With their roots based in the tradition of Danish simplicity, OYOY creates high-quality products with playful and colourful designs for the whole family. In their assortment, you will be able to find a large range of uniquely designed home accessories that celebrate everyday life.
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OYOY – redesigning childhood memories

OYOY creates unique products that are redesigns of childhood memories. The brand is characterised by their playful yet straight forward approach to design, with their roots based in the Danish traditions of simplicity.

In their assortment, you will be able to find home accessories from wall hangings and placemats to mini hooks and rugs, all with creative and colourful designs.

The story behind OYOY

OYOY is a Danish company that was founded in 2012 by the designer Lotte Fynboe with the vision to create high quality and long-lasting products with a focus on design, function and colour.

The letters OY are representative of Denmark in the international aircraft register and have been the signature on all Danish airplanes since 1929. As a tribute to their Danish heritage and as a symbol of their roots, OYOY has chosen to use these letters in their brand name.

OYOY MINI – for the youngest in the family

In 2014, the OYOY MINI children’s range was added to the brand. With the same high quality as the OYOY Living Design range, the OYOY MINI range is designed with colours and patterns that especially appeal to young children.

Among the OYOY MINI assortment, you will be able to find everything from toys, play mats and baby mobiles – all with pleasant colour combinations and creative designs.

OYOY’s vision

OYOY wants to be more than just a design brand. Through their products, they want to help today’s parents relive their happiest childhood memories, while creating new memories together with their families. Their ambition is to offer playful home accessories for both children and adults and the homes that they live in.

Though their fun and functional designs, OYOY helps modern families to create an inspiring and inviting home environment, where memories can be created together while strengthening a sense of community.

How does OYOY work with sustainability and social responsibility?

OYOY is actively working to create products in a sustainable way that takes both humans and nature into consideration. They have a strong focus on durability and quality to ensure that their products will be long-lasting and remain in good condition for years to come.

While each of product is unique and has individual requirements according to the different materials used, the company strives to live up to all the following requirements:

  • OEKO-TEX Standard 100
  • GOTS
  • FSC

Production in Europe

OYOY also have the ambition of moving most of their production to Europe, which among other things, reduces the long distances for transportation.

Packaging materials

OYOY works actively to recycle and reduce the amount of plastic in their packaging.


In addition to human rights, OYOY Living design is also concerned about the welfare of animals, especially endangered species.

One way in which they are contributing to this cause is through donating to the WWF (World Wildlife Fund) for every World rug that is sold, to help save the polar bears.

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