lead the eager participants to hidden prizes. Depending on the age of those taking part, you can adjust the level of the clues but hiding the eggs in places with an Easter theme is a great place to start.

How to arrange an egg hunt with riddles as clues this Easter:

  • Create 6 - 8 riddles or clues depending on how long you want the egg hunt to last.
  • Cut out each riddle and place the riddles 2 - 6 together with an Easter egg, candy eggs or even real ones, in the hiding places you have chosen. This way everyone must solve each clue before they can move on to the next one. They also get to collect eggs as they move around, the more riddles they solve the more prizes they win.
  • Give the first clue or riddle to the participants so they know where to start looking. Now the egg hunt can begin!<br><br>

Download a PDF filled with clues for your Easter Egg hunt here!

How to organise an egg hunt with clues this Easter - Easter hens in concrete from DBKD are displayed on the stairs as part of the decorations for the upcoming egg hunt this Easter in which the children will participate.

Mix cute Easter decorations with real eggs to make the egg hunt extra exciting for the kids! Here you see the cute Heavy Hen Easter decoration from DBKD.

How to organise an egg hunt with clues this Easter - Eating rabbit bowl from DBKD is filled with sweets for Easter and as part of the upcoming egg hunt.

Eating rabbit bowl from DBKD – perfect for the Easter bunny to hide goodies in this Easter!

How to organise an egg hunt with clues this Easter  - Children dressed as Easter bunnies sit on the stairs and will share the Easter candy which was the prize in this year's big egg hunt.

Find a yellow flower and enjoy the Easter goodies – An Easter egg hunt with simple clues is the perfect way to celebrate Easter and is sure to be appreciated by all your playful Easter lovers.

Easter is a playful time of year and with spring knocking at the door, it is the perfect opportunity to let the children play in the garden in search of the Easter bunny's treats. If you want more inspiration for Easter you can find table setting ideas and more on our inspiration page.

Discover all the Easter decorations on our Easter page .

Styling: Arijana Kapic Photography: Angeliqa Daldorph

Arijana Rosso


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