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Inspiration & Tips/Tips/Japandi Style – How to combine Scandinavian and Japanese interior styles
Discover how to decorate in the Japandi Style, combining Japanese and Scandinavian interior design.

The Japandi Style – How to combine Scandinavian and Japanese interior styles

Japandi is the interior design style on everyone's lips right now. This harmonious interior style combines the best of our pared back Scandinavian style with Japanese elegance bringing the functionality and tranquillity that we desire from our homes. It is natural, bright and timeless. Discover why everyone loves Japandi and our top tips for decorating in Japandi style!
Friday 5th August 2022
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A living room decorated in the Japandi style with low furniture in pale wood with clean line art work.

Japandi is a fusion interior style that combines functional, Scandinavian design with Japanese minimalism.

Interior details in the Japandi style with a glass vase and a simple green branch.

In Japandi quality craftsmanship is combined with carefully selected objects, clean lines & sparse house plants.


Japandi is a fusion interior style that perfectly combines the functionality of Scandinavian design with elegant Japanese minimalism. Natural, tactile materials combined with bright, neutral colours and clean lines create a cosy but well-curated interior with elements that are chosen with care for an interior style that captures the heart of both design philosophies.

A dining area in the japandi style with pale wooden chairs and a table with a beige wool throw from Scandi Living.

Japandi combines hygge with the Japanese philosophy wabi-sabi which means that beauty is found in imperfection, an imperfectly draped throw marries perfectly with sharp lines in this style.

Japandi style dining room with pale wooden furniture and a wool rug in off white.

Simplicity, craftsmanship & natural elements – the Japandi style captures the best of two worlds.

The reason why Scandinavian and Japanese design marry so well is because both are rooted in functionality and simplicity. But there are nuanced differences between the styles. The base for a typical Scandinavian interior is generally more about cool colours, crisp white walls are common. The Japanese style on the other hand embraces warmer, natural colours. In Scandinavia "hygge" (the concept of being warm and cosy) is the key word when it comes to décor, while Japan focuses on the philosophy "wabi-sabi" - the idea that there is beauty in imperfection. Both styles enjoy the use of natural materials, in Scandinavia paler tones of wood are the go-to, whereas Japanese interiors like to show off darker shades. It is in the combination of these two similar styles where Japandi is born. Based on functionality, simplicity, natural elements and craftsmanship, the Japandi style captures the heart of both design philosophies. The result is a sophisticated and timeless interior style that values quality over quantity.

A homemade lamp inspired by a lotus flower is a lovely example of craftsmanship that embodies the japandi style.

Craftsmanship is an important component of Japandi, so why not make your own lamp inspired by a lotus flower?

The Drawn stool HM3 from &tradition is a practical example of interior details that work with the Japandi Style with it's clean lines and hand woven seat.
&TraditionDrawn chair HM3


Japandi is about clearing away the clutter and creating order in the home. However, this does not mean bare walls or removing everything that shows off your personality. On the contrary, Japandi is based on creating a well-curated interior with carefully selected objects that gently take your attention as opposed to grabbing it! The rest can be tucked away in neat storage for a more harmonious home.

A living room in the japandi style with dark green marble shelves highlighting specifically chosen pieces.

To achieve the Japandi style, you should invest in clean lines & curate your interior - highlight what matters to you the most.

The Echasse in burnt amber from Menu is the perfect japandi style interior detail.

Combine cool, Scandinavian colours with warm, burnt tones for the Japandi look!

The keywords for decorating in the Japandi style:

  • Clean and clutter free.
  • Quality over quantity – invest in timeless design.
  • Simplicity - both in feel and style.
  • Imperfect - embrace the imperfect in natural materials, ceramics and a casual throw on the sofa.
  • Clean lines - bring in the Japanese elegance by starting with clean, simple lines in your interior design. Think furniture and interior details that have a certain austerity to them.
Tea cup and tea pot Theo from Stelton with it's clean lines, beige colour and pale wooden details is the perfect japandi detail.

Clean lines to perfection – any moment can get a dose of Japandi.

Every room in the home deserves a dose of the japandi style, the kona side table from Ferm Living makes the perfect place the store your home spa items , ready for a bath.

Low lying furniture is a given in Japan and can be adopted in all rooms of the home!

Scandi LivingFreckle side plate Ø20 cm
The japandi style loves black accents with natural materials.

In Japandi black is the accent colour.


The Japandi style is largely based on the Scandinavian preference for cooler tones but is balanced with warmer, earthy colours that pick up the Japanese influences. If you are looking to add the Japandi colour scheme to your décor, mix and match these shades and pick out black as your accent colour.


So what materials should you furnish with for a Japandi-style home? Without a doubt wood is the key element here. Think wooden furniture and wooden panels, preferably in one and the same type of wood, but you can combine slightly lighter wood with darker types of wood à la Japan. Then add hints of other natural materials such as wool, linen, bamboo, rattan, ceramics and glass.

The cordless lamp Carrie in bronzed brass and leather details works perfectly as a japandi interior detail.
Audo CopenhagenCarrie portable table lamp
A living room in the japandi style with a marble coffee table from &tradition.

If you want to decorate in Japandi style, there are certain things you should definitely invest in – low furniture is one of them!


Japandi relies heavily on furnishing with "key pieces". Carefully selected objects and beautiful craftsmanship combine elegantly to create this beautiful style. For a Japandi-style home, you should invest in lower furniture: a sofa, stool or coffee table that are almost directly on the floor, for example. The furniture should be constructed from clean lines to achieve a sophisticated, pared back look. The lighting can hang lower and lamps made of rice paper are a given in this interior style. Vases and pots are preferably made from stoneware or ceramics, while the textiles are monotone.

The table lamps from New Works look just like rice paper, perfect for a Japandi style living room.

An interior with lighting both high and low! The New Works Lantern Globe is made of mouth-blown glass, but the appearance is reminiscent of rice lamps.

A living room in the japandi style with rice paper lamps, black coffee table, low sofa and clean lines.

Clean lines, black accents & a lamp in handmade rice paper – a living room in Japandi style gives a peaceful expression!

Japandi may be an interior style that is very current right now, but it is a style that is timeless. So if you want to decorate in the Japandi style, you can do so with the confidence that this trend is not going away anytime soon.

Styling: Sara Zetterström, Ellinor Johansson, Lukas Kunwaryanto, Menu, &tradition, New Works Photo: Angeliqa Daldorph, Menu, &tradition, New Works

Arijana Kapic


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