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Scandinavian interior design trends in 2023 take a nostalgic turn with these 70s-inspired glasses with coloured stems from HK Living.

Scandinavian interior design trends for 2023

Are you curious about the Scandinavian interior design trends for 2023? Look no further, we’ve created a comprehensive round up for you of the trends that are sure to be a big part of our homes in the coming year. Be inspired by more colourful, richly patterned and unique interior design – here are the trends that you will find in Scandinavian interiors in 2023.
Thursday 4th August 2022
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Every year it is wonderful to be able to look to the future and discover the key trends that will inspire our interiors in the year to come. Interior design trends reflect the times in which we live and in 2023 it is very clear how two uncertain years have led us to interior design that feel safe, cosy, joyful and represents the new normal we have now found. Therefore, you can expect to see a lot of these trends in Scandinavian interiors in 2023:

  1. Red & blue accents
  2. Water as a source of inspiration
  3. Future retro
  4. Virtual influences
  5. Patterned delight
  6. Pops of peach
  7. Orange + pink
  8. Natural materials & textures
  9. Inspiration from the mushroom kingdom
  10. New luxury
  11. Contrasting interior design
  12. Influences from Japan
Scandinavian interior design trends for 2023 include tactile natural materials and influences from Japan.

Scandinavian interior trends 2023 - tactile natural materials, Japanese influences & stylish lounge areas.


One of the biggest Scandinavian interior design trends in 2023 is undoubtedly colour. Scandinavian design is more commonly known for calming neutral shade, but increasingly we are looking for strong pops of colour that bring excitement to the home. There are a few colour trends on this list but strongest is the use of red and blue as accent colours in your interior decor. Consider using smaller interior details if you don't dare to go this bold with your furniture - a throw, a lamp or posters are the perfect way to update your interior with this trend.

Red accents are one of the Scandinavian interior design trends for 2023, seen here on a cosy towel from Ferm Living.

Always on trend, ferm LIVING highlights both pops of red and bold stripes in their latest collection.

A red and blue portable lamp from HAY works perfectly as one of the Scandinavian interior design trends for 2023.

PC Portable table lamp, HAY

Invest in individual details in red and blue in your interior in 2023 or in one beautiful detail that combines both colors.

Strong accents of red and blue seen here with &Tradition, one of the Scandinavian interior design trends for 2023.
&TraditionUntitled AP10 throw 150x210 cm


In Scandinavian interiors in 2023 we see various shades and tones of blue, where we are continuing to take water as a source of inspiration in our interiors. It is the cleanliness and calm associated with water that makes us, especially after the pandemic, want to surround ourselves with it as much as possible in the home. Therefore, expect to see interior details shaped with inspiration from the sea such as shells, oysters and algae in soothing blue and blue-green shades.

The embroidered pillow from Fine Little Day shows a jelly fish motif with a hint of blue, fitting perfectly into the Scandinavian interior design trends for 2023.
Fine Little DayManet pillowcase 38x58 cm


Do you think the interior design of 2023 feels familiar? Maybe you are enjoying the lovely 70s vibes, or the dose of attitude from the 80s and a playful 90s? The Scandinavian interior trends for 2023 are highlighting how our history in meeting our future in a very interesting way. Futuristic retro is about picking up safe ideas from the past, while also taking big steps into the future with the Metaverse at the forefront.

Get ready to fall in love again, or for the first time, with colour and shape that meet in a mix of then and now.

Think coloured, fluted, glass, elements of rattan and round, playful shapes - all in a new interpretation with virtual influences.

70's inspired glasses from HK Living, one of the Scandinavian interior design trends in 2023.

New or vintage doesn't matter. In 2023, past and future meet in Scandinavian interiors with lovely nostalgic vibes.

The glass bowl from Byon has a lovely retro feeling, one of the top Scandinavian interior design trends for 2023.
ByonCurve saucer brown-beige


Whether it's elements of neon, dreamy pastels, or playful, artistic shapes, the upcoming Scandinavian interior design trends are inspired by our increasingly widespread presence in the digital world. Metaverse is the word of the moment, a virtual 3D world where we (or rather our avatars) can integrate with both each other and the environment we are in. We let the idea of a metaverse influence us more and more in our interior design in 2023 through elements of neon, more technical decoration and furniture as well as interior details with pixelated looking surfaces and virtual shapes. This is where the colour lavender continues to stand strong, even in 2023.

Striped, neon coloured cushions from Rice available in different shapes are one of the more playful Scandinavian interior design trends for 2023.

Rice cushion 40x80 cm

Striped pastels and a neon dream from Rice shows how Scandinavian interior design in 2023 is more joyful with inspiration from the Metaverse.


Do you love patterns? Then the interior design for 2023 is your year! It's finally time to embrace all kinds of patterns in 2023. Stripes are making a big come back and floral patterns are standing firm from the autumn interior trends in 2022 , while graphic patterns and patchwork motifs continue to be relevant.

Peach coloured duvet cover with a flower motif from Marimekko, two of the biggest Scandinavian interior design trends for 2023.

The colour for 2023? Warming tones of peach.


The second colour trend we are seeing in Scandinavian interiors in 2023 is a soft, warm tone of peach that pops up here and there. This embracing tone brings as much joy as warmth to our homes.

Of course, lavender is still strong, but in 2023 we're a little more keen on tones of peach.


If red and blue are the accents we are keen to work into our interiors 2023, then the colour combination of orange and pink is a gift that we to give ourselves. This beautiful colour combination is unusual in Scandinavian homes, but we are moving more and more towards colourful interior design that evokes emotions.

We want to bring in more joy, more energy into our home and the best way to do that is through colour.
Storage boxes from HAY in orange and pink - one of the on trend colour combinations for Scandinavian interior design trends for 2023.

Orange + pink = the perfect Scandinavian interior in 2023


Natural materials never go out of style. Wool, cashmere, leather and wood are the year's buzz words when it comes to material choices for the Scandinavian interior design trends in 2023. We want our interiors to be soft and tactile, therefore natural materials and textures are incredibly important in our homes. Scandinavian interior design in 2023 is very tactile and should be felt by touch, so allow this common thread to run throughout the home, from wall art to furniture to interior details.

Tactile materials such as wool and sheep skin are one of the biggest interior design trends in Scandinavia in 2023.

Soft wool throws and sheep skin cushions - tactile interior design trends for 2023

Marble is making a come back in our Scandinavian interior design trends for 2023.
Ferm LIVINGferm LIVING plant box marble tray


The pandemic forced everyone outside and in Scandinavia this means time in the forests that blanket the country. This time outside means that we not only want to surround ourselves with green tones and plenty of plants, but also interior design that draws inspiration from the forest's small mushrooms. Lamps and textiles with mushroom motifs can be hung like posters in the kitchen – the trendiest feature from nature in 2023 is mushrooms.

A children's room decorated with motif's of mushrooms with a wall hanging from Ferm Living - highlighting nature as one of the Scandinavian  interior design trends for 2023.
Ferm LIVINGForest tapestry throw 120x170 cm
BloomingvilleRoberta pouf


After the difficult pandemic years where we were limited in both leaving our homes and meeting others, we are now experiencing a backlash where we want to indulge in things much more. Maximalism is on the rise again and we are keen to invest in luxurious rooms in our Scandinavian interiors in 2023.

Bathrooms should feel like a home spa and we are looking to create unique lounge areas in the home, furnishing with details in brass or with a metal finish. Put simply, everyday life should be gilded in gold after everything we have missed.
The portable lamp VP9 from &Tradition seen here in a brass finish giving your interior a luxurious finish - one of the Scandinavian interior design trends for 2023.
&TraditionFlowerpot portable table lamp VP9
A stylish living room in tones of peach with marble and leather, incorporating many of the Scandinavian interior design trends for 2023.

AYTM leads the way with tones of peach and details in brass, marble & leather.


One thing about Scandinavian interior design in 2023 is that it is very contrasting in many ways. Mixing materials and combining contrasting colours such as blue and red or green and pink. We are also seeing contrasts in how we present our interior design. Strict versus unruly, soft versus hard, vintage versus new. 2023 is about embracing all sides of ourselves and finding new interpretations within our interior design where old and new meet.

A beautiful living room decorated with many of the Scandinavian interior design trends for 2023.

In Scandinavian interior design trends in 2023 we mix and match freely with materials, colours and styles.


Japandi, the style that combines the best of both the Scandinavian style with the Japanese, has been popular for many years now and will continue to be so for those who are looking for a pared back, minimalist style. However, this interpretation of Scandinavian interior design in 2023 will be much more pattern-happy than before, with traditionally patterned textiles and low-lying furniture at the forefront of the trend. Always on top of the latest trends ferm LIVING has taken influences from Japan for a long time so be sure to check out their latest arrivals.

In 2023, we will set the table with inspiration from Japan & the forest kingdom.

Ferm LIVINGSpin stool 30 cm
Ferm LIVINGKomo vase mini set of 3

2023 is the year we dare to be more courageous with Scandinavian interior design. We are undergoing a renaissance where we are allowing ourselves to be inspired by much more colour and pattern than before, but we also manage to find the perfect balance of past, present and future in our interiors

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Photography : Angeliqa Daldorph, &tradition, Ferm Living, AYTM, Marimekko, Rice, By ON, HK Living, Fine Little Day, Rosenthal

Arijana Kapic


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