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A good quality watering can is the perfect tool to keeping your plants cared for and nurtured as well as a stylish detail in your home. With us at Nordic Nest, you can find watering cans that are both practical and double up as an interior item so they do not have to be hidden when not in use.
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Colibri watering can 1 L, Steel gray
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Orb water jug, Mirror Polished
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Decorative designer watering cans for indoor use

While the watering can should be both practical and comfortable to hold, an attractive watering can may also be used as a decorative accessory to display in your home even when not in use. Why not add a splash of colour to your home by choosing a yellow, pink or green watering can. Or for a more luxurious detail, you can add an elegant touch by choosing a silver or golden watering can. You could also place a designer watering can beside some stylish flower pots on your balcony or window sill to make your greenery come alive. Whether you are looking for a more traditional watering can or prefer a modern watering can with a unique design, with top brands like Hay, Stelton and Eva Solo, we can assure you that at Nordic Nest you will find the perfect watering can for you.

Which watering can should you choose?

A watering can is a practical and necessary tool for carrying water to sprinkle over your plants and when making your choice about the best watering can for you, there are many things to consider. Think about whether you will need an indoor watering can or outdoor watering can as well as the size and type of plants that you will be watering. This will help you to determine the size, style and material of the watering can you should choose. You should keep in mind that it should be comfortable to hold and not too heavy, as the weight will increase when it is filled with water.

What material is the best for a watering can?

Plastic, brass and stainless steel are among the most common materials for plant watering cans. Plastic watering cans are light in weight which makes them comfortable to carry. Metal watering cans, on the other hand, are perfect if you are looking for a material that is durable and long lasting and can also be an elegant detail when standing on display in your home.

What size watering can do you need?

When making your choice between the different watering can sizes, you should think about what plants you will be watering and how much water you will need to carry. For example, if you would like a pretty watering can to place next to your kitchen herbs, perhaps a small indoor watering can will be perfect for you. If you are going to be watering a bigger area of plants, a large watering can will be ideal in order to avoid having frequent refills.

The volume of a house watering can will depend on how many plants you will need to water. A standard house plant watering can usually ranges between 1-5 litres.

Long reach watering can or shorter spout?

If you are going to be watering plants in hard to reach places, a long nose watering can may be just what you need. The long spout watering can is also perfect for getting under the leaves of plants. On the other hand, a shorter watering can spout can be more stable and could be more suitable for plants that are easy to reach.

A comfortable handle

The handle position and size of your watering can will affect its comfort and so this should be considered too when buying a watering can. A long handled watering can may be comfortable for large garden watering cans with a greater capacity to carry water, whereas a small watering can may have a smaller side handle for more control.

Do you need a rose spout for an indoor watering can?

Watering can heads with a nozzle, also known as a watering can rose, are perfect for more delicate plants and flowers. By breaking the water into small droplets, the watering can rose head allows for a more gentle flow of water with little pressure on the plant and soil. While the rose spout is most common for outdoor watering, it can also be used inside your home, for example when watering your kitchen herb garden.

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