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Design House Stockholm utilises their unique approach of working as a “publisher” in order to find unique ideas and concepts that they believe in. The result is a diverse assortment of lamps, rugs, tableware and other home accessories, which you can find here at Nordic Nest!

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Design House Stockholm

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Design House Stockholm

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The Design House Stockholm approach

Unlike traditional design brands, Design House Stockholm sees itself as more of a publishing house for Scandinavian design. Instead of finding designers to design set products in a certain style, Design House Stockholm encourages designers to come forth with their own innovative ideas. This unique approach and openness for the new has facilitated the design of some incredible design classics to be.

Design House Stockholm’s diverse product assortment

Design House Stockholm’s unique way of working is reflected in their assortment of products. When they find an idea they believe in they invest in it, which is why they have such a diverse range or products to offer. The making everything from plant pots and lamps to rugs and even tableware. Anything you need in order to decorate your home, you best believe Design House Stockholm has it!

With their diverse assortment you would think that makes them hard to categorize, but what they do and what they are known for is great Scandinavian design.

Which are most popular products?

Through their peculiar approach of recruiting designers, Design House Stockholm has found innovative contemporary designs and design classics to be. Throughout the years, Design House Stockholm has proven time and time again to have the right eye for unique design, launching products such as the Mañana lamp, Knot pillow series and Björk series.

Top 3 best-selling collections by Design House Stockholm

  1. Luna lamp series
  2. Knot pillow series
  3. Block lamp series

The Block Lamp

One of Design House Stockholm’s biggest success stories is the Block lamp. When Design House Stockholm first met the designer Harri Koskinen, he was an unknown student at the Aalto University in Finland. He had the innovative idea to create a lamp that looked like a light bulb trapped in an ice cube. Needless to say, the Block lamp went on to become a worldwide success.

The Knot pillow

The highly popular Knot pillows have become somewhat of a hallmark of design, not only for Design House Stockholm, but for the Scandinavian design world as a whole. The pillow consists of long knitted cylinders that are interwoven into an interesting knot shape, and it was designed by the icelandic designer Ragnheiður Ösp Sigurðardóttir. The Knot pillows are available in many different colours, so finding one that matches your particular couch and living room will not be a problem!

Design House Stockholm’s tableware

Along with their innovative lighting and home accessories, Design House Stockholm has several popular tableware collections with their Elsa Beskow Collection of dinnerware and Astrid Lindgren mug collection being particularly popular. The renowned Elsa Beskow collections consists of dinnerware designed by Catharina Kippel, delicately adorned with Elsa Beskows lovely Illustrations and characters.

Which designers has Design House Stockholm worked with?

With their peculiar approach to discovering design and talent, they regularly recruit new, up and coming designers that might someday become some of the biggest names in Scandinavian design. A great example of this is Harri Koskinen who was chosen for his innovative idea that became the best-selling Block lamp. Design House Stockholm is also known to have collaborated with several big name designers such as Alexander Lervik, Lena Bergström and Catharina Kippel.

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