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Inspiration & Tips/Tips/5 napkin folding ideas for your next dinner party
Napkin folding ideas - Clean linen napkin in charcoal from Scandi Living together with Bloomingville napkin ring with pearls.

5 napkin folding ideas for your next dinner party

A luxury table setting is an absolute must for any occasion and a perfectly folded napkin adds a real finishing flourish to any table setting. We have several tips for napkin folding that add that golden touch to your next dinner party.
Friday 16th Decemeber 2022
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Folding napkins does not have to be particularly difficult and the level of folding can be adjusted according to both style and ambition! Before your next dinner party it’s a great idea to invest in extra elegance in the form of linen & cotton napkins or fabric napkins. These variations give a more sophisticated look and add extra shine to the evening's festivities and there is less waste. A linen napkin can be folded in a variety of ways, here are 5 variations on simple but festive napkin folding:

A napkin folding idea - Clean linen napkin in white from Nordic Nest folded like a classic fan, perfect for the festive New Year's table setting!

The standing fan is a classic napkin fold, perfect for the New Year's party, here with Clean linen napkin from Scandi Living!

1. The standing fan

A real classic when it comes to festive table settings, the so-called "fan" is a simple variation on napkin folding which, when finished, looks both advanced and elegant. This is a napkin fold that is easy to learn and works perfectly for elegant events, such as New Year's parties.

Napkin folding ideas - Linen napkin in the colour sand from Nordic Nest in a knotted napkin fold, here decorated with a flower.

The Decorative knot is a napkin fold that can be kept both simple and more detailed, with a cut flower, the table setting immediately becomes a little extra romantic and nature-inspired!

2. The Decorative knot

With a beautiful ribbon, string and elegant details, you can easily create a napkin fold with that gives a little extra. Here you can create different expressions according to season or the holiday. As you set the table for your dinner party tie your napkin in a large knot. You might think about tying a beautiful silk or velvet ribbon around the centre of the knot, maybe a place card on one of the folds of the napkin or tuck a flower or something from nature into the knot.

Napkin folding ideas - The white linen napkin Clean from Nordic Nest is perfect to use if you want to fold the stylish shirt collar, an advanced but festive napkin folding.

This stylish shirt collar is an advanced napkin fold but perfect for the New Year's party, here with Scandi Living's white Clean linen napkin. This napkin folding idea is guaranteed to be the talk of the night!

3. The stylish shirt fold

Surprise your guests with something unexpected in the form of a charming shirt collar for a napkin! This slightly more advanced napkin fold is really fun way to elevate your table setting and entertain your guests. Want to learn how to do it? Read and learn step by step in our guide. Tip: It can be handy to have an iron nearby while you do this fold to help you press everything flat.

  1. Lay the napkin flat on the table and fold one side towards the middle, in thirds.
  2. Then fold the other side in to meet the first fold in the middle so that the sides completely overlap each other. Fold the over lapping edge back on itself so you get what looks like the front of a shirt without the buttons
  3. Choose one of the short sides to fold it in about 3 centimeters.
  4. Turn the napkin over so you can start folding the collar of the shirt.
  5. Fold both edges towards the center so that the tips meet. Use something to hold the collar in place while you fold the rest of the shirt.
  6. Fold the other short side up about 2 centimeters.
  7. Then fold up the lower edge of the napkin towards the collar so it looks like a small envelope.
  8. Take out the bow or "tie" that you are going to use. Tuck the bow under the collar so it's nice and secure. You can also choose to fold the bow under the collar instead, you do that in the previous step.
Napkin folding ideas - the stylish shirt fold step 1-3

Steps 1 & 2 - fold the napkin in thirds and fold back the edge of the top fold around 2cm to create the front of the shirt.

Napkin folding ideas - here you see step 3 in folding a stylish shirt.

Step 3 - fold the short edge of the folded napkin up, around 3cm

Napkin folding ideas - steps 4 & 5 to fold a stylish shirt,

Steps 4 - Turn the napkin over so the folded edge is underneath, the fold the corners in to create the collar of the shirt.

Napkin folding ideas - step 5 in folding a stylish shirt.

Step 5 - Use something to hold the corners of the shirt down whilst you fold up the bottom of the napkin around 2cm.

Napkin folding ideas - step 6 in folding a stylish shirt.

Step 6&7 - Fold the other short edge of the napkin up around 2cm to form a clean edge and then fold the napkin up the meet the collar you have created to create a small envelope.

Napkin folding ideas - step 8 in folding a stylish shirt.

Step 8: Add the finishing touch to your shirt with a bow or tie.

Napkin folding ideas - here you see the clean linen napkin from Scandi Living in the mineral napkin holder from Byon.

The ring bearer - a decorative napkin fold that is especially great for the New Year's party. Here Clean linen napkin in grey has been combined with the magnificent napkin ring Mineral from By On.

4. The Ring Bearer

With a napkin ring, you can easily make a big difference and create a beautiful effect on the set table. Here, you can choose something simple and discreet or choose something more spectacular, entirely to your liking and taste. With a napkin ring, you don't have to do an advanced napkin folding, but here the ring can be in the focal point and simply hold the napkin!

Mussel - a simple and festive napkin fold with the Clean linen napkin in greige from Scandi Living. Perfect for holding your New Year starters!

5. The Clam

This napkin folding idea works for all kinds of occasions, this napkin fold is perfect for serving the appetiser in an extra festive presentation for your guests.

You will find the recipe for the starter here!

  1. How to fold your napkin into The Clam:
  2. Lay the napkin flat on the table.
  3. Fold the napkin in half so that it forms a triangle
  4. Concertina the triangle from right to left like an accordion
  5. Pinch the edges of the napkin and attach a napkin ring to the bottom of the napkin and fan out the top.
  6. Done!
Napkin folding ideas - Linen napkins in pink, beige and brown together with napkin rings in brass or gold make a stylish combination if the New Year's table setting has a golden theme.

For a golden touch - combine linen napkins in warm tones together with any gold napkin ring!

Napkin folding ideas - Linen napkins in white and grey together with napkin rings in silver, a stylish detail for a silver-themed New Year's table setting!

Would you prefer silver instead? Napkins in white or grey tones together with a napkin ring in silver is an unbeatable combination, made for the New Year's party!


Throwing a celebration with a little extra glitter and glamour this year? In the run-up to any festive event, you can always be a little more daring and it may be best to go the extra mile to achieve maximum party atmosphere. Gold and silver are perfect accent colours for the rest of the table. So when you make your napkin folds, be sure to choose one of these colours, both in napkins, details and decorations!

For more ideas for your New Year party read our handy guide.

Styling: Lovisa Andersson, Madeleine Petersson, Kristina Niesel, Arijana Kapic Photography: Lovisa Andersson, Angeliqa Daldorph

Rebecca Sparling


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