With functionality and innovation at the core of all designs, Bodum creates products that are available to everyone. Although they are most known for their French press or cafetiere, Bodum’s assortment includes a number of other popular products to use in the home.
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Bodum – innovative and functional design

Bodum is a Danish brand that is characterised by innovative and functional design of high quality, which should also be available to everyone. Its focus is on high quality coffee and tea solutions, such as French presses and teapots as well as a range of household and kitchen accessories from bread bins to storage jars.

Which Bodum products are the most popular?

Bodum is unarguably most known for its practical French press, or cafetiere. Not only are they stylish, but they are also designed with an innovative filter system that makes it even easier to prepare your coffee and tea.

Bodum’s assortment has a lot to offer in addition to their famous coffee press, and today many of their products are design favourites in homes across the world.

Top three products by Bodum:

  • Bodum travel mug
  • Bodum cafetiere
  • Bodum coffee cups

The story behind Bodum

Bodum is a family business that was started by Peter Bodum in 1944 in Copenhagen, Denmark.

As early as the 1960’s, Bodum had reached international success with their unique business model; to produce affordable kitchen design that combine form and function in the best way possible.

In 1974, the company was taken over by Peter’s son, Jørgen Bodum, which now he owns together with his sister, Pia Bodum. Jørgen moved the headquarters to Switzerland in 1979 in order to be centrally located in Europe.

Today, Bodum sells their products in 55 countries around the world, making them a leading global brand.

40 years of coffee from Bodum’s French press

One of Bodum’s biggest breakthroughs was the design of the Bistro French coffee press in 1974. The coffee press, also known as the Bodum cafetiere, was the base for an entirely new Bodum assortment and their emphasis on products for coffee and tea. Today Bodum has sold over 100 million coffee presses and the Bistro range has been complemented by other best-sellers including Columbia, Chambord and Eileen. With over 40 years of experience in producing coffee presses, Bodum is a popular choice for coffee enthusiasts all around the world!

Bodum’s double-wall glasses for hot and cold drinks

Another one of Bodum’s most popular products are their double-walled glasses, which have great insulation properties making them perfect for both hot and cold drinks. The clever design means that the Bodum cups keep your drink hot without burning your fingers and keeps it cold without condensation. Bodum’s double-wall glasses are available in several of their collections including Bistro, Pavina and Canteen.

How does Bodum work with sustainability and the environment?

Bodum is actively working to create products in a sustainable and ethical way that takes both humans and the environment into consideration.

One of their main production bases, BODUM Portuguesa, have set a short-term environmental objective to reduce their CO2 emissions and have the goal to be completely self-sufficient in the future.

How do I clean my Bodum products?

Most products from Bodum are dishwasher safe, but handwashing is recommended to extend the lifetime of the products. If you have a Bodum French press or teapot, it is also important to wash the filter carefully so that there are no coffee residues left behind that can affect the taste of your next cup of tea or coffee.

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