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The Design House Stockholm Luna lamp hanging in a pair above a wooden dining table.

A novel approach to Scandinavian design – Get to know Design House Stockholm

Established in 1992, Design House Stockholm recently celebrated their 30th birthday. Relative newcomers to the world of Scandinavian design, DHS have already produced some truly iconic design pieces. Join us as we take a look at their novel approach to publishing unforgettable Scandinavian design!
Thursday 13th October 2022
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From the very beginning Design House Stockholm were keen to distinguish themselves as a publishing house rather than a conventional producer of design, but what does it mean to be a design publisher rather than a producer?

Since 1992 we have been inviting new and upcoming as well as established designers, and knowledgeable manufacturers, to collaborate with Design House Stockholm.

Rather than commissioning something for production as is perhaps the more conventional approach the “design scouts” from DHS are always on the lookout for innovative and inspiring design. “Many of our classic designs like Step ladder, Knot Cushion, Block Lamp, Björk Carpets, were born in the designer's studio. [We found the] Knot Cushion during a visit to several design studios in Reykjavik on Island many years ago.” States Anders Färdig, founder of Design House Stockholm.

The Frame side table from Design House Stockholm with the famous Block Lamp.
Design House StockholmFrame shelf S 58 cm
Here you see the Fia Carafe with amber stopper and a sprig of rosemary with the NM& Glasses all from Design House Stockholm.
Design House StockholmFia carafe
The Luna lamp from Design House Stockholm hanging over the dining table.
Design House StockholmLuna lamp


In collaboration with a skilled team of producers and their handpicked designers DHS is always looking to push the boundaries of design:

We are always looking for new ideas coming from creative people who can play with the basic values of Scandinavian design” states Anders.

The collective aim is to publish innovative design with a primary focus on functionality and an eye for the small details. Secondary to this is the “principles of sustainability that permeates the whole business”. Everything from the longevity of their products to the client and supplier relationships is carefully curated so that DHS brings us high quality, timeless design that lasts.

Here you see the Björk rug from Design House Stockholm.
Design House StockholmBjörk rug large dark grey


Furthermore, Design House Stockholm is keen to shake up the concept of Scandinavian design as we know it. Rather than approaching Scandinavian design from a geographical sense they see Scandinavian design as something more philosophical. With a collection of designers from all over the world DHS sees Scandinavian design from an aesthetic perspective rather than nationalistic.

Naturally there are certain aspects that underpin Scandinavian design such as high quality and a sense of timelessness but DHS does not believe that these products need to be design in or by a Scandinavian for them to be seen as Scandinavian in value.

Here you see the Aria nesting coffee table from Design House Stockholm.
Design House Stockholm
Aria coffee table high 46 cm, Oak
Design House Stockholm
Sand soy sauce bottle 12 cl, Red clay
Design House Stockholm
Sand plate oval 12.5x20 cm, Red clay
Design House Stockholm is all about quality and timelessness, yet personality and attitude – design with a quest for an inner spirit, not just outer shapes. Our design can be unexpected and challenging, it can arouse surprise, but will always create a sense of excellence in the midst of the everyday life. We call it contemporary design poetry.
Here you see the Knot Cushion from Design House Stockholm in dusty pink.
Design House StockholmKnot pillow


And finally here at Nordic Nest we are, of course, always interested to hear what a home to love means to those brands who help to create yours…

“A home to love is a home with things that makes your daily life comfortable but also carry things that reminds you and your family about memories from episodes outside your home. A home to love is a home that tells secrets about the person living there” - is what Anders Färdig believes.

The Grow planter in medium from Design House Stockholm where the lid doubles as a watering can!
Design House StockholmGrow greenhouse
Here you see a collection of the Grow greenhouses from Design House Stockholm in small.
Design House StockholmGrow greenhouse

Photography: Angeliqa Daldorph, Design House Stockholm

Rebecca Sparling


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