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Easter decorations

Create a wonderful Easter table setting with classic Scandinavian easter decoration. A few simple pieces that you can use year after year can turn around your interior in a matter of minutes.
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Easter decoration

Do you want to brighten up your home for Easter but are sick of the classic feathers and painted boiled eggs? Here you can find Scandinavian Easter decoration ideas that help you decorate for Easter in a classic, Scandi fashion.

Easter decoration ideas

Here you will find ideas on how to create a Scandinavian-style Easter table setting. Our collection is based on a careful selection of minimalistic Scandinavian design in both neutral shades, pastel tones and statement colours.

What is the most common Easter decoration?

Easter is celebrated differently around the world, and naturally, the decoration will differ a little. In Sweden and Scandinavia, you will find a great deal of natural twigs decorated with feathers and hanging Easter ornaments. However, in recent years we have seen more and more minimalistic decoration for the table and table setting.

Popular Easter-Designs

  • Easter chickens
  • Easter eggs
  • Easter bunnies

What colours should I decorate with for Easter?

In Scandinavia, the classic Easter colours are yellow and purple. Traditionally, the Easter decoration was based around these colours.

However, today Easter decoration is popular in all colours. In recent years, Easter decoration trends have seen a great deal of neutral and monochrome colour-schemes. Why not try an all-white Easter table?

Qualitative Easter decoration

As with all decoration, your Easter decoration should reflect your taste and suit the rest of your interior. Here at Nordic Nest, you can find a carefully curated selection of qualitative Easter decoration that is made to last. Here you will find Easter decoration that will be modern and adaptable year after year.

Here you will find the classic Easter collections by Iittala and the modern Easter-collection by DBKD. Mix and match to find the perfect pieces to round off your Easter table settings.

A simple Scandinavian table setting:

Scandinavian living is all about simplicity: Here is how you create a typical Scandinavian Easter table setting:

  • Create a base with a colourful oilcloth. Oilcloths are easy to clean and add a pop of colour to the table.
  • Use simple porcelain to balance the colours of the oilcloth. Scandinavian living is all about functionality – there is no space in the home for a separate Easter tableware-set.
  • Create a centrepiece with a large glass vase. Fill the vase with Easter eggs and place some spring twigs in it. Decorate the twigs with hanging Easter ornaments and feathers.

4 easy Easter decoration ideas for your table setting

  1. Place some spring bulbs into egg cups to add a pop of greenery to your table.
  2. Decorate the table with actual boiled eggs in various colours.  This creates a natural touch to the table setting.
  3. Pick natural spring flowers outside and place them in small vases on the table. This will add both colour and scent!
  4. For place settings, write the name on a piece of eggshell instead of cards.

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