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Why Do We Light Advent Candles?

Lighting Advent candles every Sunday in Advent is a tradition from the end of the 19th century that simply came about to mark the countdown to Christmas Eve.

What's the Difference Between Advent Candles and Calendar Candles?

Advent candles are a set of four separate candles, each with a number from one to four on them, marking the first to the fourth Sunday in Advent. The candle with number one is lit on the first Advent, the candle with number two is lit on the second Advent, and so forth.

A calendar candle, on the other hand, is a single candle, usually a pillar candle or a taller block candle, with all the dates from the first of December to Christmas Eve marked from the top to the bottom of the candle. Thus, the calendar candle is not only lit every Sunday in Advent but every day in December up to Christmas Eve!

Tips for Accessories to Advent and Calendar Candles

Create a nice, little still life by placing your Advent candles on a beautiful tray. Decorate the tray with Christmas ornaments in classic colors, candy canes, or why not beautiful things you've picked in nature? Moss and pine cones are classic components for the true Christmas feeling. Feel free to top it with something that contrasts in color. Red berries or dried orange slices, if possible, make your arrangement even more Christmassy.

For your calendar candle, you may need a candle holder if it's a taper candle or a narrower type of candle that cannot stand securely on its own. If it's a wider candle, such as a block candle, then you can advantageously place this on a tray, or perhaps a beautiful plate.

Were You Looking for Candles for Your Advent Candle Holder?

If it wasn't an Advent candle or calendar candle you were after, but instead regular candles to put in your Advent candle holder, no problem! We also offer a wide assortment of candles in all imaginable colors and sizes suitable for that purpose.

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