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Beige livingroom with sofa, side table and cozy throw from Ferm Living.

ferm LIVING's success story - the art of creating a comfortable home

It all started in 2005 when founder Trine Andersen couldn't find the right wallpaper. Today, the Danish brand ferm LIVING is known worldwide for its minimalist design and expertise within interior design. Their passion is to create beautiful and high quality products, creating comfortable homes to love. Welcome home to ferm LIVING!
Monday 5 September 2022
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Profile picture of Trine Andersen who is the founder of Ferm Living.

The founder of ferm LIVING - Trine Andersen.


2005 was the year when it all began for the Danish brand ferm LIVING. Today, they produce products of the highest quality where each item tells its own story and becomes a significant detail in every home around the world.

- ferm LIVING’s journey started in 2005, when our founder Trine Andersen moved into a new house. She wanted to decorate the walls with wallpaper but couldn’t find any that suited her personal style. She therefore decided to produce her own, resulting in ten different wallpaper designs. She applied to exhibit the wallpapers at a Danish trade fair but couldn’t afford to manufacture all ten designs - ferm LIVING.

So, with just one wallpaper and a handful of printouts, ferm LIVING was born.

We had the honor of interviewing ferm LIVING, where we got an insight into how their success story began, what their design process looks like from idea to finished product, and the art of creating a home to love.

Sketches that will become design to wallpaper from Ferm Living.

ferm LIVING´s wallpaper collections starts with sketches that then become fine wallpaper that can be shown in homes around the world.

In the making of unique wallpaper from Ferm Living.

Making unique wallpaper from ferm LIVING.

Finished wallpaper from Ferm Living ready to be decorated in homes to love all around the world.

Finished wallpaper from ferm LIVING ready to be put up in homes that are loved all around the world.


At ferm LIVING, the biggest inspiration is the feeling of home. In Copenhagen, Denmark it is possible to visit ferm LIVING´s home, their showroom where they display many of their high quality and inspiring products to discover - a place to feel welcome to.

We believe that a home should embrace all facets and contrasts of life, and our purpose with every collection is to bring to life interior objects and furniture that inspire you to create space where life can be lived, and where you can feel comfortably you. This is always the belief that we return to when seeking inspiration for new designs.
Ferm Living´s showroom in Copenhagen in Denmark.

In Copenhagen, Denmark, you can visit ferm LIVING's fantastic showroom where they display many of their high quality and inspiring products.

In Ferm Living´s showroom in Copenhagen in Denmark you can as a visitor write what the meaning of a home is to you on a small house.

In ferm LIVING's showroom there is a small house where visitors can write on the walls, what the meaning of a home is to them.

A walk in closet in Ferm Living's showroom in Copenhagen, Denmark.

In ferm LIVING's showroom, the goal is to create a pleasant atmosphere for inspiration for creating a home to love.

Outside of Ferm Living´s showroom in Copehagen in Denmark.

Outside ferm LIVING's showroom there is a pleasant oasis with comfortable outdoor furniture to relax.


The design process at ferm LIVING is an crucial process where the goal is to create cherished products that you want to furnish your home with love. At ferm LIVING, the process of creating a new collection is a collaborative one. Everyone shares the responsibility of the design process that makes ferm LIVING unique.

We ask each other meaningful questions as a response to what is going on in the world, and having important discussions along the way. For example, we talk about balance and stillness. What does stillness look like? How do we capture that feeling in a collection? What will balance look and feel like in the future?

- The starting point or inspiration doesn’t stem from a fixed brief. Instead, it’s a part of an ongoing dialogue between the designers in our in-house design team. Though each of our talented designers have an area of expertise, the designs aren’t split up individually – that’s why you won’t ever find a ferm LIVING designer’s name attached to one of our pieces - ferm LIVING.

Sketches of Oyster wall lamp from Ferm Living.

The design process begins with a sketch where the perfect product is selected from various sketch combinations...

Oyster wall lamp from Ferm Living.

...which then turns into a finished product!

Ripple Long drink glasses from Ferm Living are hand blown, so each glass becomes unique in itself.

Ripple Long drink glasses are hand blown, so each glass is unique in itself.

- From the very beginning, we have produced all of our designs in relation to our philosophy of creating a space to feel comfortably you - ferm LIVING.

Ripple glass and carafe on Grib Tray from Ferm Living.

The Ripple series is one of ferm LIVING's most popular products to decorate the home with.

- The journey from idea to finished product is an unpredictable process where each unique product has its own life and development time. Our design team is not afraid to work from their sense of intuition, which we believe is a concrete thing made up of an accumulation of individual tastes, memories, beliefs and experiences. When we start the process of developing a new design, we merge that intuitive feeling with function, aesthetics and craftmanship.

When we find that an idea is fully developed, it is put to the test by our product development team. We receive samples from our suppliers and the process of getting the design ‘just right’ goes from there.

- Some designs have what we refer to as a ‘long birth’, which allows each product to be as deliberate as possible. Is something missing? If the answer is yes, the product isn’t ready, and it doesn’t make it into the product family. We might save it or adapt it for a later collection. It’s a journey, but the products are better for it - ferm LIVING.

Production process of Mineral Sculptural side table from Ferm Living.

A unique Mineral Sculptural side table in the making.

Mineral Sculptural side table in marble from Ferm Living.
Ferm LIVINGMineral Sculptural table Ø52 cm
Herringbone throw in dark brown from Ferm Living with the beautiful label in focus.

ferm LIVING thinks about every single detail, everything from the product as a whole to the smallest details such as the label.

- Our collection of furniture, lighting and accessories for the home is defined by soft forms, rich textures and curious details that let people create composed atmospheres with a touch of the unexpected. Our goal is always to create beautiful designs from honest materials that will stand the test of time – both in terms of function, as well as aesthetics - ferm LIVING.

Inlay cup with saucer on Disctinct side table from Ferm Living.

Natural materials with unique patterns are unique within ferm LIVING's products range.


ferm LIVING has a holistic approach to sustainability and implements responsible thinking throughout all areas of their business.

In the design phase, where the first important choices for a product are made, we employ a range of Responsibility Criteria for new products and take a ‘cradle-to-grave’ approach to consider the entire life cycle of our products, working to ensure that as many of our products as possible are made from responsible materials.

- In 2020, 21% of our collection bore our RESPONSIBLE tag, meaning that the product either has one of the following certifications: GOTS, Organic Blended or FSC™, or is produced in responsible, recycled materials, such as recycled glass, recycled aluminium, recycled paper pulp or PET-yarn made from post-consumer plastic bottles. In 2021, the number of RESPONSIBLE products increased to 28%. Our goal for 2022 is that 32% of all our products will have a RESPONSIBLE tag - ferm LIVING.

Glass jars that are filled with different kinds of recyclable materials in Ferm Livings showroom.

In ferm LIVING's showroom, you can read about their view on sustainability and what their products are made of.

- We are committed to responsible production. We work with certifications and testing to ensure working conditions in our supply chain are safe and fair, and that our products are responsibly produced and of high quality. We also use a climate screening tool to measure the CO2e footprint of our products, and to gain knowledge and data for our future targets - ferm LIVING.

A nice arrangement of the products that are made from recyclable material in Ferm Livings showroom.

A nice arrangement of the products that are made from recyclable material in ferm LIVING´s showroom.


ferm LIVING has from the very start produced all products in relation to their philosophy of creating a space to feel comfortably you. The meaning of producing products that fill a purpose in every home to love and feel comfortable in is what makes ferm LIVING unique and successful.

The most important thing is that ferm LIVING reflects a set of values that we can be proud of. We will continue to put out inspiring, quality designs in honest materials. We will also continue to take care of what we see as our responsibility by investing in long-term partnerships with our manufacturers, promoting a balanced and transparent company culture, and advancing our commitment to ethical and sustainable practices that are kind to our planet.

- Our purpose with every collection is to bring to life interior objects and furniture that inspire you to create a home where life can be lived. While function and aesthetics are undeniably important to us, we work seriously and responsibly with design and are dedicated to creating not only beautiful objects for the home, but also an emotional connection to the spaces we live in - ferm LIVING.

A cozy bedroom with soft pillows and lovely bedspread from Ferm Living.

ferm LIVING helps fill your home with unique products...

A cozy livingroom with pillows, sofa and details from Ferm Living.

...which creates a comfortable environment and a home to long for.

ferm LIVING proves time to time that they are successful within interior design with their unique products that are appreciated all around the world in homes to feel comfortable in.

At ferm LIVING, we believe that home is much more than a physical place filled with physical objects. It is an emotional anchor in a world of contrasts. Your home is the place where you can always be your authentic self, a space with room for all facets of life – the good, the bad, calm and chaos.

Photography: ferm LIVING, Angeliqa Daldorph Styling: ferm LIVING, Linnéa Axelson

Linnéa Axelson


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