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Pillivuyts classic yet sustainable design was first manufactured in 1818 and is appreciated not only in the design-conscious home but also in the most refined restaurant kitchens. Here you will find porcelain that can withstand heavy use and look amazing for years to come.
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Basket plate Ø28 cm - White - Pillivuyt
Basket plate Ø28 cm, White
In stock
Basket plate Ø22 cm - White - Pillivuyt
Basket plate Ø22 cm, White
In stock
Basket mug 37 cl - White - Pillivuyt
Basket mug 37 cl, White
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Basket bowl 60 cl - White - Pillivuyt
Basket bowl 60 cl, White
In stock
Basket deep  plate Ø23 cm - White - Pillivuyt
Basket deep plate Ø23 cm, White
In stock

Pillivuyt – quality porcelain for 200 years

Pillivuyt porcelain is in a class of its own. The high-quality tableware was developed in cooperation with the best chefs in the world to meet the highest standards of function, durability and design. The unique porcelain mass of the manufactory in combination with an extremely hard glaze makes the porcelain particularly resistant to bumps and knocks.

Together with a timeless and durable design in classic white with a smooth or ribbed structure, the Pillivuyt porcelain dinnerware and bakeware has been created so that it can be used for cooking and serving food for many years.

Which Pillivuyt products are the most popular?

In addition to dinner plates and bowls, Pillivuyt’s diverse range also includes a large number of roasting dishes in various sizes, as well as coffee cups, jugs and even egg cups. Some of their most popular collections include:

Is Pillivuyt porcelain dishwasher safe?

Yes! All Pillivuyt dinnerware is dishwasher safe.

Is Pillivuyt porcelain oven safe?

Pillivuyt dishes are made of feldspar porcelain which contains a high content of feldspar and quartz. The porcelain can be used both in the oven and microwave from -30 ° C to +350 ° C.

Porcelain for every occasion

With its durability combined with a beautiful minimalist design, Pillivuyt porcelain tableware is suitable for both everyday use as well as for formal occasions. Here you will find everything from teapots and cake stands for tea parties, to espresso cups and butter dishes for the breakfast table.

The Story of Pillivuyt

The production of Pillivuyt porcelain began at the beginning of the 19th century in France. In a factory that previously produced bricks, founder Jean Louis Richard Pillivuyt invested in making porcelain for French cuisine for the upper middle class. Together with his son Charles Pillivuyt, he developed the production and built a new factory in 1854 in a neighbouring village in the middle of the French hinterland. The Pillivuyt porcelain dishes are still made here today.

Pillivuyt porcelain bears a special stamp at the bottom, which represents the manufactory’s quality assurance. It guarantees that the porcelain meets the strict requirements that Pillivuyt has set for generations.

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