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Here you see a close up of some hands holding the Wik & Walsøe Julemorgon Christmas cup and saucer.

The small design studio with big ambitions – get to know Wik & Walsøe

From the quiet nature of southern Norway to the bustling streets of Bangladesh, one small Scandinavian design studio is on a mission to change our attitudes towards the things we surround ourselves with. Take a look inside the world of Wik & Walsøe with us to find out how.
Tuesday, November 14, 2023
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It started with a simple business plan, scribbled on a piece of paper while sitting on a garden bench back in 2006 but it contained one big idea. To change the attitudes of consumers, to make them aware of the stories of the products they surround themselves with and the effect those stories have on us and in the world in which we live. Wik & Walsøe’s philosophy is simple but impactful.

We want to inspire a mindset where small actions make a big difference”- Linda Walsøe, CEO and Creative Director of Wik & Walsøe

Join us on a journey into the world of Wik & Walsøe and discover how they are aiming to do just that.


Surrounded by the awe-inspiring Norwegian landscape it is hard not to take your inspirational cues from nature and even a momentary glance at Wik & Walsøe’s main collections will tell you that they have done just that. But for Wik & Walsøe the Scandinavian environment is not only a source of inspiration but also a driving force behind their brand.

One day our children will inherit our lives,” says Linda, “it is our responsibility to treat [the world] well.”

One thing that is certainly clear is that the concept of lasting value to Wik & Walsøe is far more than just producing high quality porcelain and glassware but lies just as much in the ability for this porcelain to tell a story that endures. From the nature that inspired it and the world that it represents, to the tales told around the table and the porcelain passed down from generation to generation.

The elegant Slåpeblom collection from Wik & Walsøe in a group on the dining table.
Slåpeblom plate Ø13 cm


Taking inspiration from the Scandinavian landscape is only one part of Wik & Walsøe’s story, their journey has taken flight beyond Scandinavian borders and landed firmly in the busy streets of Bangladesh.

Wik & Walsøe made the decision to produce their porcelain in a country where money and security is not a given. They travelled to Bangladesh to find a factory where they could set up roots and indeed this is a collaboration that remains to this day.

This deliberate choice is a testament to Wik & Walsøe’s dedication to making a positive impact. By establishing a manufacturing presence in Bangladesh, Wik & Walsøe aims to create jobs and economic security in a country where such opportunities are often a luxury. “We are really able to see the difference it has made to the lives of our workers and their families” says Linda.

Here you see hands holding a stack of bowls from the Osean series from Wik & Walsøe.


Wik & Walsøe’s collection are as unique as their stories. Whether you are looking for a Christmas collection that reminds you of the Christmases from your childhood or a whimsical everyday porcelain collection that will delight your friends and family when they come to tea, you are sure to find what you are looking for.

Julemorgen, meaning Christmas morning, is arguably Wik & Walsøe’s best known collection and “it’s my personal favourite,” Linda tells us with a smile. This delightful Christmas porcelain is timeless and has already become a design classic, ensuring it will be passed down for generations to come, which is after all, exactly what Linda envisioned.

The Alv collection (meaning Elf) has become the official symbol of Wik & Walsøe. The elf symbolises hope and the belief in making the impossible, possible. Whereas collections such as Slåpeblom and Osean have clearer connotations and connections to the Norwegian wilderness.

Each collection, due to the highly manual processes of the production are as unique and varied as the nature that inspired them.

Here you see someone holding a stack of Slåpeblom plates from Wik & Walsøe.


Committed to lasting values and ethical manufacturing processes this small Scandinavian design studio is pathing the way when it comes to changing the minds and opinions of its consumers.

Wik & Walsøe’s collections are a testament to the enduring beauty that emerges when artistry and conscientious practices collide. Through the use of high-quality materials and intriguing story telling Wik & Walsøe has secured their place in the design classics of the future with collections that will truly stand the test of time.

Here you see a rustic table set with the Alveskog tableware from Wik & Walsøe.

Photography: Elof Martinsson, Angeliqa Daldorph, Wik & Walsøe

Rebecca Sparling


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