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Inspiration & Tips/Tips/Step by step: How to fold a paper hat for a crayfish party
How to fold a paper hat for a Swedish crayfish party.

Step by step: How to fold a paper hat for a crayfish party

Are you thinking about hosting your own crayfish party? Impress your guests by making your very own crayfish party hat for a personal touch - here's step by step guide on how to go about it!
Friday 8th July 2022
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A completed paper hat folded from old wallpaper for a crayfish party.

Fold a paper hat for each of your guests and place them on each guest’s plate.


Wearing paper hats for a crayfish party is almost obligatory here in Sweden and of course will further elevate the party atmosphere.

How to fold a paper crayfish hat step by step:

Step 1: Fold an A4 sheet of paper in the middle. Here we have reused old wallpaper with delicate pattern, but you could use plain white paper and decorate it with a crayfish motif. Tip: use a folding bone or simply your nail to get perfect folds.

Step 2: Fold the paper back in half again so you can find the centre point of the paper.

Step 3: Unfold the second fold and place the paper in front of you with the long side at the top. Fold down each corner towards the centre line so that they create a triangular top.

Step 4: Then fold up the remaining paper at the bottom so that the entire hat holds together.

Step 5: Now the folding step is complete and it's time to shape the crayfish hat, place your hand inside to open the hat up.

Step 6: Finally, make two holes on the ends of the hat with a hole punch or scissors. Then thread a string so that your crayfish hat sits firmly on your head all evening long!

Step 7: Now your crayfish hat is ready!

How to fold a paper hat step 1.

1. Fold an A4 sheet in half.

How to fold a paper hat step 2.

2. Fold the paper in half again to find the centre line.

How to fold a paper hat step 3.

3. Now that you have a centre line, bring the top edges together towards the centre (see next picture).

How to fold a paper hat step 4.

4. Fold the top edges together towards the centre so that the paper forms a triangle.

How to fold a paper hat step 5.

5. Fold up the remaining paper on each side of the hat.

How to fold a paper hat step 6.

6. Now you have finished the folding!

How to fold a paper hat step 7.

7. Open and shape the paper hat.

How to fold a paper hat step 8.

8. Now you have a ready-made crayfish hat for your Swedish crayfish party!

How to fold a paper hat step 9.

9. Finally, make two holes in your crayfish hat to be able to thread on a string.

We hope your guests will appreciate wearing a homemade crayfish hat during the party.

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Photography: Angeliqa Daldorph

Stylist: Minna Carlsson

Linnéa Axelson


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