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Inspiration & Tips/Inspiration/Interior colour trends 2023 – interior design in this year's colours
Interiour colour trends 2024 - decorate with candleholders in colour and patterns.

Interior colour trends 2024 – interior design in this year's colours

The latest interior design trends all point to the same thing – we are increasingly moving towards more colour in our interiors. Colour has a significant impact on our mood and well-being, and in 2024 we want more energy, more joy and more peace in our homes. Here are this year's ten interior colour trends for 2024!
Updated Wednesday 17th January 2024
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One of the most noticeable things about the colour trends in 2024 is that we are moving towards more and more dramatic colours in our homes. Colours that bring life to our homes and break the neutral tone-on-tone decor we've had for a few years now. Whether you're looking for colour inspiration to help you repaint or just want to bring more colour into your interior with the help of charming interior details, these are the colour trends to keep an eye on in 2024:

  1. Vibrant red
  2. Blue
  3. Powder pink
  4. Peach
  5. Orange
  6. Amber
  7. Gaming green
  8. Lavender purple
  9. Neon
  10. Metallic
  11. Earthy Colours
The interior colour trends for 2024 include blue hues, orange and amber - all present here in a colourful living room setting.

Embrace the bold! The interior colour trends in 2024 have a clear track - strong, energy-filled colours that brighten our interiors.


One of the year's strongest colours in the interior colour trends 2024 is a highly saturated red. We often associate red with energy, power and strong emotions - which is exactly what we want to bring into our interiors in 2024. For the brave there are beautiful shades of red to repaint the walls, but for most of us, we can bring in this colour with the help of smaller interior details such as lighting and even furniture.

The interior colours trends for 2023 in a big red, seen here in the timeless Kaiser Idell table lamp from Fritz Hansen.
Fritz HansenKaiser Idell 6631-T Luxus table lamp
The interior colour trends for 2023 include red and blue in contrast. Here you see a table setting with blue Mon Amie plates from Swedish Rörstrand and a red tablecloth from NJRD.

Red, preferably in combination with blue, is one of the year's strongest interior colour trends in 2024. Here in the form of a table setting!

The interior design colour trends for 2023 are all about red and blue in contrast. Here you see a red vase from HAY standing on a blue stool.
HAYArcs vase 25 cm


Different shades of blue stand strong in the interior colour trends for 2024; we see everything from sky blue to cobalt to an intense Klein blue shade. If red arouses the emotions, blue calms us. Blue and red are therefore contrasting colours, both in terms of where they stand on the colour wheel and also how they make us feel. It is precisely these contrasts that lead the way among the interior colour trends in 2024 and the interior design we choose, so feel free to decorate with these two colours together.

The interior colour trends for 2024 include many saturated shades of blue. Here you see the graphic metric throw from NJRD in blue.
NJRDMetric focus No. 3 cotton blankets 130x185 cm
Cobalt blue is one of the biggest interior colour trends for 2024. Here you see the Crumple vase from By On.
ByonCrumple vase


Various shades of pink have been making a big comeback among the interior colour trends in recent years, everything from last years magenta to a softer powder pink this year - preferably with a hint of black to it making it somewhat dustier. A classic pastel pink is still going strong as well, especially around springtime.


Opposite to last year's vibrant Viva Magenta, Pantone named Peach Fuzz the colour of the year 2024. A softer colour, encapsulating our desire for self care and togetherness. It's a gentle and subtle shade, perfect for those of us who wish to incorporate more colour in our homes but are not as daring as to go for more vibrant colours.

Pink is making a major comeback in the interior colour trends for 2024 - here the Crackle vase from Kosta Boda in a powder pink.
From powder pink to peach - embrace pink shades in 2024.
Olsson & Jensen
Helix lantern Ø14 cm, Pink
Paper Collective
Peaches poster, 50x70 cm
Pieni Unikko cushion cover 50x50 cm, Cotton-peach
Maia vase 23 cm, Peach wip
Kosta Boda
Gabba Gabba Hey sculpture 305 mm, Powder pink


Give 2024 an energy boost with a pop of strong orange. This cheerful and warm colour is one of the main accent colours we see in the 2024 colour trends and if you really want to be cutting edge, combine it with pink! Perfect for the smaller details and textiles, orange is a colour that will really stand out.


Warming sunset tones of yellow and amber will be making an appearance in our homes in 2024. Many of the yellow shades we see have been picked up from the retro trend that has made an ever-increasing comeback and from which we continue to draw a lot of inspiration. Yellow tones bring irresistible warmth to the home and just like shade of orange, they provide much-needed energy and joy - something we're more than happy to embrace.

Orange is a strong colour in the interior colour trends 2024. Here you see the Mikkel throw in orange and green from Røros Tweed.
Røros TweedMikkel blanket 135x200 cm
The interior colour trends for 2024 include shades of amber, here in the plate series Kusintha from Bitz.

Kusintha series from Bitz

In addition to orange, we see a lot of shades of amber among the interior colour trends 2024. Why not spice up your table setting?


Another interior colour trend that you should definitely look out for in 2024 is green and more specifically, a gaming green. Green is a colour that represents life and transports our thoughts to those of health and happiness. It is therefore natural that we would like to surround ourselves with this colour in 2024. Feel free to sneak this vibrant shade into your home with help of furniture if you dare, or why not invest in a stylish lamp like the Flowerpot in signal green?

Among the interior colour trends for 2023 you will find a strong signal green like you see here on the VP9 cordless table lamp from &tradition.
&TraditionFlowerpot portable table lamp VP9


Different shades of neon are also taking up more and more space in our interiors in 2024. Much of these come from influences from the virtual world and are used to add a pop of energy into the décor. Lavender, pink, yellow and above all mint are the representing colours for this trend. Combine these playful shades to bring life into your home.


We've seen a lot of purple, especially lavender and lilac in recent years, but the colour remains strong in 2024. The lighter tones of purple are the most dominant, inspired by summer's blooming lilacs and fragrant lavender. But dark purple and shades of purple also appear on the colour chart in 2024, a luxurious tone with a touch of mystery and royal splendour. The fresh, cooler tones of purple are easy to incorporate into the home and go well with both lighter and darker bases, while the darker versions are particularly good in the form of a statement piece.

The year's interior colour trends for 2024 still include shades of lilac like this Knot pillow from Design House Stockholm.
Design House StockholmKnot pillow
Lilac champagneglass from Villeroy & Boch.
Villeroy & BochLike champagne glass coupe 10 cl 2-pack
The Bonbon lampshade from HAY is an example of an interior detail that follows one of the colour trends for 2024: lavender purple.
HAYBonbon Shade lamp shade Ø50 cm


For contrast and flair, metals such as chrome, silver, gold or "metallic" are something we'll see a lot of in 2024. Metals can be shiny or matte and can be seen in various forms of details but also in furniture and lighting. Decorating with metals in unexpected places will give our homes a sense of luxury, but keep it to details - a lamp, a vase or candleholder will give you just the right amount of metallic into the home.


For those of you who are longing for more neutral colours, we are pleased to say that the earthy colours will remain among the interior colour trends for 2024. Shades of brown, less intense shades of green (think nuances of khaki) as well as sandy shades of beige, are the most prominent colours to place your bets on.

Teema plate in an earthy brown hue - perfect if you wish to set the table according to interior colour trends 2024.
IittalaTeema bowl Ø21 cm
Fritz HansenNight Owl table lamp steel
Among this year's colour trends for 2024, we see earthy and brown shades continue to take place in our interiors - here in the Lyric candle lantern from Tell Me More.
Tell Me MoreLyric lantern M


If interior design trends are relatively easy to adopt and update the home with, interior colour trends are somewhat more difficult as we tend to stick to neutral colours for larger parts of the home, here in Scandinavia at least. Of course, you can keep the base neutral if you prefer, but we dare you to challenge your interior by picking up the colour trends of 2024 in the smaller details or even a larger statement piece. Small interior details, candleholders , cushions, or posters- are excellent items for when you want to try out new colours!

Photo: Angeliqa Daldorph, Elof Martinsson, Kosta Boda, Bitz, Røros Tweed, &Tradition, Design House Stockholm, Villeroy & Boch, HAY, Fritz Hansen, Tell Me More

Arijana Rosso

Decorate with the interior colour trends for 2024

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