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Staub is known around the globe for their top of the line cookware and kitchen accessories, loved by professionals and home cooks alike. Find their high-quality oven dishes, cast iron cookware, tableware and kitchen utensils in our extensive assortment of kitchen products.
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Staub - For a genuine cooking experience

The world renowned brand Staub is famous for high-quality oven dishes, kitchen accessories and cast iron cookware. Products that are used globally in both professional kitchens as well as in the homes of true gourmets. Their cookware and kitchen accessories are made for anyone that seeks a wonderful cooking process along with a genuine culinary experience. Through their products Staub helps you achieve your gastronomic dreams and goals.

Which are Staub’s most popular products?

In Staub’s assortment you will find quality kitchen products such as cast iron cocottes, ceramic cookware and oven dishes as well as tableware and kitchen utensils. Their products have gained popularity and trust among both amateurs and professionals alike for the quality and high standards that have become synonymous with the Staub Brand. Find their popular cast iron cookware, oven dishes and kitchen accessories in our extensive assortment of kitchenware.

Top 3 products by Staub

  1. La Mer round casserole dish
  2. Staub rectangular oven dish
  3. Staub pie dish

Cast iron cookware by Staub

Staub’s cast iron cookware is created through a meticulous process that combines genuine craftsmanship with state-of-the-art technology. Each product goes through meticulous testing, and their cast iron cookware is inspected no less than 100 times, both visually and technically, to ensure that each items live up to the strict quality standards that put Staub on the map.

Staub - Perfection & quality

Staub’s extensive assortment of quality kitchen products includes cast iron and ceramic cookware, kitchen utensils as well as accessories, and even tableware such as plates, bowls and mugs. All designed and created for the best of culinary experiences. The sheer quality of the products in Staub’s assortment is what has brought the brand renown and fame, and is why they are loved by professionals and home cooks all around the world.

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