Interior design trends 2021 – These are the top trends this year

One of the best things about a new year is discovering all things new – including the trends for the upcoming year. Are you curious about what the biggest interior trends 2021 are going to be? Here are 14 trends you need to know about!


12 January 2021
Interior 2021 - beige and harmonious home with round shapes like this lamp from Muuto.

What are the biggest interior trends in 2021?

Interior trends 2021 are all about creating a harmonious home. A place to collect your thoughts and recharge your energy tanks. Especially after a challenging 2020, our homes have come to have a whole new meaning to us. Here are the biggest interior design trends for 2021:

  1. Beige and natural colours
  2. Graphic face art
  3. Bringing nature inside
  4. Ocean fauna and flora
  5. Mid-tone blues
  6. Tactile surfaces for all senses
  7. Statement pieces
  8. Light wood on connecting surfaces
  9. Heritage
  10. Round shapes
  11. Mirrors
  12. Clean lines
  13. Simplistic and rustic interior
  14. Grey is here to stay
Interior 2021 - beige living room is trendy like here where everything is tone-on-tone at Ferm Living.

Beige and Natural Colours

Warm, beige and blonde tones are here to stay. We started seeing a more and more warm tones at the end of last year, and they continue to be popular into 2021. As the previously popular all-white interiors start to feel dated, we seek to create warm-feeling homes that add a sense of harmony and calmness to the space.

Graphic Face Art

Simple, graphic sketches of faces and bodies are a popular interior design trend 2021 that we will see more and more of in everything from posters to sculptures and pillows..

Collage with graphic posters and face sculptures - a trendy interior detail 2021.
Living room with just the right decor for 2021 with graphic art, low wooden furniture and beige colors.

Bringing nature inside

Sustainable living is becoming a central aspect in our everyday life and approach to interior - and bringing plants into the home is a big part of it. We have always seen greenery as an important part of interior design, but in 2021, we see it take centre stage. Create your very own mini-oasis in your home and enjoy the feeling of being outside – inside. Everything from bigger flowerpots to entire shelves full of your favourite greenery; 2021 is all about bring nature inside.

Nice living room at Ferm Living with bookshelf in beige and pouf in
Interior 2021 will focus on bringing in large plant arrangements such as here where a large olive tree stands in the living room.
Pots with frosted glass from Gejst

Ocean fauna and flora

In 2020, we’ve seen a lot of interior details that were clearly inspired by the ocean, especially in the form on shell-shaped vases and bowls. In 2021 we see more of this beautiful trend – but with a twist. 2021 is all about material choice – in particular, degradable materials with a tactile feel. We are loving the irregular shapes, tones and feel of the pieces that add the imperfect-perfect finishing touches to the interior.

White seashell bowl from By On continues to be an interior trend in 2021.
The wallpaper with snail pattern from Ferm Living shows how sea motifs will be big in interior design 2021.

Mid-Blue tones

As a natural result of the Ocean fauna and flora trends, we will be seeing plenty of beautiful mid-tone blue in 2021. Petrol, sky-blue, grey-blue and turquoise are all colour trends we see in 2021.

Blue will be trendy in interior design 2021 as shown here with blue ceramic vases from Broste Copenhagen.
Muuto shows what is trendy in interior design in 2021 with light wood walls and blue details.

Tactile surfaces

This trend has been a staple part of the trend palette for the last two years and carries beautifully into 2021. More and more brands create interior pieces to engage all senses. Mixing rough and smooth surfaces as well as a very particular material choice adds so much more to the design than just the look.

The round vase Ball from Cooee Design with its tactile surface will continue to be trendy even in 2021.

A statement piece

The interior design trends of the last couple of years have leaned more on the minimalistic side, concentrating on few but deliberate choices of what to place in each room. 2021 is no different. However, in all the coordinated interior, we see more and more statement pieces. A rug, a vase or maybe a lamp. Choose one item to really show your interior style.

Part of the decor in 2021 will be to have a statement piece in the home, like a nice rug - here with graphic Stripes from NRJD.
Collage with furniture that are real statement pieces in the home and a big interior trend 2021
Interior 2021 - inspiration from Muuto with the lamp Post and light wood on the wall and floor.

Light wood on connecting surfaces

Light, untreated wood adds to the tactile trends that will see more and more of in 2021. While wood as a natural material has always been part of interior trends in one way or another, in 2021 see a lot more of it! Create a harmonious feel by using the same wood on stairs and walls or walls and ceilings.


Another focal point in interior trends 2021 is heritage. Everything from untreated materials to getting to know the designer behind the product – 2021 is the year we want to know more about our interior. Cultural aspects also play into 2021 interior trends, including interior accessories that hint at different cultures and heritage.

Historical figure from House Doctor.

Round shapes

In our ambition to create more harmonious homes in 2021, we see a lot of soft, rounded shapes. Everything from furniture to textiles and interior accessories follow this trend. 


2021 interior includes mirrors in all shapes in sizes. Combine and arrange your mirrors in different installations. It is all about mindful placement to create exciting reflections and light in your home.

Round shapes will be a big interior trend 2021, as here with a round wool rug from Ferm Living.
Interior 2021 - mirror, beige tones and eye-catching table.

Clean lines

In contrast to the rounded shapes found in 2021, we also see classic clean lines. Everything from classic minimalism to clean, perfectly made hotel-style beds.

Simplistic and rustic interior

Even though the majority of the 2021 trend revolve around natural elegance, we see touches of rustic and bohemian styles peak through. The 2021 take on the rustic styles are a little more simplistic than what we have seen in the last couple of years with more focus on material choice and genuine craftmanship.


If you are worried that your newly-painted grey walls are being phased out with all talk about beige, warm tones – don’t be! Grey interior is here to stay. Pantone’s colour of the year is “Ultimate grey” and we see it peak through in many 2021 collections. Especially unpolished concrete is finding its way into our interior in the form of accessories, work surfaces and floors. Grey continues to be a classic interior colour that is perfect to combine with other 2021 interior trends. 

Interior 2020 - living room from Ferm Living with tone-on-tone beige colors and tight lines on the furniture.
Tight lines on beds and bedding like here at Menus designer hotels will be trendy this year

Two concepts that sum up the best of 2021 interior trends

All trends that we see for 2021 can be summed up in two simple concepts: Natural elegance & Slow Living.

Natural elegance

In 2021, we will continue to see a great deal of untreated materials such as wood and stone. These combined with elegant shapes and colours that create an effortless natural elegance in your home. Match, for instance, a rounded sofa with a table made of rougher stone or wood. This way, the previously popular bohemian vibes turn into a simple elegance with clear influences taken from classic Scandinavian design paired with Japanese simplicity.

Interior 2021 - a raw surface in form of a brick wall combined with elegant beige colors and wooden furniture will be super trendy next year.
Interior 2021 - inspirations from Broste Copenhagen shows a stone wall and white kitchen details.
Interior 2021 - harmonious interior in earthy colors.

Slow Living

The 2021 interior trends are all about slow living. 2020 has changed what a home means to us and how we would like to feel when we are in it. We have recognized the importance of a sustainable home that we can relax and feel at ease in. Spaces specifically chosen for meditation, designed with calming tones and tactile materials, as well as bringing nature into the home, will all play a big part in shaping the 2021 interior trends and how we decide to interpret them. 2021 more than ever is all about building a home with an inside-out perspective.

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