Inspired by the scents and colours of Scandinavian nature, Skandinavisk creates scented candles and diffusers of wonderful fragrances, in beautiful packaging. Here you will find their Nordic inspired lifestyle products, made exclusively from natural ingredients.
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Fjäll scented candle with lid - 200g - Skandinavisk
Fjäll scented candle with lid, 200g
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Fjäll fragrance stick - 200 ml - Skandinavisk
Fjäll fragrance stick, 200 ml
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Fjäll scented candle with lid - 65g - Skandinavisk
Fjäll scented candle with lid, 65g
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Skandinavisk - The scents of Scandinavia

Skandinavisk was founded by two Englishmen who fell in love with Scandinavia. With natural resources they create lifestyle products inspired by Scandinavian landscapes. The result is a line of products desired not only for their lovely fragrances, but also for their beautiful design that makes for great decoration and home accessories.

Scented candles & fragrance stick by Skandinavisk 

Along with their wonderful soaps and creams, Skandinavisk has an extensive library of scented candles and diffusers of lots of different fragrances in the assortment. With Skandinavisk fragrance sticks and scented candles, creating a calm and relaxing atmosphere in your home becomes easier than ever before.

Which are the most popular Skandinavisk fragrances?

The fragrances in the Skandinavisk assortment are all created with inspiration taken from Nordic landscapes and nature. Here are some of the most popular fragrances by this Scandinavian brand:


The Skandinavisk Hav scented candles and fragrance sticks feature a scent which can be described as a mix of hawthorn and beach wood, along with seaweed and salt spray creates a refreshing fragrance, reminiscent of the Scandinavian coast.


Hygge, is a danish word with no direct translation, but it is all about friendliness, cosiness and being warm and inviting. Exactly the type of atmosphere that the Skandinavisk Hygge scented candles and fragrance is made to set. The scent is a mixture of dried apples and cinnamon, along with black tea and mint leaves.


The Skandinavisk Øy scented candles have a fresh and elegant fragrance with elements of dog rose, crabapple, green leaves and water mosses.


Take the scent of Scandinavian forests to your home. The Skandinavisk Skog fragrance mixes the smell of pine with that of birch sap, fir cones and lily of the valley to create a scent reminiscent of the woods of the north.

What are Skandinavisk scented candles made of?

All Skandinavisk scented candles are made from vegetable wax, kept in partially recycled glass packaging, covered by a lid made of beech wood.  What makes these candles is not only the incredibly scent, but also the beautiful packaging, and the sustainable resources made to produce them.

Did you know?

All products by Skandinavisk are made using no animal products and no animal testing, which makes their products 100% Vegan!

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