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Nordic Ware is a world-leading manufacturer of high-quality kitchen products, who always strive to exceed their customers' expectations resulting in a range of products that are found in over 75 million homes worldwide.
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How was Nordic Ware created?

Dave Dalqvist returned home from World War II with a desire to start his own business. Of Swedish descent, Dave founded Nordic Ware as a basement company with his father, brother, and wife Dotty. The company has since been family-owned and now engages three generations.

When was Nordic Ware created?

Nordic Ware was created in 1946 and celebrated its 75th anniversary in 2021.

What products does Nordic Ware offer?

When Nordic Ware was founded, they only had a handful of products, most inspired by traditional Scandinavian kitchenware. Since then, the product range has expanded significantly, and today Nordic Ware offers a wide range of kitchen and baking products. The most famous product from Nordic Ware is the Bundt® pan, which can be found in over 75 million homes worldwide.

Here at Nordic Nest, you can find:

Can I wash my baking pan from Nordic Ware in the dishwasher?

No, baking pans from Nordic Ware are not dishwasher safe. Instead, wash them with detergent and warm water every time after use.

How do I use Nordic Ware's baking pans?

Before using your baking pan for the first time, it should be hand-washed with warm water and detergent.
When it's time to bake, thoroughly grease your Nordic Ware baking pan, preferably with a pastry brush to get into all the details. Dust with flour or cocoa powder so that the butter is covered. Fill the pan up to ¾ full with batter to reduce the risk of overflow during baking.
For best results, let the cake rest for about 10 minutes before turning the pan upside down to remove the cake.
Avoid sharp metal objects that can scratch the coating.

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