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The light blue Ambit pendant lamp hangs above the Relate side table, both from Muuto, creating a hot desk. The perfect way to change up your working environment.

A new perspective – Style advice from Muuto

Our homes were once merely a single part of a varied life but since the start of the pandemic the home has become a workspace, a place to unwind, socialise and everything in between. As the summer draws to a close and life begins to move inside once again, we spoke to Danish design brand Muuto about their top tips for updating our interiors this autumn.
Thursday 2nd September 2021
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With a large proportion of the workforce working from home and even as offices reopen, we are finding a shift has occurred, the home office is here to stay. This shift is causing us to rethink the way we use our space says Jill, Head of Spatial Design for Muuto.

- Right now, I feel it is the right time to make space at home for focused work and create an inspiring home office that will last and that fits you and your daily needs she says.

With most of us using what we have on hand to create a home office Jill believes that changing work positions throughout the day is essential. A simple way to do this is to pull up an extra side table next to your sofa and create a hot desk, Muuto’s Relate side table would be ideal she says.

Muuto Relate side table with the Kink vase in light blue

The Muuto side table is ideal for pulling up next to the sofa to create a hot-desk.


Our homes have become our sanctuary and the trends this year reflect that. Comfort, wellbeing and sustainability are paramount and Jill agrees.

- I am very focused on long-lasting design products, natural materials and the feeling of being close to nature that makes one feel good, says Jill.

Wellness is not only about healthy eating or a mindfulness routine, bringing balance to the home and creating a relaxing retreat from the outside world can do wonders for the soul. One of this year’s biggest trends is that of Nurture. Whether you choose to create a bathroom spa or a relaxing reading corner surrounding yourself with thoughtful items that bring you joy and cultivate calm is a big part of this. By placing an emphasis on the products that we place in our home Muuto believes we can create a space that is sustainable, with a focus on wellbeing - somewhere we can really feel at ease both at work and rest. Jill says that Muuto prefers to consider how colours, textures and material choices complement their designs to create an enduring and yet modern character that will bring you joy for years to come.

The Ridge vase in calming beige in a soothing greige hallway.

Soothing colours and textures bring calm to the home.


The beautiful colour combinations that Muuto brings to their collections is something Jill says we can all achieve by starting small and taking one room at a time.

Consider what effect you want to create with that certain room. Once you have considered this, choose one colour that you are drawn to and make several colour samples on different tones in that specific colour, states Jill.

She also encourages us to bring in fresh flowers for the start of a new season. This is a great way to bring in life and colour and they just make me happy she says, so start by investing in a new vase to hold your bouquets. Updating the textiles in your room such as cushions and/or throws or even swapping your rugs is the perfect way to refresh the look and feel in your home and create a change that goes with the seasons.

Terracotta ridge vase with flowers to bring life into the home.

Fresh flowers bring life into the home, investing in a statement vase like the Ridge vase by Muuto creates an impact.

Ambit pendant and wall lamps from Muuto spread light and atmosphere in the lighting room.

Thoughtful lighting helps to hone the atmosphere in a room. The Ambit pendant and wall lamps from Muuto are perfect for highlighting specific details.

The white Strand ceiling lamp hangs above colourful and contrasting pieces of furniture.

Consider the effect you want to create with colour says Jill. The neutral white from the Strand ceiling lamp allows the bold furniture to pop.

Burnt orange folded shelves from Muuto against a burnt orange wall with dark blue sit pouf.

Statement shelves like the burnt orange Folded shelf from Muuto is the perfect way to highlight personal items in your home.


Jill also has some tips for those wishing to transform the feel of their home this autumn:

  • I'm all about function, so that’s first and foremost. Make a list of your needs and follow them all the way throughout the design. Do not place things that you don’t need.
  • Lighting—there can never be too many lamps. You can mix ambience lighting to create a homey cozy feel with direct lighting to highlight for example art objects.
  • Start small and take one room at a time. Consider what effect you want to create with that certain room. I think it is important to think carefully about the items you place in your home and the meaning behind them.
The Muuto Soft side table in a living room with natural materials and a calming colour palette.

A living room must now be both a haven from the outside world and a work space. The Soft side table from Muuto and the Rime pendant lamp combine to create the perfect balance of work and home life.

Beware of a lack of personal objects states Jill,

A home should represent the people inhabiting it and be a warm and personal space.

It is easy to bring a new lease of life to personal items with a new frame for precious family photos or a new shelf or spot lighting to highlight memories from a family holiday or items inherited from a relative.

The pandemic has shifted our perspective on what a home means to all of us, the changing seasons are the perfect opportunity to pause and take stock of our home environment. With a focus on lasting product design and sustainable materials Muuto’s design philosophy marries perfectly with the year’s latest trends. Whether your aim is to transform your home into a calming sanctuary from the outside world or to add a touch of excitement with a vibrant accent colour you can be sure that Muuto’s thoughtful designs and carefully chosen materials will blend seamlessly into your home.

Text: Rebecca Sparling

Photography: Angeliqa Daldorph, Muuto


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