A Scandinavian living room – 3 style ideas

Are you searching for Scandinavian living room ideas? Here we show you how to create a Scandinavian living room in 3 distinct styles – beige tone-on-tone, graphic black and white and a colourful Scandinavian living room using colour blocking!


18 March 2021
Harmonious and romantic living room in beige where the shades go tone-on-tone is one of the hottest interior trends right now.

How to decorate a living room in a Scandinavian style

Mention Scandinavian interior design and you might be imagining white walls and modern minimalism, but here we have three different contemporary style ideas to create a warm and cosy Scandi living room in your home.

  • Harmonious beige tone-on-tone
  • Graphic black and white
  • Eclectic colour-blocking
Among the different types of interior styles available, tone-on-tone in beige is one of the trendiest ones right now.
Nature vase from By On in beige with dried reeds, feels just right for a romantic interior style.

Beige tone-on-tone for a modern Scandinavian living room style

In this new Scandi style living room we use tone-on-tone decor in harmonious and neutral beige tones to create a unified and relaxed look. To achieve this warm Scandinavian style living room - start with a natural colour pallet and add decor in natural materials. For example, a lamp in paper or rattan and home accessories in wood, stone, or glass.  

Tips for a beige tone-on-tone interior design style:

  • Think about working with tones – from light to dark.
  • Decorate with natural materials such as wool, linen and wood.
  • Incorporate design details in organic shapes..
  • Choose romantic lighting fixtures in paper, fabric or rattan
  • Add dried flowers and pampas grass for effortless elegance
The Formakami lamp in paper from & tradition fits perfectly to a romantic, harmonious interior style.
Among the different types of interior design styles available, the graphic black and white style is the perfect choice for an elegant living room.

Black and white Scandinavian living room - with graphic patterns

From tone-on-tone to contrast! In this decorating style the beige details have been changed to graphic black and white furnishings for a minimalist style. If this dark Scandinavian themed living room is more your style, think about choosing elements with graphic details such as lines and circles. Carpets and throws, as well as flowerpots and lighting are great ways to create this Scandi style living room. Lamps in steel and marble with black interior details create a dramatic effect that flirts with a more industrial Scandinavian style.

Graphic black and white living room with neat furniture in straight lines, green plants and round table lamp.
The Semi lamp from Gubi in black is perfect for an elegant, graphic interior style.

Tips for creating this graphic interior style:

  • Start with contrasts - black and white in harmonious shades..
  • Choose natural materials with a luxurious finish – marble, wool, and stone.
  • Work with graphic shapes such as circles and lines and have them reoccur across several interior details.
  • Break up the monotone black and white with green plants.
Graphic, black and white living room with Ferm Living console table, graphic plaid and rug from NJRD
Among the different types of interior design styles available, Color Blocking is the most colorful one to decorate the living room with.

Scandi style colour blocking

When considering a Scandinavian inspired living room bright tones and intense hues might not be something that immediately spring to mind, but if you would like to add an exciting splash of colour into your Scandinavian style living room then colour blocking is the way to go. Based on the same neutral foundation, you can easily add pillows, vases and posters that add a pop of colour for exciting contrasts.  

Flowerpot yellow table lamp and side table in orange from Verpan create a beautiful contrast in a neutral living room.
A living room decorated with details and lighting in yellow, red and green in a classic Color Blocking style.

Colour can be added to any Scandinavian interior design style but if you prefer a softer colour palette, you can take inspiration from this spring's beautiful pastel trend by decorating in pale blue or pink tones. Work with smaller interior details at first, candle holders and simple interior accessories are a great place to start. When you feel more comfortable with colour in your interior, you can add a colourful carpet or a striking table lamp.

Colorful interior style in soft blue tones and beige in the form of a console table from Ferm Living and a vase from Muuto.
Ombre table lamp in a warm pink tone.
Colorful interior style in soft pastels in a modern, stripped-down living room.

How to style your colourful Scandinavian living room:

  • Place pops of colour against a neutral base: interior design details and textiles are the perfect way to bring colour into a room.
  • Assemble your colour palette before you start so you can be sure the colours work well together.
  • If you want just a hint of colour add three design pieces in the colour of your choice.

3 different Scandi living room ideas for 3 different atmospheres

Different interior design styles not only mean different colours and details, but also different atmospheres. Each Scandinavian interior style above will give your living room a new feel: monochrome beige tones are perfect for a more harmonious and romantic atmosphere, graphic lines and dark black tones on the other hand give the room a cooler and more elegant feel. Colour Blocking will change the feeling completely to radiate energy and joy. Our top tip therefore is to start with the feeling you want to create in the room and let it guide you in building the perfect Scandinavian living room design.

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