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Flower pots

Add life to your home with plants and flowers! Here you can choose from both classic and modern alternatives of flower pots and pot stands by renowned designers and brands. Find elegant solutions for displaying your beautiful plants at Nordic Nest!
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Plant pots - Decorate with flowers and greenery

Adding green plants to your household can not only liven up any room of house, they can also help purify the air. Placing flower pots on different levels and with varying depths helps create a stylish and natural aesthetic. Add in a few hanging baskets, pedestals, or other creative containers to breathe life into an otherwise empty corner of a room. We have a large selection of pots for all kinds of plants. Select from pots in brass, ceramic, glass, and metal, as well as pots with and without saucers underneath.

Which flower pots and planters are the most popular?

Our extensive assortment of flower pots and planters includes a wide range of popular designs by selected designers and brands. Here you will find beautiful pots both modern and classic designs, made by renowned brands like House Doctor, Bergs Potter and Broste Copenhagen.

Top 3 flower pots & planters

  1. Plant Box by Ferm Living
  2. Mist by DBKD
  3. The Greenery Collection by Design House Stockholm

What size should a flower pot be?

There is no universal perfect size for flower pots, it all depends on what you want to have in it. Some plants have larger root systems and need a lot of soil to flourish, others need minimal space. But as your plants grow, no matter if they started out small or not, they might need to be replanted in larger pots, if you do not decide to cut them down to size.

Flower pots & planters

In addition to our beautiful assortment of flower pots, we have a great selection of planters for displaying your plants in the most beautiful ways possible. The Plant Box by Ferm Living is a great example of an elegantly designed planter that presents a beautiful opportunity to display flowers and greenery, both indoors and outdoors. Why not let a Plant box become an indoor home for smaller edible plants and spices!

Are self watering pots good for indoor plants?

Self-watering flower pots are great! Some plants will flourish in self watering pots, but not all plants should be put in one. Self-watering pots are great for plants that need a constant supply of moisture. Like if you want to grow vegetables, spices or other edible plants. The consistent water supply can do wonders for these types of plants, and as a result they might yield better harvests!

Our assortment flower pots and planters includes a number of self-watering pots of various designs. Try the beautiful self-watering pots of the Oasis collection by Northern, or the sleek and elegant alternatives by Eva Solo.

Hanging plant pots

If your windows feel empty, adding a hanging pot can truly add character and beauty. A style tips is to have ivy or some other type of plant that will hang out of the hanging pot. This is a simple way to add a lot of green to a room without it taking up a lot of space and needing too much water.

Pots for indoor & outdoor use

Our extensive collection features frost-resistant pots that are well suited for both indoor and outdoor use. We also have pots that are especially suited for larger plants such as those that may be placed by the entrance of your home.

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