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Here you see a Scandinavian style home with the little petra arm chair positioned in the window next to the curve floor candle holder from Cooee Design.

Create a Scandinavian home with Instagram profile - @haus_tannenkamp

Scandinavian homes are famous for their effortless blend of functionality, simplicity and timeless beauty but how does one recreate this sense of timeless elegance in your own home? Sarah von Heugel, the influencer behind the German Instagram profile @haus_tannenkamp shows us how!
Monday, June 19, 2023
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With a focus on minimalism, natural elements and a harmonious balance between old and new, creating a Scandinavian interior can totally transform your space. We have 5 areas for you to focus on when creating your own Scandinavian home.

  1. Natural materials
  2. Form and function
  3. Something old, something new
  4. Natural light
  5. Mix and match
Create a Scandinavian home - here you see the living room from @haus_tannenkamp with the curved Gubi lamp and the white Mineral table from Ferm Living.


Neutral colours, natural materials and lots of natural light are key elements in any Scandinavian home.


At the heart of Scandinavian design lies a deep appreciation for nature. Scandinavian homes embrace the use of natural materials such as wood, stone, leather and wool, all of which add warmth to your space.

For me, a Scandinavian home means an oasis of calm where my mind and eyes can rest. Timeless design classics, neutral colors and natural materials give me a feeling of calm and stability, in which I feel particularly comfortable.” Says Sarah.

Sarah uses hard wood floors and exposed wooden beams to ground her home in nature. Furniture crafted from light toned timber and even rustic stone creates a sense of organic beauty and by incorporating natural fibres in neutral colours, such as beige linen, creamy cotton and grey wool she is able to create a cosy and inviting atmosphere that works in harmony with the home’s natural aesthetics.

Create a Scandinavian home with natural matierals. Here you see the Gubi Timberline floor lamp and the mineral side table from Ferm Living.
Timberline floor lamp
Create a Scandinavian home with @haus_tannenkamp, here you see the Formakami rice paper lamp hanging over a dining table in a large open space with lots of natural materials.
Create a Scandinavian home with @haus_tannenkamp, here you see a rattan cupboard with the Pond mirror and shell vase both from ferm living.


Scandinavian design is renowned for its emphasis on form and function. Avoid clutter and choose furniture and accessories with clean lines.

Sarah has adopted a restrained approach to design that allows the beauty of each piece to shine through.

My furnishing style is a cozy and warm Scandi style, which goes in part in the slightly rustic direction of Wabi-Sabi to match our old building on the edge of the forest.” She says.

In your Scandinavian home select pieces that serve a purpose and add value to your everyday life. Strive for simplicity and invest in pieces that are not only visually pleasing but also highly functional.

Create a Scandinavian home with @haus_tannenkamp, Here you see the Como portable table lamp on a light wood side table.


The juxtaposition of old and new is a prominent feature of Scandinavian homes.

Blending modern design with vintage and unique pieces introduces a sense of history and character into your home.

For example an old dining table juxtaposed with modern chairs or a unique lamp. injects a sense of personality and creates something unique to your home.

Create a Scandinavian home with @haus_tannenkamp, here you see a rustic dining table with modern accents.


Maximising natural light is crucial in Scandinavian homes. Allowing in as much natural light as possible creates a sense of space and serenity and opens the home to the nature that surrounds it.

Keep window treatments minimal or even non-existent as Sarah has done here and opt for sheer curtains or blinds that can be drawn to provide privacy while also allowing the light to pass through.

A strategically placed mirror can reflect light, while the traditionally neutral Scandinavian walls allow as much light as possible to bounce around the room.


Whilst Scandinavian homes certainly have many recurring features, it is, of course important to inject some personality into your home. Mix and match different accessories and styles to suit your mood. Play with textures, patterns and little pops of colour to make your Scandinavian home stand out from the crowd.

Pair minimalist furniture with rustic accents like Sarah or keep your walls bright and neutral but add colour with bright accessories. The key is to strike a harmonious balance that reflects your personal style.

Where does Sarah find inspiration for her Scandinavian home, you may be wondering. “My coffee table books on interior design and Scandinavian magazines are my favorite inspiration. Apart from that, I also find ideas and inspiration for my own home in the collections of my favourite designers and on Instagram.”

The most important thing is to pick items you love and that bring you joy. Make your home personal to you.

Creating a Scandinavian home is all about embracing simplicity, the beauty of nature and of course functionality. By incorporating natural materials, focusing on form and function, blending old and new, maximizing your use of natural light and experimenting with different styles you can transform your living space into a serene and inviting Scandinavian sanctuary, wherever you are in the world.

Photography: Sarah von Heugel


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