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Decorative accessories

Decorative accessories make it easy to create a personal and unique space in your home. Here we have collected a large assortment of decorative items in a range of colours, sizes and styles from well-known brands and designers. Explore our range and get inspired!
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Kylar decoration saucer - brown - Bloomingville
Kylar decoration saucer, brown
On backorder
Deco Hand decoration - dusty blue - HAY
Deco Hand decoration, dusty blue
On backorder
Garden Concrete concrete block - medium - DBKD
Garden Concrete concrete block, medium
On backorder
Muurla decorative hanging ball Ø12 cm - grey - Muurla
Muurla decorative hanging ball Ø12 cm, grey
On backorder
Deco Peacock decoration - 9x14 cm - Bloomingville
Deco Peacock decoration, 9x14 cm
On backorder
Gorilla decoration 10 cm - multi - By On
By On
Gorilla decoration 10 cm, multi
On backorder
Humdakin marbletray 30x15 cm - Neutral - Humdakin
Humdakin marbletray 30x15 cm, Neutral
On backorder
Design Of toothpick box - White - Design Of / Domo Design
Design Of / Domo Design
Design Of toothpick box, White
Stocked according to demand
Humdakin Terrazzo tray 30x20 cm - White-brown - Humdakin
Humdakin Terrazzo tray 30x20 cm, White-brown
On backorder
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Home décor accessories in stylish designs

With beautiful decorative accessories, you can easily create a home that reflects you and your personal style. Here you will find a large assortment of stylish accessories for your interiors from popular Scandinavian and global brands.

Small decorative accessories – the perfect final touch

Add the finishing touch to your interiors with small decorative accessories in stylish designs. Their practical size allows them to fit easily into small spaces such as narrow shelves or other places where you have less space but which you still want to have something decorative. Here at Nordic Nest, we offer a large assortment of small accessories that will help you create a home that you love.

Decorative accessories for the living room

Create a living room interior that matches your personal taste with beautiful decorative accessories that you love. If you have an empty space on the bookshelf or on the windowsill, why not fill it with a decorative bookstand to hold your favourite novels or a small artistic sculpture? Side table trays are perfect details for the coffee table or for the console and can be used to hold your favourite magazines, candle holders or small vases.

Decorative items for the bedroom

Decorative accessories are also the perfect finishing touches to a stylish bedroom. Place a decorative item such as a beautiful jar or tin on the bedside table to keep your small belongings. Or use wall décor accessories to bring interest to the space. Our assortment includes a large range of bedroom décor accessories in a variety of colours, shapes and styles so you can find your favourites.

Bathroom décor accessories

Add a stylish touch to your bathroom with beautiful decorative items in your favourite designs. Why not place a designer shell or coral sculpture on the countertop if you have a nautical theme in your bathroom? Or use a beautiful tray to display your favourite soaps, candles and scented sticks.

Adding colour with house décor accessories

Beautiful decorative accessories can be the perfect way to add a touch of colour to your interiors. Here you can choose from a range of colours from solid shades of pinks, yellows and greens or elaborately patterned decorative accessories in multicolours.

Luxury decorative accessories for the home and table

Create a feeling of exclusivity with silver or gold decorative accessories in a stylish design. Place them on the dinner table as a luxurious detail for special events or on the shelf in your living room or study for a sophisticated touch. We recommend brands such as Classic Collection and Georg Jensen for designer home décor accessories in exclusive designs.

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