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Gry Fager

The Danish potter Gry Fager is famous for combining porcelain with cross stitch and other patterns that are usually associated with fabrics and textiles.
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The Danish potter Gry Fager is inspired by patterns that are usually associated with fabrics. By experimenting with embroidery and cross stitch patterns, she celebrates a lost family tradition and flirts with traditional Danish crafts.

Gry Fager has a degree from both the School of Glass and Ceramics in Bornholm and from The Danish School of Design in Copenhagen. Normann Copenhagen discovered Gry Fager and her characteristic style whilst she was studying and the Mormor tableware collection became Gry Fager's first design that was put into production.

In addition to a love for cross stitch and embroidery, Gry Fager has a passion for everyday objects. She likes the interaction between shape, function and material and brings inspiration to new objects by observing things in her environment.

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