For nearly 300 years, Rörstrand has produced dinnerware that has been handed down through the generations, become collectables and has made Swedish design history. Find Swedish Grace, Mon Amie, Ostindia and other famous collections by Rörstrand here at Nordic Nest.
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Swedish Grace mug 50 cl, 6-pack - snow (white) - Rörstrand
Swedish Grace mug 50 cl, 6-pack, snow (white)
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Swedish Grace mug large 6-pack - Mist (grey) - Rörstrand
Swedish Grace mug large 6-pack, Mist (grey)
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Swedish Grace plate small Ø 21 cm 6-pack - Mist (grey) - Rörstrand
Swedish Grace plate small Ø 21 cm 6-pack, Mist (grey)
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Swedish Grace plate Ø24 cm 6-pack - Mist (grey) - Rörstrand
Swedish Grace plate Ø24 cm 6-pack, Mist (grey)
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Swedish Grace deep plate 25 cm 6-pack - Mist (grey) - Rörstrand
Swedish Grace deep plate 25 cm 6-pack, Mist (grey)
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Rörstrand Dinnerware - Quality & heritage

Founded in 1726, Rörstrand is one of Sweden’s oldest porcelain manufacturers. From the very beginning, Rörstrand has been synonymous with quality and sound craftsmanship. Rörstrand’s dinnerware sets has made it to cult status and is handed down through generations. There is no doubt that Rörstrand’s designs are an integral part of Swedish design heritage.

Which are Rörstrand’s most popular tableware sets?

Throughout the years Rörstrand has created both classic and daring porcelain ranges. Here are a few of their most popular sets:

Mon Amie is a classic porcelain tableware set was originally designed by Marianne Westman in 1952.

This dinnerware collection designed by Louise Adelborg was released in 1930 and is to this day one of the most popular porcelain collections in Sweden.

Ostindia is one of Rörstrand’s most popular sets of china, designed in 1932 by Nils Lundström.

What is Rörstrands approach to sustainability?

As a part of the Fiskars Groups, The Nordics leading concern in everything from interior decoration to gardening. Their goal is to make sustainable products that make the day to day life easier of their customers. Their products all need to meet a these criterias:

  • Innovative
  • Functional
  • Well designed

Rörstrand is actively working according to the following principles:

  • Fair Working conditions
  • Trust & respect
  • Environment & ethics

These are the principals set in the Fiskars Group’s code of conduct. All products and manufacturing have to follow these principles, and the Fiskars Group’s suppliers continuously work to meet these requirements. 

Where is Rörstrand’s porcelain made?

in 1726 Röstrand's china was manufactured in Rörstrand castle in Stockholm. In 1926 the entire business was moved to Gothenburg, and later it was moved to Linköping. However, in 2004 production in Linköping was shut down.

Today, Rörstrand’s porcelain is primarily manufactured by suppliers in Hungary, Indonesia, Thailand and Sweden.

How do I properly care for my Rörstrand dinnerware set?

That Rörstrand’s highly sought after porcelain is passed on from generation to generation is now part of the tradition. But in order to ensure that your tableware set keeps its longevity as possible we advise to follow some simple precautions. This is how you best care for your porcelain:

How to avoid scratching and damaging your Rörstrand dinnerware set:

  • Make sure to always use rinse aid when washing your mugs, plates and other dinnerware pieces. By doing so the surface of your porcelain is less susceptible to damage and scratches. 
  • Make sure that plates and other tableware pieces do not grind on each other when stacking them in cupboard. This is the main cause of scratches and damage in day to day use.
  • Be cautious when your porcelain is wet. Wet porcelain pieces grinding against each other creates more friction than if dry, and can therefore more lead to surface damage of your porcelain more easily.

Black lines and marks

In the everyday use of you dinnerware set you will inevitably encounter scratches and marks. If you do get get black marks and lines on your porcelain it is most likely due to the stainless steel cutlery, which can leave residue on your porcelain in the form of those black marks and lines.

How to avoid getting black marks and lines on your porcelain:

Always use rinse aid as it makes the surface of your porcelain less susceptible to getting marked by stainless steel or damaged by other means. 

How to remove black marks and lines from your porcelain:

If you have already gotten black marks and lines from the use stainless steel cutlery you can always gently rubbing it away with polish.

Can an old Rörstrand sets be complemented with new pieces?

Rörstrand has several porcelain collections that have been manufactured for several decades. Some of these have been complemented, updated and adapted in order to fit the living standards and trends of today.

Rörstrand’s porcelain has also been manufactured in several different factories in various locations throughout their long history. Because of this there can be slight variations found when comparing old pieces to newer products from the same series. 

The history of Rörstrand

Founded in 1726, Rörstrand is one of Europe's oldest manufacturers of porcelain. Their secret to success has been innovative yet timeless designs, craftsmanship, and tradition. Older sets of Rörstrand porcelain are today sought after, and the designs continue to influence others to this day.  

Rörstrand porcelain

Here at Nordic Nest you will find both classic sets and newcomers from Rörstrand's extensive range of china and dinnerware. Buy a full set of plates, mugs, and bowls from your favourite tableware series, or mix and match colours to create your own personalized dinnerware set. Make sure to care for your porcelain set properly, so that it can be passed on from one generation to the next.

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