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Chhatwal & Jonsson

Chhatwal & Jonsson combine contemporary Scandinavian design with genuine Indian craftmanship. In their assortment, you will find exquisite textiles for the modern home including a large selection of hand-made rugs and cushion covers.
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Chhatwal & Jonsson – Genuine Indian craftmanship in Scandinavian design

Chhatwal & Jonsson was created by Stig Jonsson and Geetali Chhatwal Jonsson with the idea to combine modern Scandinavian designs with traditional Indian handicraft. The brand works together with skilled craftsmen to create high-quality textiles that are authentic, sustainable and beautiful.

Here you will find a large selection of hand-made rugs and cushion covers in a range of exciting colours and designs.

Which Chhatwal & Jonsson textiles are the most popular?

We have put together a selection of Chhatwal & Jonsson’s most popular textiles for you.

Top 3 most popular collections by Chhatwal & Jonsson

Handmade with care

Chhatwal & Jonnson believe that cushions and rugs are even more beautiful when made by hand, and that is why all the products in their assortment are hand-made. Their aim is to work together with local craftsmen to support their skills.

Their rugs are hand-woven on traditional looms and their cushion covers are screen-printed by hand outside of Delhi in India, based on traditional Indian craft techniques.

How do Chhatwal & Jonsson approach sustainability?

Chhatwal & Jonnson aim to create thoughtful textiles with consideration to both the environment and humans. They choose raw materials with care, considering the source, durability and recycling potential. They also make sure to choose natural materials when possible, such as linen, wool, BCI-certified cotton and OEKO-TEX cotton.

In addition, Chhatwal & Jonnson have started a project called Traceable rugs, in which each rug has a tracking number that tracks back to who the rug was made by, how it was made and where it was manufactured.

Caring for your Chhatwal & Jonsson products

While Chhatwal & Jonsson products are made to last, it is important to take good care of them to keep them in their best condition. Therefore, make sure to read the cleaning and care instructions provided with the product.

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