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The Dots

The Dots by Muuto come in a wide variety of sizes, materials and colours, which opens up for endless opportunities for you to be creative! Liven up your hallway, living room, or wherever you have have wall space with a colourful cluster of Dots. Get your Dots here at Nordic Nest!
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The Dots clothes hook taupe - Medium - Muuto
The Dots clothes hook taupe, Medium
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The Dots by Muuto

The Dots put a contemporary twist on a functional item. The Dots are coat hooks with a focus on playfully dynamic design aesthetic over just the function of the object. The diversity in the different designs of the Dots opens up for opportunities to create highly personalised and playful spaces while still serving their function. Use this iconic piece of Scandinavian design to liven up living room, or to make your hallway a more playful space.

The Dots are meant for mixing and matching!

The Dots come in a wide range of colours, sizes and even materials. This diversity opens up for a world of creativity in which you are given the opportunity to express yourself through your own selection. Combine yellow ceramic Dots with large black stained ash dots, or aluminium dots that are extra small. By mixing dots of different materials, sizes and and colours, you have the opportunity to decorate your home in a truly unique way!

What materials do Muuto’s the Dots come in?

The Dots come in several different materials - wood, ceramic and three varieties of metal. The metal varieties Muuto’s Dots offer are brass, aluminium and lacquered stainless steel. On top of this there is also a range of woods to choose from - ash, oak, walnut.

This wide assortment of materials gives you an opportunity to play with texture and feel when decorating your space. Mix and match to your heart's content in order to create the right atmosphere for your space.

The Dots are available in the following materials:

  • Wood: Ash, Oak, Walnut
  • Metal: Aluminium, Brass, Stainless steel with PVD coating
  • Ceramic

What colours do Muuto’s the Dots come in?

Muuto produces the Dots in a wide range of different colours, opening up for endless opportunities to be creative and explore the space of your hallway, kitchen and bedroom. These playful yet contemporary coat hooks can be used to liven up and add one, or perhaps several touches of colour, in any space you desire, limited only by your imagination. 

The Dots are available in the following colours:

  • Wood: Ash, Black, Burgundy, Clay Brown, Dusty Green, Dark Green, Green-Beige, Grey, Dark Grey, Midnight Blue, Mustard, Oak, Pale Blue, Petroleum, Taupe, Walnut, White, Off-white
  • Ceramic: Burnt Orange, Light Blue, Rose
  • Metal: Aluminium, Black, Brass, Dark Green, Pale Blue, Rose, Taupe, Umber,

What sizes do Muuto’s the Dots come in?

There are a wide range of sizes to pick from from when choosing what Dots you want to decorate your space with. With a size variation of four, ranging from large to extra small, the different sizes add another dimension of variety to this already diverse range of hooks. By mixing Dots of different sizes you can create a more funky and playful look in your hallway, kitchen, or anywhere you have wallspace!

The Dots are available in the following sizes:

  • Extra small: 6.5 cm in diameter
  • Small: 9 cm in diameter
  • Medium: 13 cm in diameter
  • Large: 17 cm in diameter

How to mount the Dots:

Muuto’s Dots are easy to assemble and mount! Just follow these simple instructions:

  1. Screw the screw into the the Dot with the pointy end outwards.
  2. Wood wall: Drill a 4 mm hole, then mount the Dot.
  3. Dry wall: Drill an 8 mm hole, then use a suitable plug to mount the Dot.
  4. Brick wall: Drill a hole in the brick for a plug with a diameter of at least 8 mm, then mount the Dot.
  5. Concrete: Use a plug of a minimum diameter of 8 mm, then mount the Dot.
  6. Aerated concrete & hollow blocks: Use a plug that has a minimum diameter of 8 mm, and make sure that the plug is as long as the screw. 

Designed by Lars Tornøe

Lars Tornøe is a Norwegian designer focusing on furniture and product design. Lars Tornøe has received numerous awards for his work, such as the Award for Design Excellence, Designer of The Year by Bo Bedre Magazine and the Red Dot Award. His work has been exhibited internationally several times, and the Muuto Dots is a permanent addition at the Danish Design Center.

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