NJRD offers everything from beautiful porcelain to hand-woven wool rugs and throws in recycled cotton. Every item, made in the highest quality, is produced with a focus on durable and functional design. With us you will find a complete range of NJRD's products.

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NJRD – for those Scandinavian moments

NJRD, or Njord as it is pronounced, is a Swedish brand whose story began in 2020. It started with a passion for the Scandinavian nature and beautiful light, combined with a desire to produce functional and vibrant design with a clear purpose. NJRD has a great fondness for Scandinavian design history and their products are developed with a focus on sustainable and functional design that will stand the test of time, in everything from material choice to colour and form.

NJRD create design products that will find a natural place in your home, no matter your style. In this way, NJRD wants to help you create more Scandinavian moments in everyday life, on special occasions and all the moments in between - alone and with your loved ones.

Imagine cuddling up on the sofa or your favourite armchair and wrapping yourself in a beautiful blanket, your hands around a big mug of warm tea and feet on a soft, fluffy, hand-tufted wool rug. You could invite your friends’ home for a tasty home cooked meal or afternoon tea, their feet on a sturdy but comfortable Kelim rug while the is table set with your beautiful porcelain from the Lines series. With NJRD you can create your own Scandinavian moments.

The Shapes collection

NJRD’s Shapes collection is created with the focus on straight lines, graphic forms and geometric motifs in combination with functional and useable design. The collection includes beautiful porcelain, cotton throws and hand-woven wool rugs that are sure to become a natural part of your interior style. The cotton throw Metric focus No. 1 is the very first product in the Shapes collection. The colours and shapes seen here reappear in several places in the rest of the collection.

The Edges collection

NJRD's Edges collection has a subtle but structural design that awakens the senses and pays homage to our Scandinavian design heritage. Edges further explores the graphic lines that characterise the Shapes collection. With Edges we see hard lines meeting soft materials, demonstrated perfectly in the Levels rugs that have a raised and tactile design. Edges is a tone-on-tone collection with a saturated colour palette that continues NJRDs passion for strong colours. While Shapes took on bold graphic lines in powerful colour combinations, Edges curiously explores what happens to design as it moves and evolves. The collection consists of wool blankets, wool rugs, kitchen textiles and vases. Like other NJRD products the collection is based on simple functionality.

What type of products can be found in NJRD’s assortment?

At NJRD you will find subtle but distinctive design across several different categories. In NJRD’s assortment you will find:

  • The porcelain series Lines is made from durable vitro porcelain, with a well-considered design and the characteristic submerged line that flirts with NJRD’s fondness for graphic design.
  • Exclusive colourful throws in soft wool or recycled cotton with graphic jacquard-woven patterns that can be inverted to reveal an equally beautiful and clear motif on both sides.
  • Hand-tufted wool rugs with a deep pile that is wonderfully soft and a graphic motif that gives these rugs a real impact.
  • Hand-woven Kelim rugs in wool that are equally beautiful as they are lovely to walk on.

The design-duo behind NJRD

Carl Philip Bernadotte and Oscar Kylberg, who together form the design-duo Bernadotte & Kylberg, are behind NJRD’s distinctive design language. Their vision clearly connects to the duo’s design philosophy that form should follow function. Through NJRD the duo wants to pay tribute to Scandinavian design history. They place simple functionalism at the center of their designs and take inspiration from the Scandinavian nature and lifestyle.

Sustainable and natural materials

When you buy something from NJRD you can be sure that you will get a product that is high quality with a well-considered material choice that is sure to last.

  • The series Lines is made from vitro porcelain which is hard-wearing and durable. The lids that accompany the teapot, milk jug and sugar bowl have attractive wooden details which is a beautiful, living material.
  • The throws are created using recycled cotton. A natural material that is soft and warm when wrapped around you.
  • The rugs are hand-woven from 100% New Zealand wool, a natural material imbued with qualities that make it both dirt- and water-repellent. This means that the wool’s natural oils make it more difficult for any spills to penetrate the material. The dense soft wool is also warm, inviting and very tactile.

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