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Mateus ceramics - here you see the Oyster, Basic, Lace and Bubbles collections in sand, grey and blue.

The story behind each Mateus table setting - unique ceramics where two worlds collide

Mother daughter duo Teresa Mateus Lundahl and Filippa Burenstam Linder are the driving force behind the successful ceramic company Mateus. Inspired by the meeting of Swedish design and Portuguese craftsmanship, we learn how it started, get an insight into the manufacturing process and find out how to create an inviting Mateus table setting. Welcome to Mateus’ world.
Friday 29th April 2022
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Teresa Mateus Lundahl and Filippa Burenstam Linder the driving forces behind the ceramic company 
Mateus where Swedish design meets Portuguese craftsmanship.

Teresa Mateus Lundahl and Filippa Burenstam Linder run the ceramics company Mateus, where Swedish design meets Portuguese craftsmanship.


1993 was the year it all started - Teresa Mateus Lundahl launched the first collection of Mateus ceramics inspired by traditional Portuguese craftsmanship, the collection is now sold all over the world. Today Mateus is a successful ceramics company whose strength lies in the driving forces behind the brand, namely the mother and daughter duo Teresa Mateus Lundahl and Filippa Burenstam Linder. The ceramics are produced and painted by hand in a total of four factories in Portugal, one of which has been the same from the very start, factors which all make Mateus unique.

Our greatest strength lies in the fact that everything we do is genuine. We would never do something that does not feel 100% like Mateus. Mateus DNA is our DNA and we are very much intertwined in our view of Mateus, says Filippa, daughter of Teresa.<br>

We had the honour of interviewing Filippa Burenstam Linder where we got an insight into how the company started, what the manufacturing process looks like and how, according to Filippa, you create a welcoming Mateus table setting and what a home to love means.

A place setting with beige oyster bowl in the colour sand and the grey bowl, plate and mug from the Basic, MSY, Strips and, Oyster series' from Mateus.

Mateus offers beautiful handmade crafts where each product is produced with love and care.


Mateus has a unique history and behind every product made in Portugal is genuine craftsmanship. Mateus’s story started when Teresa moved to Sweden and noticed that colours and patterns were beginning to become more popular in Swedish homes, a trend she adopted in her first self-designed ceramic series. In 1993 Teresa’s dream came true and her first collection of Mateus ceramics was launched. Her daughter Filippa says:

The first collection was only one product. A yellow plate. Teresa's idea behind the 1993 collection was to take the colours of the fashion world to the set table.

- From this initial idea, more collections emerged. Today Mateus consists of six collections and around 600 unique products. I started working in the company in 2014 and am behind the Bubbles and Stripes collections” says Filippa.

Set the table with blue bowls and plates from the Mateus series MSY, Oyster, Lace, Basic and Bubbles.

Add more colours, shapes and patterns in your home with the help of Mateus' beautiful ceramics.


Something that makes Mateus truly unique is their production process, which still takes place in the same factory in Portugal that they have used since the start in 1993. The time and energy it takes to make each individual product reflects the love that is poured into these handmade designs.

The production of Mateus porcelain demonstrates a high level of craftsmanship and something that Mateus itself calls "human scale manufacturing". Here, experience and skill in human hands meets contemporary design and producing unique products.

To go from raw material to finished product takes five to seven days and is a beautiful journey of traditional craftsmanship where both Filippa and Teresa draw their inspiration from their previous experience. Filippa also says that:

During the pandemic, we have learned to find inspiration in everyday life and everything around us. I have been inspired by vintage design in most areas of my life and I also look closely at my mother’s previous work and ask myself; how can I honour her design with a new expression?

- One of our bestsellers of the late 90s / early 00s were plates with painted patterns. Right now I am looking into how we can bring that back and use two colours on one product, in a modern way, says Filippa.

The clay in its original form, step one of the Mateus manufacturing process

1. The clay in its original form

The clay is then pressed into the desire shape.

2. Then press it to the desired product

The excess clay is then removed from the product.

3. Excess clay is removed

Mateus ceramics then send a day in the Green House to dry.

4. The products spend a day in the "Green House" to dry

The ceramics are then baked in an over for 12 hours.

5. The plates are then baked in the oven for 12 hours

Mateus ceramics are all hand painted.

6. Then painted by hand after firing

Mateus ceramics are the glazed in the final step before baking.

7. And after that they are glazed

Finally the ceramics are then baked in the over for 12 hours.

8. And then another 12 hours in the oven

Set down a collection of plates and bowls from the Mateus MSY, Oyster, Lace, Basic and Bubbles series.

9. The unique finished products!


Creating an inviting table setting is crucial for your guests to feel welcome, as it is around the dining table that great conversations are had. Mateus’ ceramics are created to transform your dining table into a gathering place of joy, warmth and colour. Filippa says that:

- I usually start with the atmosphere I want to create, a sober and more elegant table setting gives a calmer atmosphere at the table. If you are craving a party with a slightly livelier feeling, you can mix lots of colours and place the drinks and food on the table. The most important thing to keep in mind is that there are no rules!

A table setting with grey and beige plates, bowls, mugs, serving plate and a jug from the Mateus Bubbles, Stripes, MSY, Basic and Oyster series'.

Mateus ceramics are suitable for all kinds of occasions, both for parties and everyday

Set the table with grey Stripes bowls, beige Oyster bowls in Sand together with Basic plates in grey from Mateus.

Mateus' Portuguese handicrafts are made by hand and then hand-painted, which makes each Mateus table setting unique in itself.


Create a home to love by treating yourself to ceramics from Mateus that are suitable for all moments of life. These are ceramics for generations, ceramics that you can use year after year and they also make the perfect gift to give to loved ones. Filippa says that:

A home to love is a home that has developed over several years and the art of being able to mix things you have received from family with new products.

- It is also okay that it's not perfect; placing drawings that the children have done in preschool all over the refrigerator gives warmth to the home. I think it's so nice to see our products combined with, for example, tableware that comes from your grandmother or something similar” Filippa concludes.

The Bubbles oval serving plate from Mateus in Sand with tasty crusty bread.

Bubbles was Filippa's first self-designed collection and works perfectly on any table setting.

With a deeper insight into Mateus' unique world, it becomes clear how each handmade and hand-painted product brings warmth and love to you table setting. Mateus is porcelain you can keep for generations, year after year. It is a unique craft with an equally unique history where two worlds collide.

Text: Linnéa Axelson Photography: Angeliqa Daldorph, Mateus Styling: Linnéa Axelson & Angeliqa Daldorph


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