Stolab is a Swedish brand established in 1907. They are known for their high quality furniture made from Småland stone. Together with leading Nordic designers, timeless classics are created which, thanks to their quality and durability, can be passed down from generation to generation.
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What is Stolab's History?

Oskar André and Johan Carlsson started the Stolfabriksaktiebolaget in 1907, with the clear business idea of manufacturing spindle chairs made of birch. Over the years, they began to focus on higher quality furniture and initiated several collaborations with various designers such as Carl Malmsten and Yngve Ekström.

In 1981, Gösta Martinsson acquired the Chair Factory, and Stolab was born. In conjunction with the company's 100th anniversary, Stolab introduced ash as a material in its range.

Stolab – Timeless Classics in Solid Wood

Stolab has dining tables and coffee tables in timeless design, and the Stolab Miss Holly series offers a complete dining group with both tables, chairs, and bar stools. Stolab Lilla Åland is another popular series where the classic spindle chair stands as a top favorite. Stolab Palle stool is another Stolab favorite.

What Types of Wood Does Stolab Work With?

Solid wood is the common denominator for Stolab's range, resulting in the quality feel that Stolab wants its furniture to convey. Birch, ash, and wood with growth rings that make a clear mark both in appearance and durability.

How Does Stolab Work with Sustainability?

Stolab produces timeless furniture and always ensures that where they can contribute to a healthy environment, they do so. Stolab's furniture leaves a mark through its products, working environment, and production.

How Does Stolab Maintain Its High Standards?

Stolab maintains high standards for sustainability, which means they surround themselves with suppliers, employees, and customers who share the same values.

Are There Advantages to Having Its Own Production?

Yes. Thanks to its own production in Smålandsstenar, Stolab has the advantage of being able to control the process themselves. They check the material, perform and evaluate each step of the production, and then perform final inspections, pack, and package the furniture.

What Does Stolab Do with Waste?

The goal is not to discard any material if there is a chance to use it. What cannot be made into a furniture detail, and the sawdust produced from sawing, drilling, and milling, is used as fuel for the factory's own boiler.

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