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Toothbrush holders

Toothbrush holders are beautiful interior details that make it easy to store your toothbrush in an organised and stylish way. Here we have gathered a selection of modern toothbrush holders in a variety of colours styles from the most popular brands and designers.
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Stylish toothbrush holders in practical designs

A toothbrush holder in a stylish design can be both a practical and attractive detail in your bathroom. Our assortment includes a range of good quality designer toothbrush holders that will stand out on your bathroom counter.

Designer toothbrush holders by popular brands

In our selection of toothbrush holders, you will be able to choose from a large variety of colours and designs by your favourite designers and brands.

Top 3 brands for toothbrush holders:

Toothbrush cups to match your bathroom interior

Toothbrush holders come in a range of designs and materials to suit your bathroom style.

For natural bathroom interiors, a toothbrush holder in a material like stone or marble may be the perfect choice, whereas a ceramic toothbrush holder in white may be more appealing to you if your bathroom interiors are modern and minimal.

For a unified look in your bathroom, why not match your toothbrush cup with your bathroom accessories such as your soap dispenser, toilet roll holder or pedal bin.

Where to place a toothbrush holder in the bathroom

It is important to keep your toilet brush holder away from the sink so that your toothbrush does not get splashed with dirty water and soap when washing your hands.

They should also be placed away from the toilet to reduce the amount of bacteria landing on your toothbrush when the toilet is flushed.

If you are short on space in your bathroom, consider a wall-mounted toothbrush cup holder so that you can choose the perfect placement.

It is not recommended to place your toothbrush holder in a medicine cabinet, as a closed moist space is a breeding ground for germs. Rather, your toothbrush holder should be kept in the open so that your toothbrush can dry with natural air and sunlight.

Toothbrush holders and organisers for your family

With us at Nordic Nest, you will find a wide selection of toothbrush holders suitable for your home, no matter the size of your household.

A toothbrush organiser, with individual pockets, will be a good option for larger households, as it keeps all toothbrush heads spaced apart. This is a more hygienic option that putting many tooth brushes together in one toothbrush cup, where the bristles can easily touch.

A toothbrush holder with holes to stand each brush, is also a good option to ensure that each toothbrush is kept apart.

How to store your toothbrush correctly

Keep your toothbrushes stored upright in a toothbrush holder so that any remaining water will drip off and so that your toothbrush will dry properly.

While you may think covering your toothbrush heads will prevent germs from landing on it, it is actually recommended to keep the toothbrush heads uncovered so that they can properly dry. Therefore, avoid toothbrush holders with lids or covers that closer over the head of the toothbrush.

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