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The Nordic Sea collection features sea-like hues and hand painted stripes clearly inspired by the North sea. This high end stoneware series by Broste Copenhagen is completely handmade and all available for you here at Nordic Nest!
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Nordic Sea pasta plate - Ø 29 cm - Broste Copenhagen
Broste Copenhagen
Nordic Sea pasta plate, Ø 29 cm
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Nordic Sea plate - Ø 31 cm - Broste Copenhagen
Broste Copenhagen
Nordic Sea plate, Ø 31 cm
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Nordic Sea by Broste Copenhagen

The Nordic Sea tableware series is without a doubt one of Broste Copenhagen’s most popular collections, if not the most popular of them all. Nordic Sea is a stoneware series, consisting of a wide variety of different plates, bowls, cups and various other items. Each item is carefully glazed with colours clearly inspired by the the North Sea.

Inspired by the Scandinavian landscape

The Broste Copenhagen’s Nordic Sea series features a distinct array of sea-like hues and a rustic look. All the dinner plates, mugs, bowls and all other pieces of the Nordic Sea collection are carefully glazed by hand with colours clearly inspired by the colour spectrum of the North Sea. The striped pattern featured on some of the pieces in this series are a clear visual que taken from the currents, tides and waves of the waters of Scandinavia. 

Nordic Sea - Carefully handcrafted

All items in the Nordic Sea collections are carefully crafted, handmade pieces. Since the entire collection is handmade it means that there can be slight variations found when comparing plates, mugs and various other times in the series. Each and every piece of stoneware in this series is unique, and this add to the overall rustic aesthetic of this highly popular tableware collection.

The Nordic Sea collection has everything you need

The Nordic Sea collection has a wide array of various plates, bowls, mugs and everything else you could possibly need making it easy to configure a tableware set suitable for your needs. The various shapes of the items in the collection makes it simple to create a unique dinnerware set with a rustic aesthetic. 

Complement your dinnerware set, or create a new one

Complement your current dinnerware set with beautiful handmade teapots, jars and egg cups, or build a set from scratch with square bowls, deep plates, and handleless mugs.

Is Nordic Sea dinnerware dishwasher safe?

Yes, all dinner plates, cups and all other pieces of Broste Copenhagen’s Nordic Sea series are dishwasher safe.

Is Nordic Sea tableware microwave safe?

Yes, all bowls, deep plates and all other items in Broste Copenhagen’s Nordic Sea collection are safe to use in the microwave.

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