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Scandinavian interior design trends 2024 - chequered, green, red and carpets with a retro red lamp!

Scandinavian interior design trends for 2024 – the latest trends to inspire you and your home

What will a new year will bring for the Scandinavian interior design trends in 2024? We have 9 trends for you to be inspired by, so get ready for a clash of patterns and styles and lots of colour!
Updated Thursday 1st February 2024
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In 2024, we our homes will be decorated in a more conscious, personalised and multifunctional way. Unexpected combinations and a mix of decades and cultures are reflected in these 2024 interior design trends:

  1. Flowing design
  2. Rounded shapes
  3. Chrome
  4. Dark wood
  5. Red
  6. Colour
  7. Geometric patterns
  8. Posters that mimic paintings
  9. Multifunctional furniture
  10. Mix & (not) Match
  11. Future retro
  12. Maximalism over minimalism


Tactile design and organic shapes have made it onto every trend list in recent years continue to be relevant in the Scandinavian interior design trends for 2024. The more digital influences we have in our lives, the more we want something physical that awakens our senses - hence the use of tactile surfaces but we also move towards more flowing shapes that look almost fluid.

This year's Scandinavian interior design trends for 2024 include flowing designs like this armchair from Muuto where the armrests drape along the side of the chair.
Wrap Lounge Chair
Ecriture 240-grey
Flowing, tactile and organic design is one of the major Scandinavian interior design trends of 2024 and is represented here in the wavy rug from ferm Living.


As an extension of fluid and flowing design, we're also seeing plenty of 'rounded' shapes in the form of furniture, crockery, lighting - well, a bit of everything really. These cuddly and almost cute shapes give your home a softer look, especially if you combine it with the next trend on the list - chrome & metals.


Chrome, stainless steel, metal finishes, mirrored, matt - whatever you choose, this year your home should reflect and shine. After many years of brass in our interiors, we're seeing chrome make a major comeback among interior design trends in 2024 and beyond. Chrome is here to stay.


Bringing warmth and tactility to your home wood is a big interior trends this year. You can't go wrong with wood, but if you want to make sure your home is bang on trend this year, dark woods are the ones to go for - walnut, dark stained oak and teak.


Pantone may have proclaimed a Barbie-inspired fuchsia as the colour of the year in 2023, but it's red and blue that we've mostly seen taking up residence in our interiors. According to the experts at NCS Colour, red and blue are a natural progression away from the neutral colours we have seen in recent years.

In 2024, we will see bright and bold shades of red that start as accents and gradually take over larger spaces in our homes.

So dare to bet on this energetic and hopeful colour in your interior design in 2024!


Speaking of colour, the biggest common denominator in interior design trends in 2024 is colour. Even though neutral shades are present in the 2024 colour trends, the colour map is much richer in colours than in previous years. Reds, pinks, shades of purple and neon will light up the next interior design year.

Discover the year's biggest colour trends here: !

Red kitchen chairs from Massproductions show what the red trend could look like in the Scandinavian interior design trends 2024.


Just like colour, patterns have slowly but surely become a bigger part of our interiors for the past few years and this year's pattern explosion continues into the Scandi interior trends of 2024. We are seeing an emergence of various patterns this year but for the most part it is geometric patterns that are most visible in 2024, inspired by the patterns of the 60s.


Posters are a great addition to any room, especially when you simply want to update a room and express your style or history. Each year we see that posters follow their own trends, and in 2024, posters that mimic paintings are the order of the day. We've previously seen line art and photographs adorning our walls, but now the trendy Paper Collective is leading the way with stylish, retro-inspired posters in the hottest colours of the year.


Given the colours we've been talking about, the linear patterns and an unexpected mix of interior styles, it's not surprising that the last trend on the list is maximalism. For years we've been searching for the perfect minimalist style, stripped back and clean, but a cosy feeling is starting to take over. Paintings on the walls, plenty of textiles, colour, patterns and details that tell your story - the 2024 interior design trends inspire more cosy, warm homes where we're not afraid to take it slow.

Maximalism is taking over our homes according to interior design trends in 2024, here an eclectic living room with Pacha armchair from Gubi, coffee table from Ekbacken Studios and red portable lamp from HAY.


The trend that never stops giving and why should it when we all love furniture with details that fulfil multiple functions? One part of conscious design is adapting furniture for different needs and life situations. Take, for example, the Flip table from the Swedish Design House Stockholm. The table, designed by Jesper Ståhl, is constructed with 14 hinges that allow it to be folded and unfolded in three different ways depending on whether you need a dining table or a desk that can be put away after work hours and then folded into a side table.

Multifunctional furniture is one of the 2024 Scandinavian interior design trends - here in the Flip table in oak by Design House Stockholm, one table but 3 possibilities.

The Scandinavian interior design trends for 2024 embrace design that can be customised for different needs - Flip folds into 3 different tables: dining, side and desk.


One of the biggest factors influencing the Scandinavian interior design trends in 2024 is the inclusion of our personal stories. While it's great to mix, in 2024, not everything has to match.

Combine different colours and patterns, go wild with different style and material mixes but as always, let your interior represent you.


Carrying over from 2023 an interior design trend that is here to stay in 2024 is Future Retro, where nostalgia meets the future. We take inspiration from four decades of great design while embracing the virtual future. Stained glass, playful shapes, bold colours and patterns all combine the past and future in our present.

Decorate according to the Scandinavian interior design trends in 2024 and use lots of colour and patterns to mix & match. Here is a living room with blue. orange and yellow décor.

Colour, patterns, material mixes, playful shapes - interior design trends in 2024 encourage a more maximalist interior design.

Photography: Elof Martinsson, Angeliqa Daldorph, ferm Living, Muuto, Blomus, &Tradition, New Works, HAY, Massproductions, Layered, Paper Collective

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