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Rooting back to 1825, Holmegaard is one of Denmark’s oldest glassworks. Today Holmegaard collaborates with leading designers to create modern and functional glass products for the home and table. Here you will find wine glasses, beer glasses and other glass products from the Danish brand.
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Regina fortified wine glass - 10 cl - Holmegaard
Regina fortified wine glass, 10 cl
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Regina champagne glass - 35 cl - Holmegaard
Regina champagne glass, 35 cl
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Regina water glass - 19 cl - Holmegaard
Regina water glass, 19 cl
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Regina white wine glass - 18 cl - Holmegaard
Regina white wine glass, 18 cl
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Regina red wine glass - 28 cl - Holmegaard
Regina red wine glass, 28 cl
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Beautiful glass from Holmegaard since 1825

The Danish glassworks Holmegaard has a long and impressive history that stretches back almost 200 years. With a stylish Danish design language, today Holmegaard manufactures both mouth-blown and machine-blown glass of the finest quality. Here you will be able to find a large assortment of glassware including popular vases, tumblers and champagne flutes as well as other beautiful glass objects for the home.

What is the story behind Holmegaard?

The story began in 1825 in Denmark when Countess Henriette Danneskiold-Samsøe established a glass factory with the philosophy that every Dane should have a beautiful drinking glass. A few years earlier, her husband Christian Danneskiold-Samsøe had applied for permission from the King of Denmark to set up a glass factory, but since the count died before receiving an answer from the king, Henriette decided to pursue the plan. At first, Holmegaard only produced green glass bottles, but when some glassblowers from Bohemia joined the glassworks, Henriette decided to modernize and expand the product range.

Holmegaard’s design collaborations

Holmegaard collaborates with many well-known designers such as Per Lütken, Tom Nybroe and Maria Bertsen who have created modern and functional glass with the ancient history of the company constantly present. Thanks to the new collaborations with talented designers and new collections, Holmegaard stays relevant and up to date.

Unique mouth-blown glass from Holmegaard

Holmegaard cherishes its old craft traditions and still creates unique mouth-blown glass in the best possible quality. As mouth-blown glasses are made by hand, there can be slight variations from glass to glass. This contributes to the character of the glass and helps to create a personal and unique table decoration.

What are the most popular collections from Holmegaard?

In the assortment by Holmegaard, you will be able to find a range of different collections. We have compiled a list of our favourite collections for you:

Top 3 collections from Holmegaard:

Elegant glasses from Holmegaard for special occasions

With the glasses from the Regina collection, you can give your dinner a royal and classic touch. The collection was designed as a gift to the Danish royal family, in connection with the Danish regent couples silver wedding, which took place in 1992. The wine glasses are perfect for an elegantly decorated table on special occasions.

Enhance the drinking experience with Holmegaard wine glasses

Holmegaard is known for creating wine glasses that emphasize the taste and aroma that different wines are known for. For example, the Perfection collection has been developed in collaboration with the well-known wine connoisseur Tom Nybroe. The glass is designed so that you pour the perfect amount of wine into the glass so that the wine’s aroma and flavours are optimal. Glasses from this collection are therefore the perfect gifts for any wine lover!

Caring for your Holmegaard glasses

While some of the glasses from Holmegaard are dishwasher safe up to 55 ° C, other glasses should be hand-washed. Therefore, it is important to carefully check what applies to your specific glasses from Holmegaard. Also take care to stack the glasses with space between them in the dishwasher to avoid scratches and abrasions.

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