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Vases in colourful shades of blue, lavender purple and orange from Broste Copenhagen.

Interior colour trends 2022 – and how to decorate with them

You've heard it before, but colour really does have a big impact on our well-being at home. As with any other design trends, interior colour trends are constantly being updated and 2022 is no different. We are looking forward to 2022 to find out which interior design colours are going to be the most popular this year. Here are our seven exciting tips!
Wednesday 29th December 2021
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The colours in our interior design often vary and in 2022 we are daring to inject more colour into our everyday lives. Just as with our interior details in general, it is noticeable that we have gone through a couple of difficult years and so we want to surround ourselves with interior design and colours that create a safe, peaceful feeling and that also give us plenty of energy. Here are seven colour trends we will be keeping our eye on this year:

1. Sky blue
2. Shades of purple
3. Mint green
4. Diluted colours
5. Burnt tones
6. Contrasts
7. Colour Blocking

Sky blue vase from Muuto - an obvious favourite if you want to decorate according to the colour trends 2022.
MuutoKink vase
Sky blue linen tablecloth and a stripped-down, simple table setting with porcelain from Blomus.

Choose how you want to apply the interior colour trends 2022 – a tablecloth, interior details or even paint. The choice is yours.

Beautiful spring table setting with sky blue linen tablecloth from NJRD and beige vase from NJRD - a table setting completely according to the colour trends for 2022.
NJRDGeometric tablecloth 147x250 cm


Blue is a calming colour that contributes to a peaceful feeling in the home, and it is also considered to increase our productivity. Shades of blue are constantly recurring among interior design colour trends and for 2022 our top shade is sky-blue. It is a fresh colour that works perfectly in all kinds of detailing - from walls and larger furniture to smaller interior details.

We see a lot of lavender among colour trends in 2022 when it comes to interior design. Here the Alvar Aalto vase in purple and a purple wool blanket from Klippan Yllefabrik.
The colour for spring 2022? Lavender!
Klippan Yllefabrik
Preppy throw, lilac
STOFF tapered candle by ester & erik 6-pack, Light lavender
Design House Stockholm
Knot pillow, Lilac


A colour that connects strongly to our interiors in 2022 is without a doubt purple. Purple is even the colour of the year 2022 according to Pantone, who have developed their own colour called Very Peri which combines the best of blue shades with violet-red undertones. This fresh interpretation of violet shows how several lovely shades of purple will move into our homes in 2022. Our top tip for decorating with purple is to use the rule of three: three things in the same colour, such as a pillow, a blanket and a vase. In this way, you get a pop of colour into your interior without feeling that it is taking over.


In the same spirit of fresh, lively colours such as sky blue and shades of purple, 2022 will see a lovely mint green shade take centre stage in our interiors. Green is the perfect colour to bring nature into our homes, it gives us positive energy boost and creates balance - something we are more than happy to surround ourselves with in 2022.

Purple, round vase from Broste Copenhagen with spring flowers against a blue wall - two colours we are more than happy to decorate with according to the colour trends for 2022.
Broste CopenhagenMari vase 27 cm
Mint green is a fresh colour to decorate with according to the colour trends for 2022 - here on a green plastic rug from Scandi Living.
Scandi LivingPeak rug sage green


A large part of colour trends in 2022 is watered-down colours. We do not see many clear, bright colours next year, but more muted, matte and almost watered-down colours - preferably in the three pastel colours above.


One interior trend that we are sure to see more of in 2022 is the desert theme and therefore plenty of burnt tones of yellow, orange and red. These colours work beautifully in the form of textiles, or interior details such as a vase or even items of smaller furniture for a pop of colour.

Burnt tones of mustard yellow are a big part of colour trends in 2022 - here on the pillowcase Calm from Scandi Living.

Burning tones of yellow, orange and red are seen in the colour trends for 2022. They make the perfect accent colour against a neutral base – like here with the Calm cushion cover from Scandi Living.

Burnt tones of orange and yellow are colours we will see more of among the colour trends in 2022. Here in vases and items at Nordic Nest.

Colour trends 2022 - beautiful burnt tones of orange, red & yellow.


One way to decorate with the colour trends 2022 is to invest in contrasts! Colour blocking is part of this, but the trendiest contrasts in 2022 will be black and white. This classic gets an update where we see a new shade of white and a new shade of black take the stage. To achieve this look you should start with interior details and furniture, not so much the painted walls - we would rather see these in one of the other colour trends for 2022.


Pairing colours that are opposites on the colour wheel, is a playful and fresh take on colour trends for 2022. Dare to challenge your interior and combine blocks of green with red, purple with yellow and give your home get a wonderful energy boost for the new year.

Black and white contrasts are big among colour trends in 2022 - here on a Kelim rug from NJRD in graphic patterns.
NJRDStripes blocks kelim rug black
Colour blocking in your interior is just right according to the colour trends 2022 - here in a living room with black and white carpet from NJRD, yellow pillow and red serving trolley.

Give your home energy with invigorating accents in the colour blocking style!


Interior design trends tend to be relatively easy to absorb and are easy to incorporate into your home. Colour trends on the other hand can be a little more difficult as we often like to stick to neutral colours for larger areas of the home. Sure, you can keep your white, grey or beige walls, repainting requires both time and commitment, but dare to challenge your interior by incorporating the colour trends 2022 in alternative ways. Start small and find out which colour suits your style with the help of smaller interior details. Candlesticks, vases pillows or posters - these are an excellent way to experiment with new colours in the home!

Text Arijana Kapic

Photo: Broste Copenhagen, Aida, Angeliqa Daldorph

Decorate with the colour trends for 2022

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