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Refreshing summer drinks - try a refreshing & tasty melon drink served in a trendy Ripple long drink glass from Ferm Living.

7 refreshing summer drinks that you need to try

Whether you are celebrating something special or are simply looking for a tasty cocktail to accompany your summer dinner we have seven refreshing summer drink recipes for you to try. From a classic Sangria with a twist to fresh new recipe ideas with ginger and grapefruit – we have the summers tastiest recipes.
Updated: Monday 13th June 2022
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For a simple and refreshing summer drink try water mellon and prosecco, garnished with thyme and served in Ripple long drink glass from Ferm Living.
ferm LIVINGRipple long drink glass 4-pack

1. Bubbly melon drink

Make a fresh bubbly watermelon drink for the warm summer days. It is both refreshing and really tasty. Firstly, mix freshly pressed watermelon and lime juice. Then fill up the glass with prosecco or sparkling water. Decorate the drink with thyme and a piece of Cantaloupe melon to garnish.


  • Freshly pressed watermelon juice
  • Prosecco or sparkling water
  • Freshly pressed lime juice
  • Thyme and Cantaloupe melon to garnish

2. Prosecco with elderflower 

When the elderflower is blooming then you know that summer has arrived. Making elderflower cordial is a favourite Swedish past time, try a new take on this summer classic this year with a splash of Prosecco. For optimal taste, we suggest you serve this drink in a flute glass such as Karlevi from Scandi Living. Fluted glasses increase the flow of bubbles in the drink and enhance the taste and aroma experience – in other words, perfect for your refreshing summer drinks!


  • Prosecco 
  • Diluted elderflower cordial 
  • Mint to garnish 
Refreshing summer drinks - a Gin & Tonic garnished with lime and mint served in a classic G&T glass from Orrefors.

A Gin & Tonic is best served from large glasses that have plenty of space for ice and tonic - just like the Orrefors More Gin & Tonic glasses.

3. Gin & tonic - A classic amongst refreshing summer drinks 

There are many that think a classic Gin & Tonic is too bitter for their taste but a simple substitution can change all that. The secret to this G&T is Schwepps with a hint of lemon. With a couple of slices of lime and plenty of ice served in a traditional Gin & Tonic glass such as More from Orrefors, could this be the ultimate summer drink? 


  • Gin 
  • Schweppes Lemon 
  • Lime 
  • Ice 
  • Mint
For a simple and refreshing summer drink try gin with rasberry juice, garnished with lemon balm and fresh rasberries served in Essence cocktail glass from Iittala.
IittalaEssence cocktail glass 4-pack

4. Refreshing raspberry with lime

Enhance your summer feelings by treating your guests with to this refreshing raspberry drink with lime and lemon balm. It is quick to make and is the perfect welcoming drink for any festive summer occasion.


  • Gin
  • Raspberry cordial
  • Prosecco or sparkling lemonade
  • Freshly pressed lime
  • Lemon balm and fresh raspberries to garnish

Summer drinks - a refreshing take on sangria - strawberries topped with mint and served in a carafe.

Another favorite among refreshing summer drinks - the Spanish classic Sangria. Here a non-alcoholic variety with summery strawberries in Muuto carafe.

Sagaform picnic-glass in plastic filled with a refreshing alcohol free sangria

Sagaform Picnic glass - perfect for a refreshing Sangria this summer.

5. A simple strawberry sangria 

Another favourite among refreshing summer drinks that you must try is of course the Spanish
favourite – Sangria! Sangria is a cocktail of sorts usually made by mixing red wine with fruit juice and sliced fruits but for an updated twist on this classic we have made ours with rosé and soda. Add some lime juice, simple syrup and fresh strawberries, and you have a delicious and refreshing summer drink best served over ice in a carafe.


  • Rose 
  • Lime juice 
  • Strawberries 
  • Simple syrup
  • Soda 
  • Mint 
  • Ice

6. Grapefruit bubble 

This refreshing summer drink is equally good with or without alcohol. Freshly pressed grapefruit makes up the base and then it is up to you whether you compliment this with sparkling mineral water or your favourite alcoholic bubbly. Serve in your favourite wine glass and garnish with a sprig of lavender for the ultimate summer presentation.


  • 1 Freshly pressed grapefruit & 1 slice for garnishing 
  • Prosecco or mineral water 
  • Ice 
  • Lavender to garnish
For a simple and refreshing summer drink try ginger and syrup, garnished with mint and served in a glass from Scandi Living.

Ginger + lime + mint = an incredibly simple & refreshing summer drink in Scandi Living drinking glass.

7. Ginger & mint – a refreshing sweet and sour combination

There is something especially refreshing about a summer drink made with ginger and
served on a warm summer’s day, it just feels so right. Press the juice out of a couple of fresh limes, mix with simple syrup, slices of fresh ginger, mint and sparkling mineral water. Serve the drink over crushed ice for the perfect refreshing and non-alcoholic summer drink!


  • Sliced ginger 
  • Sparkling mineral water 
  • Freshly pressed lime juice & slices for garnishing 
  • Simple syrup 
  • Mint 
  • Crushed ice  

Trying a new drink is definitely a satisfying and tasty part of the summer. If you would like more tips on things to do this summer, you will find them in our summer bucket list where we have collected 21 fun and exciting tips!

Glasses from the Karlevi series from Scandi Living on the Foldable Tray Table from Fritz Hansen

Choose the right glass for the right drink - with the Karlevi series from Scandi Living you can serve your summer drinks in a beautiful glass

Refreshing and delicious summer drinks deserve a beautiful glass - here you can explore our entire assortment of Glasses.

Text: Rebecca Sparling Styling: Arijana Kapic, Ellinor Johansson, Anna Magnusson, Angeliqa Daldorph Photo: Angeliqa Daldorph

For your summer drinks

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