Kähler’s Hammershøi is a collection of modern design, rooted in history and tradition. The elegant grooved design is a tribute to the work Svend Hammershøi. Here you will find the beautiful vases, tableware and other products of the Hammershøi collection.
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Hammershøi by Kähler

Hammershøi is one of, if not the most popular of Kähler’s ceramic collections. The Hammershøi collection is an integral part of the history and legacy of the Kähler brand, and the grooved design is inspired by the work of Svend Hammershøi, a prominent artist with a lifelong dedication to the Kähler brand. Here you will find all the beautiful Hammershøi vases, plates, mugs and other ceramic products that are part of this truly iconic series.

Which are the most popular products of the Hammershøi collection?

Hammershøi is a highly popular ceramic series made up of a complete tableware collection, beautiful interior decorations, as well as several beautiful kitchen accessories such as their lovely salt and pepper grinders and salad servers. Amongst all these products, the Hammershøi vases are by far the most popular in the collection.

Top 3 Hammershøi products

  1. Hammershøi vase large
  2. Hammershøi miniature vase 3-pack
  3. Hammershøi drinking glasses 4-pack

Dedicated to Svend Hammershøi 

The entire Hammershøi tableware collection is dedicated to Svend Hammershøi. His artistry and his dedication to Kähler as set its traces on the brand, much like the grooved design that signifies this highly popular tableware collection, that is of course inspired by the pottery style and craftsmanship of Svend Hammershøi himself.

Kähler’s Hammershøi vases

The Hammershøi series is a truly extensive collection of ceramics and kitchen products, put the Hammershøi vases are easily the most popular products of this collection. The Hammershøi vases come in many different variations and colours. The collection even includes miniature vases that serve as cute decorations, with or without greenery. 

The elegant and simple design of the Hammershøi vases, along with the wide selection of colours, makes them easy to decorate with in order to create a beautiful home with uplifting decorations.

Variations of the Hammershøi collection

The Hammershøi collection is such a popular and successful collection that it has been released in several renditions. Seasonal Hammershøi such as the Hammershøi Easter and Hammershøi Christmas collections are decorated with beautiful illustrations and motifs, perfectly fitting the spirit of each corresponding holiday. 

Along with these you will also find their beautiful Hammershøi poppy collection. As the name implies, this rendition of the Hammershøi collection is clad with elegant illustrations of poppies. A beautiful collection that serves as a great complement to the main Hammershøi collection.

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