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Lexington Company presents a large assortment of luxury home textiles including towels, duvet covers and cushion covers in a classic New England style. They also offer a range of beautiful interior details for the home with high quality and a maritime charm.
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Irregular Striped Fleecefilt 130x170 cm - Blue-White - Lexington
Irregular Striped Fleecefilt 130x170 cm, Blue-White
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Irregular Striped Cotton pillowcase 50x50 cm - Green-White - Lexington
Irregular Striped Cotton pillowcase 50x50 cm, Green-White
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Lexington Company – stylish designs in New England style

The lifestyle brand Lexington is world-renowned for its high-quality home textiles such as bedding, towels and cushions. Their range also includes decorative home accessories, crockery and accessories for the children’s room in classic New England style.

The Swedish brand primarily uses natural materials to manufacture their products and has a strong focus on developing a sustainable product range that showcases exclusive home design that can be used for many years to come.

Which Lexington products are the most popular?

Lexington mainly presents designer home textiles and linens in a maritime style, from soft bath towels and hand towels to luxury duvet covers and bed sheets. They also present a collection of beautiful interior details such as scented candles, coasters and tableware.

The New England Style

Lexington’s design is strongly influenced by the American East Coast as well as by the traditional Scandinavian design style. All Lexington products are also characterised by their high quality and classic maritime charm.

Where are Lexington’s products manufactured?

Much of Lexington’s production takes place in Europe. The largest producing countries are Portugal and Turkey. This has the advantage that Lexington can always check and keep an eye on both the working conditions and the sustainable production of its products on site.

As the Lexington Company is a Swedish company with its headquarters in Stockholm, the company is not far from its main European countries of production. Other countries of production include Italy, India and China.

How does Lexington select their manufacturers?

Lexington partners with suppliers and factories that have the required expertise needed for their products. Another important requirement is that the supplier can guarantee the quality that Lexington wants. For Lexington, it is important to have long-term relationships with their manufacturers, and they have had several of their suppliers since they were established in 1997.

Lexington has close contact with their local representatives, both in Europe and in other manufacturing countries, and these representatives carry out regular visits and quality checks at the manufacturers.

How does Lexington work with the environment and sustainability?

For Lexington, it is important that the materials from which the products are made are of high quality and have good durability. In addition, they are concerned with their social responsibility and a sustainable and environmentally friendly production.

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