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Here you see the Kaiser table lamp in ruby red with the Ikeru vase  in brushed steel, both from Fritz Hansen, in a modern plywood kitchen.

Meeting the needs of the modern world with 150 years of iconic design – get to know Fritz Hansen

Shaped by some of the world’s most notable designers and characterised by excellent craftsmanship, Fritz Hansen, an icon in the world of Scandinavian design, is dedicated to creating timeless design that enhances any space simply with its presence. With over 150 years of design expertise, join us and discover how Fritz Hansen came to be the brand we know today.
Thursday 20th April 2023
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Well known for its minimalist aesthetics, functional forms and sustainable approach, the Danish furniture maker Fritz Hansen, is renowned as a pioneer of Scandinavian design.

The story of Fritz Hansen began in Copenhagen over 150 years ago. A local cabinet maker by the name of Fritz Hansen applied for a trading license in 1872 and a few years later he opened his own furniture production company with a vision of creating quality handcrafted furniture that brings spaces to life. It wasn’t long before business was thriving and together with his son Christian, Fritz began to create the high-quality furniture that was to define Fritz Hansen’s future.

Today Fritz Hansen has made a name for itself as a driving force in Scandinavian design with a rich history of collaborating with the world’s leading designers. We spoke to Marie-Louise Høstbo, the Creative Design Director for Fritz Hansen about the company’s expansive history and what the future holds for Fritz Hansen.

“[Every] Fritz Hansen product is designed to be a work of art that can be enjoyed for generations to come.” - Creative Design Director, Marie-Louise Høstbo.


Fritz Hansen has an impressive history of finding talented designers to collaborate with. From Arne Jacobson and Verner Panton to Piero Lissoni and Jaime Hayon. Fritz Hansen has worked with some of the most celebrated designers around the world.

The collaboration with renowned Danish architect and designer Arne Jacobson is one of the most celebrated in Fritz Hansen’s history. The partnership began in the 1950s and resulted in some of the most iconic furniture of the modern era, the most notable of which is perhaps the Series 7™ chair.

One of the key contributors to Fritz Hansen’s success is their ability to push the boundaries of design while staying true to Danish design traditions. “We constantly search for talented designers who are equally dedicated to creating timeless and functional designs.” Says Marie-Louise.

“When considering potential co-creators, we look for designers who bring an inspiring perspective and a unique approach to their work while understanding Fritz Hansen’s Danish design tradition of function, beauty and minimalistic distinctiveness of shape.” She expands.


The guiding principle for Fritz Hansen for the past 150 years, has been their commitment to quality craftsmanship and a close attention to detail.

“We also prioritise co-creating with visionary designers and architects, both Danish and international [who help us] to create designs that are aesthetic, well-crafted and long-lasting.” Marie-Louise tells us.

These elements are the pillars of Scandinavian design tradition and Fritz Hansen has a long-standing history as a pioneer in the world of Scandinavian design.

Through their innovative use of materials and production techniques, combined with their ability to cater to the evolving requirements of the modern world Fritz Hansen has a proven and unique quality that enables them to combine the timeless principles of Scandinavian design with contemporary aesthetics.

The AJ corner table in black stands in a plywood room with the Night Owl table lamp in midnight blue, the Ikeru vase and Jamie Hayon candle holder. All from Fritz Hansen.
Ikeru vase Forest green
“[We will never] compromise on quality and craftsmanship. Details and materials!”
Here you see a bookshelf styled with a number of products from Fritz Hansen including the Ikebana vases in long and small and the Night Owl table lamp.


Jaime Hayon, one of Fritz Hansen’s most recent collaborators has said that “good design should be problem solving and long-lasting”. Given the world in which we currently live the impact of our purchasing decisions is at the forefront of all our minds. Fritz Hansen is dedicated to creating design that is not only beautiful and functional but also environmentally responsible.

“As the world becomes more conscious of its impact on the environment, sustainable in design will become increasingly important.” Says Marie-Louise. “We are currently investigating how to lower the carbon footprint on our products further without compromising on design and quality.” She continues.

What is clear is that their impact on the environment is something that Fritz Hansen takes seriously, they are a leader in sustainable design within the Scandinavian design community and by collaborating with those who share their values they aim to make a positive change.

“We believe that design, quality and sustainability must be part of the same solution.”⁠


The world of interior design world is constantly evolving, shaped by fluctuating trends and changing lifestyles. “There are indications of people being more considerate when creating spaces, whether for work, meetings or private homes -interior and exterior spaces.” Marie-Louise tells us. “This dedicated curation [of our spaces] makes a difference as each piece is carefully selected. This makes us interact with the pieces differently and care for them more.” She explains.

Here you see a number of Fritz Hansen products in a reading nook in a modern kitchen. You see the Kaiser lamp in ruby red and the dot stool in leather.

Fritz Hansen's design is timeless, fitting seamlessly into any type of environment.

As a species “[we] tend to move more often than before, both for work and personal reasons, which is why our design pieces need to be able to adjust to new purposes. The flexible and sometimes smaller spaces need our attention and enthusiasm when decorating.” Marie-Louise concludes.

As our living spaces have become smaller and more compact minimalism and functionality have been essential elements in our homes. With innovative designs and a contemporary approach Fritz Hansen answers the questions for an evolving modern world and caters to the needs of another generation of Scandinavian design enthusiasts.

Photography: Elof Martinsson

Styling: Arijana Kapic

Rebecca Sparling


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