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The Swedish brand DBKD creates contemporary designs with bold shapes and toned down colours. Find this beautiful assortment of pots, vases and other home accessories here at Nordic Nest.
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Keeper planting bowl 24 cm - Clear - DBKD
Keeper planting bowl 24 cm, Clear
In stock
Keeper glass vase 17 cm - Clear - DBKD
Keeper glass vase 17 cm, Clear
In stock
Keeper glass vase 12 cm - Clear - DBKD
Keeper glass vase 12 cm, Clear
In stock
Keeper glass vase 30 cm - Clear - DBKD
Keeper glass vase 30 cm, Clear
Only a few left
Keeper glass vase structure - 12 cm - DBKD
Keeper glass vase structure, 12 cm
In stock
Keeper glass vase structure - 30 cm - DBKD
Keeper glass vase structure, 30 cm
On backorder
Keeper glass vase structure - 17 cm - DBKD
Keeper glass vase structure, 17 cm
In stock

DBKD - Creative and beautiful interior decoration

DBKD, which stands for Design by Karin Dahlin, is a swedish design brand renowned for their beautiful and creative plant pots, vases and home accessories. The simplicity of Scandinavian design meets intriguing forms and shapes in their beautiful creations. This duality makes their products suitable not only for minimalist rooms and spaces, but also for homes with louder and bolder interior.

Which are DBKD’s most popular products?

DBKD’s beautiful range of home accessories consists of vases, plant pots and candle holders of bold shapes and simple yet intriguing expressions. Here you will find popular collections such as Mist, Rope and Obong, all featuring that signature DBKD style.

Top 3 products by DBKD

  1. Garden concrete
  2. Mist flower pot
  3. Cloudy flower pot

DBKD pots & vases

DBKD designs and creates home accessories and decoration, but their extensive range of plant pots and vases is what they are widely known for. Their many beautiful vases and pots come in abstract shapes and interesting colours which can create a calm yet playful atmosphere in the spaces of your home. Decorate living room, kitchen or perhaps the hallway with pots and vases from DBKD to add life and greenery to those spaces.  

DBKD’s collaborations

Together with selected designers, the brand has launched several acclaimed collections such as Cloudy, the ‘bubbly’ pot created by Hanna Wessman. By focusing on areas like shape, inspiration and quality, DBKD delivers a well-selected range of home accessories and interior details that both delight and enhance the feeling of your home!

The History of DBKD

The Swedish brand DBKD started already in 2007, but initially they only produced cards for florists and flower shops. That is when Karin Dahlin got the initial idea for what the brand would become. Her vision was to create vases and flower pots as beautiful as the plants and flowers they were made to display. Creativity and hard work is what had made this brand, and today DBKD one of Scandinavia’s leading brand in pots and home decor.

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DBKD wall flower pots

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