Tefal is a French brand that invented the revolutionary non-stick coating in 1954 (to which they gave their name). Their products for the home and kitchen are designed to simplify your everyday life and make time spent in the kitchen more fun! At Nordic Nest you will find a wide range of Tefal's innovative products!
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Tefal - revolutionary frying pans and pots  

Tefal is world-renowned for designing and producing high-quality non-stick frying pans, cookware sets, and casseroles. However, Tefal's range also includes other practical kitchen utensils such as kitchen knives and chopping boards , which make everyday life easier. Explore Tefal's extensive range of innovative, high-quality kitchen equipment here at Nordic Nest. 

Which Tefal frying pan is the best?

Here at Nordic Nest, you will find a wide selection of pots and pans from Tefal. We have put together a collection of Tefal's most popular products for you. 

Top 3 most popular Tefal frying pans and pots

  • Nordica cookware set
  • Jamie Oliver Cook's Classic frying pan  
  • Jamie Oliver Quick & Easy cookware set

Tefal - the inventors of non-stick coating

Tefal is the brand that invented the famous and revolutionary non-stick coating. Two years after the founder Marc Grégoire's wife suggested using Teflon in the frying pan to prevent food from sticking, Tefal was founded, and the first pans and pots were produced. 

Tefal's design philosophy - innovation and functionality  

Tefal firmly believes that innovation is the key to success. To create new solutions for products that simplify everyday life, Tefal follows the following design principles when developing new products: 

  • Sophisticated technology  
  • Ergonomic design  
  • Perfect for everyday use  

Tefal - frying pans with Thermo-Spot   

In addition to the non-stick coating that Tefal developed over 60 years ago, the French brand is also behind the invention of what is known as Thermo-Spot technology. This is a type of heat indicator in the center of the pan that initially has a clear pattern and turns red when the pan reaches the right temperature. This makes cooking in the kitchen easier, and you can easily prepare delicious meals with perfect results every time. 

Tefal and Jamie Oliver

Tefal works closely with celebrity chef Jamie Oliver, who now has his own range of cookware with Tefal. The kitchen equipment is of the highest quality, suitable for everyone, and therefore a perfect gift for home cooks and design enthusiasts. 

How does Tefal work with the environment and sustainability?

Tefal continuously strives to make the company more sustainable. Their goal is to become a leader in the production of kitchen products while maintaining a focus on social, environmental, and economic issues. 

Why choose Tefal?

Tefal is known for its durable coatings that ensure pots and pans last a long time. In addition, the Thermo-Spot technology ensures successful cooking experiences every time, as the marking in the center of the pots and pans turns red when it has reached the ideal temperature to start cooking. 

Since Tefal products do not contain PFOA and require less fat for cooking due to the non-stick coating, it becomes easier to live a healthier lifestyle. Tefal's pots and pans are also recyclable, which is good for the environment. 

The history of Tefal

Tefal was founded by Marc Grégoire, who followed his wife's advice in 1954 and used the Teflon coating from his fishing gear to make frying pans. Marc Grégoire wanted to prevent his fiberglass fishing gear from tangling, so his wife suggested trying the same technique in the frying pan to prevent food from sticking. This gave rise to the non-stick coating, and two years later, the world-renowned Tefal brand was founded. 

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