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With innovative bins and laundry baskets, Brabantia makes chores and everyday tasks a little easier and more enjoyable. Here at Nordic Nest you will find beautiful bathroom and kitchen accessories from this inventive brand.
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Functional living design by Brabantia

Brabantia strives to make chores more enjoyable through innovative and elegantly designed products. Their wide assortment consists of quality kitchen and bathroom accessories, designed to achieve a perfect mix of functionality and beautiful elegance. 

Which are Brabantia’s most popular products?

Brabantia’s wide assortment of home accessories for both kitchen and bathroom consists of many products that have gained popularity through their innovative and sleek design. Here you will find elegant bread bins, neat toilet paper holders and iconic pedal bins.

Top 3 Brabantia products

  1. Bo touch bin 36 litre
  2. Brabantia dish rack
  3. Brabantia glass jar 3-pack

Brabantia - Making everyday-tasks easier

We spend an average of 6 years of our lives doing chores. And most people do not even enjoy doing them. Brabantia’s goal is to enrich the tasks of everyday life with beautifully designed products that are a pleasure to use, making life more enjoyable. Unlike many other manufacturers of today, Brabantia deliberately steers away from the “throwaway” mentality of today and produces lasting, qualitative pedal bins, laundry hampers and more.

What does Brabantia do to become more sustainable?

Brabantia is not only ahead of things when it comes to design. Brabantia is also a step ahead when it comes to environmental thinking. The products are largely made of recycled materials, with the goal to produce all products of 100% recycled materials in the upcoming years. Brabantia works closely with the organisation WeForest to create products that are a joy for the generation of today as well as the generation of tomorrow.

The history of Brabantia

Brabantia was founded in 1919 as a family business, producing milk buckets, jugs, funnels and strainers. Today Brabantia offers a large assortment of household items in steel, but is most known for their waste baskets and pedal bins. Brabantia’s first pedal bin range was launched in 1955 and was a defining milestone in the brand’s history. Today, Brabantia is one of the leading manufacturers of pedal bins.

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