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Mixed porcelain by Rörstrand on a walnut table.

Rörstrand - Get to know the brand with ancient roots & iconic patterns

Rörstrand is one of Europe's oldest porcelain manufacturers and has become synonymous with the Swedish home thanks to its ability to beautifully balance timeless elegance with the needs of modern life. These porcelain classics that are proudly placed on the table, regardless of whether you are celebrating with a dinner party or simply enjoying a cup of coffee on a Monday morning. We had the honour of talking to Rörstrand, so journey with us and get to know this table setting favourite in depth.
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Swedish Grace table set with bowl and plates in cool shades of grey and white.

A Scandinavian design classic – Rörstrands iconic Swedish Grace porcelain is a timeless favourite on the set table. 

Table setting with Swedish Grace porcelain in white and grey and linen napkin in napkin ring with flowers as a decoration.
RörstrandOstindia Black fabric napkin 45x45 cm 2-pack


The classics are always on display at Rörstrand. Here we find Swedish Grace, the flower-patterned Mon Amie, the elegant Ostindiaand the playful . These four collections not only make up the heart of Rörstrand, but also the heart of most Swedish homes. For over 300 years, Rörstrand has been part of thousands of carefully considered table settings. Even today, Rörstrand continues to be synonymous with elegant table settingsthe world over. 

Rörstrand's porcelain has always been there for everyday life and for parties, from generation to generation, says Lina Ivarsson, In-store Specialist at Rörstrand.
Ostindia und Ostindia-porcelain coffee cups and plates.
RörstrandOstindia mug 30 cl 2-pack
The cute egg cups by Ostindia, Rörstrand are perfect for the breakfast table.
RörstrandOstindia egg cup 2-pack
Ostindia large bowl in black and small bowls in blue, on a rustic table.
RörstrandOstindia Black serving bowl 2.4 L


Rörstrand was founded in 1726 at Rörstrand Castle in Stockholm, under the leadership of the German porcelain manufacturer Johann Wolff. This makes Rörstrand Europe's second oldest porcelain brand. Initially, the patterns were inspired by porcelain produced in China and other distant lands, but as early as 1740 Rörstrand began to develop their own patterns that reflect classic Swedish motifs. The patterns were designed by Gustav III's architect Jean-Erik Rehn. In the following years, the manufacturing process developed, the brand grew in popularity and at the beginning of the 20th century Rörstrand made its international debut in connection with the World's Fair in Paris. 

A festively set table with candles, meadow flowers in a carafe by Pli Blanc and Swedish Grace porcelain in white and grey.

The product range of Rörstrand offers many classics with which you can set the table invitingly for both everyday and festive occasions. 

- We have a fantastic heritage that we obviously want to highlight and convey in everything we do, both today and in the future. Our ancient history is an important part of who we are, from communication and storytelling to product inspiration and development, says Petra Mattsson Brand Marketing Manager at Rörstrand. 

The 1930s was a significant time for Rörstrand when two of the collectionsthat represent Rörstrand today came into being - Swedish Grace and Ostindia. During the 50's they were joined by beautiful Mon Amie and from there the classics have flowed out of Rörstrand's factories. 

Table setting with Swedish Grace dinner plate in white and bowl in grey Dimma.
RörstrandSwedish Grace plate Ø27 cm
Swedish Grace plates in white, pink, blue and grey on a dark wooden table.
RörstrandSwedish Grace side plate


There are few porcelain series that have the ability to evoke a memory, a feeling or a dream only by the name. Swedish Grace is that porcelain series. 

Whether it brings to mind a coffee break in one’s childhood or causes one to long for the iconic tableware in one's own porcelain cupboard. What is it about Swedish Grace that makes it continue to appeal to design lovers over the generations? 

 - We believe that it is the elegant shape and the delicate relief of wheat that is distinct and timeless. And the design works both for everyday and festive occasions, says Petra, she continues: 

- We also make sure to keep the series updated and relevant. We have launched new colours and added new items to the collections that reflect the modern consumer's eating habits. We also take into account our consumers' wishes, for example our latest addition, Swedish Grace Mist. 

White sugar bowl Swedish Grace by Rörstrand on a beautiful dinner service.
RörstrandSwedish Grace bowl with lid 40 cl
Table setting with Swedish Grace porcelain in the colour Dimma.
RörstrandSwedish Grace bowl large

Beloved offspring often go by many names and Swedish Grace was initially called Nationalservisen(The National Service) when it was revealed at the Stockholm exhibition in 1930. When the series was relaunched in 2000, it was with new colours, shapes and under the new name Swedish Grace. The name was inspired by the Swedish style era of the 1920s which was also known as Swedish Grace. An era that specialised in architecture and design – the Swedish version of Art Deco. Although the series changed its name, it has certainly retained its status as a National Service and is found in many beloved homes around Sweden and indeed the world. 

Rörstrand's porcelain classics are lined up on a round table: Mon Amie, Swedish Grace, Ostindia in blue and black and the Pli Blanc jug.
Which Rörstrand classic is your favourite?
Pli Blanc pot 1 L, white
Swedish Grace Gala teacup with saucer, white
Ostindia Floris bowl, 30 cl


Rörstrand's strength rests in their ability to appeal to a specific style, but at the same time radiate perfect harmony when combined. 

Our absolute best tip is that there is no right or wrong when it comes to mixing our products, it just makes your table setting more personal. There is nothing nicer than allowing family heirlooms or flea market gems find a new lease life in your home, together with your new tableware, suggests Lina. 

- Enhance a single-coloured dinner plate with a patterned side plate, for example, or why not serve different style plates but in the same colour scale? Repetition can often be as wonderful as a stylish contrast. 

Ostindia coffee mug and a small pot at home in the pantry of Instagram profile Hannes Mauritzson.

Rörstrand is found in many beloved homes - here in the pantry of Instagram profile @hannesmauritzson

Plates and egg cups by Mon Amie, Rörstrand. Instagram profile Colorelles.

Find your favourite piece from Rörstrand like the Instagram profile @colorelles.

Ostindia coffee cup in blue. Instagram profile Hannes Mauritzson.

Ostindia, a classic for everyday cups, here @hannesmauritzson. 


A beautiful table setting radiates care and, like everything else in our homes, our needs and habits around the set table also change over time. Petra says: 

Mealtime is an important part of being together and an elegant table setting shows a little extra care. We see that table setting habits change over time and follow both interior and colour trends, but, of course, also food trends. 

- When the espresso arrived in Sweden, the espresso cup became a standard addition to our cupboards and when sushi and the Asian cuisine moved in larger bowls and soy dishes became modern additions to our table settings. Something that also shifts over generations is how and when we spend time with our loved ones, and with this shift we find different ways of setting the table, says Petra. 

White plates with a golden rim from the Swedish Grace series Gala, stacked in a cupboard.
RörstrandSwedish Grace Gala plate 21 cm


Porcelain from Rörstrand is sure to be with you for many moments in life if you take care of it well. 

- It is the little tricks that keep your porcelain looking like new for a long time and there are some great tips to remember, says Lina. 

We have some tips for you, on how to take care of your Rörstrand porcelain: 

  • Today, all Rörstrand's dishes can be washed in the dishwasher, but if you have older dishes with a golden edge, for example, these are best washed by hand to preserve the appearance. 
  • We recommend that you add rinse aid to your dishwasher, this will make your porcelain less sensitive to scratches and marks from cutlery. 
  • When you have finished washing the dishes, open the dishwasher and let the plates dry thoroughly before stacking them in the cupboard or on the shelf. 
  • Remember not to drag the plates over one another when stacking them, but instead lift them in and out.
A festively set table with Swedish Grace porcelain in white and grey with linen napkins by Rörstrand and white wine glasses by Scandi Living.

Take care of your Rörstrand porcelain well and it will be with you for many mealtimes to come. 

Today Rörstrand is a natural part of beloved homes all over Sweden and the rest of the world. For Rörstrand a home to love is about creating your own special place: 

For Rörstrand, a home is a place where you can be yourself and constructyour own special space, where you create personal traditions and celebrate life both, everyday and during special occasions, Petra concludes. 

It is precisely in these moments where Rörstrand is always with us, in the creation of more memories for life. 


Text: Arijana Kapic 

Photography: Angeliqa Daldorph, Rörstrand, Hannes Mauritzson, Ulrika Andåker 

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