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Fillyjonk Moomin plate - grey - Arabia
Fillyjonk Moomin plate - grey - Arabia
Fillyjonk Moomin plate - grey - Arabia
Fillyjonk Moomin plate - grey - Arabia
Fillyjonk Moomin plate - grey - Arabia
Fillyjonk Moomin plate - grey - Arabia

Fillyjonk Moomin plate

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Fillyjonk Moomin plate by Arabia is based on Tove Jansson's book Moomin Valley in November from 1970 and the cartoon series Fuddler's Courtship which she published together with Lars Jansson in 1959. In the Fillyjonk tableware collection, which consists of a Moomin plate, Moomin mug and Moomin bowl, we get to know Fillyjonk and her eccentricities. Order, cleanliness and predictability are very important to Fillyjonk, allowing her to feel in control of her life. If Moominmamma is someone who does not sweat the small stuff, then Fillyjonk is the exact opposite! Fillyjonk suffers from anxiety and uses cleaning in an attempt to get her life in order. She is strict with her children and does not want them to form any bad habits. If truth is to be told, Fillyjonk is jealous of Moominmamma and her bohemian lifestyle, but she has a hard time breaking her neurotic patterns.

The Moomin plate depicts Fillyjonk upon her discovery that dust mites' are hiding everywhere and she lets the soap suds flow. The story begins with a psychiatrist who has come to cure Fillyjonk of this cleaning complex, however Moominmamma, who is always a mainstay in the Moomin Valley, decides to solve the whole thing herself when Fillyjonk's house begins to decay. She writes a telegram that Fillyjonk's children hand to their mother. The telegram reads that Fillyjonk will be visited by a woman's committee and so it is in this way that Moominmamma manages to cure Fillyjonk's cleaning obsession.

The Moomin plate is made from durable vitro porcelain and is a lovely addition to the Moomin collection, perfect for your breakfast sandwich or cake with your afternoon tea. Feel free to mix and match the Moomin plate with other Moomin products from Arabia.


  • BrandArabia
  • DesignerTove JanssonTove SlotteLars Jansson
  • CollectionMumin
  • Item number500004-01
  • Quantity1 pcs
  • Material compositionVitro porcelain
  • Diameter (cm)19
  • Care instructionsFreezer safe Dishwasher safe. Microwave safe Ovenproof.
  • GRASYes


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