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Porcelain figurines & sculptures

Add a personal touch to your interiors with stylish sculptures, statues and figurines in beautiful designs. Here you can choose a variety of colours, shapes and styles to perfectly match your interiors by some of Scandinavia’s favourite brands.
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The Pear Shell sculpture 16 cm - Limestone - Cooee Design
Cooee Design
The Pear Shell sculpture 16 cm, Limestone
On backorder
Serafina decoration standing woman 28 cm - Grey - Lene Bjerre
Lene Bjerre
Serafina decoration standing woman 28 cm, Grey
In stock
Art piece mediteranian man 15 cm - Sand - Mette Ditmer
Mette Ditmer
Art piece mediteranian man 15 cm, Sand
Only a few left
Birds by Toikka - summer grouse - Iittala
Birds by Toikka, summer grouse
On backorder
Lolla decoration 30 cm - Orange - Bloomingville
Lolla decoration 30 cm, Orange
In stock
Serafina decoration sitting woman 24 cm - Grey - Lene Bjerre
Lene Bjerre
Serafina decoration sitting woman 24 cm, Grey
Only a few left
Serafina fist - grey-grey - Lene Bjerre
Lene Bjerre
Serafina fist, grey-grey
Only a few left
Sculptural decoration - Bronze - Ferm Living
Ferm Living
Sculptural decoration, Bronze
Only a few left
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Decorative sculptures, statues and figurines

Stylish sculptures and figurines are beautiful decorative home accessories that provide variety in the home and give every room a unique look. With us, you will find a variety of decorative sculptures in a range of colours, sizes and styles.

Which brands are the most popular for decorative figurines?

In our assortment, you can choose from a large selection of decorative sculptures and figurines by well-known and highly appreciated Scandinavian and global brands.

Top 3 most popular brands for sculptures and figurines

Design sculptures for every room in the home

Sculptures and decorative figurines contribute significantly to both the style and atmosphere of the room. A designer sculpture in a natural material such as stone or clay can bring a wonderful rustic touch, whereas an abstract art sculpture in a bold colour can be the perfect way to bring life to a space and attract attention. More unusual sculptures can also be real eye-catchers, whether placed on a bookshelf, or perhaps even part of the table decoration.

Beautiful sculptures in different colours

Here you will be able to choose from a range of designer sculptures in a variety of colours to match with your interiors. Solid-coloured sculptures with a simple design language are a minimalist element that can make the room look modern and elegant. Sculptures with bold colours and patterns can be a refreshing element of colours in the room and can be the perfect contrast to minimalist furnishings.

Sculptures and figurines in different materials

The material of a decorative sculpture or figurine is key to its visual appeal. Here you will find sculptures in a variety of high-quality materials, from ceramic and porcelain figurines to clay, stone and metal sculptures.

Where to place a sculpture in your home

Sculptures are best placed where they are clearly visible and can come into their own, for example on a shelf, coffee table or other open storage.

Larger figurines are particularly eye-catching and can be real statement objects, but of course there must be sufficient space for them. Small figurine ornaments, on the other hand, can be found on a bookshelf, desk or children’s room.

Tip: Before buying a decorative sculpture, make sure to measure the area where you intend to place it so that you know there is sufficient space for it.

Traditional and modern sculptures for the home

Our assortment includes decorative figurines and sculptures in a range of styles to match to your interiors. For modern sculptures in unusual designs, brands such as Jonathan Adler and HAY have a unique selection to choose from. For figurines in a more traditional style we recommend the detailed statuettes by the Danish brand Lene Bjerre.

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