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Serving bowls

Serve hot meals, cold pasta salads or snacks in a stylish serving bowl in your favourite design. Here you will be able to find a wide range of large and small serving bowls in a variety of colours, shapes and styles by well-known brands and designers.
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Modern serving bowls for all occasions

Whether you’re preparing the snacks for an evening with friends, serving a delicious meal for the family, or setting the table for a formal dinner, we offer a range of beautiful serving bowls in stylish designs that are perfect for all occasions.

Serving bowls are practical and decorative bowls that are available as both single bowls and in matching sets. Here at Nordic Nest, we have a large selection of serving bowls in various shapes, colours and materials from well-known brands.

Which brands are most popular for serving bowls?

In our assortment, you can find both small and large serving bowls in a number of different designs from some of the most popular brands including.

Top 3 brands for serving bowls

What can serving bowls be used for?

Serving bowls are versatile dishes and can be used for a number of purposes. For example, small serving bowls can be used for dips, sauces or garnishes. Large serving bowls are perfect for snacks, salads and pastas and more.

Serving bowl sets

A serving bowl set that is co-ordinated in colour and shape can ensure a wonderfully harmonious atmosphere on the dining table and are therefore particularly suitable.

Use a set of small serving bowls for serving dips and sauces on the table or use a set of larger serving bowls for serving hot or cold meals. Snack serving bowls can come in all sizes and can be used to serve all sorts of delicacies from olives and nuts to crisps and sweets.

Serving bowls with lids

A serving bowl with a lid is a practical option for hot foods such as soups, potatoes or steamed vegetables as it helps to keep them warm. Its also a good option for outdoor use such as dinners on the balcony or in the garden, as it keeps the food protected from insects and dirt.

Serving bowls in high quality materials

Serving bowls are available in a range of materials which each have their own visual appeal and specific cleaning requirements. Some of the most common materials include wood, glass, ceramic and stoneware.

Wooden serving bowls

If you prefer a rustic style for your table setting, a wooden serving bowl may be the perfect choice for you. Wood has a soft and natural expression and will give your table a warm and inviting feeling.

Glass serving bowls

Glass serving bowls are an elegant option and will add a shine to your table setting. They can also add to the visual appeal of the food as it allows you to see what is going to be served. This makes them the perfect option for layered dishes such as trifles. Many popular brands include glass serving bowls in their assortment such as Iittala, Aida and Sagaform.

Ceramic serving bowls

Ceramic serving bowls are available in a range of colours, patterns and designs. For beautiful ceramic serving bowls that are made by hand, we recommend the colourful serving bowls by the brand Mateus.

Porcelain serving bowls

A white serving bowl in porcelain is an all-time classic and works just as well for everyday dinners as it does for formal occasions. Porcelain serving bowls come in a range of styles, both plain and patterned designs so you can choose your favourite.

Stoneware serving bowls

Serving bowls in stoneware have an enchantingly rustic expression on the dinner table and contribute to a relaxed and casual style. Stoneware serving bowls should be treated with care as they are sensitive to impact.

Christmas serving bowls for a festive table setting

Add a festive touch to your Christmas table by using a holiday serving bowl for roasted chestnuts or other traditional Christmas snacks for your guests. Here you will find modern serving bowls with festive motifs and traditional Christmas colours.

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